CAD software: let’s discover these computer programs

CAD software are the latest generation of computer programs that are seeing their importance grow more and more, so let's find out what it is.

The "basic" tool of today's mechanical draftsman

These software represent, in fact, the "daily bread" of the mechanical designer, a professional figure increasingly requested by companies active in many industrial sectors .

Mechanical designers, it is clear, are not an absolute novelty in the labor market, these professionals in fact worked many years ago and also held a crucial role at the time, however thanks to these software their way of working has changed in an important way. Indeed, it can be said that CAD software has actually revolutionized it.

While in the past, in fact, the drawings were made on paper, and the related technical reports were produced in the same way , today CAD software incorporates both activities and, as you can well guess, make the final result extremely more efficient.

So what are CAD programs?

The CAD software are programs dedicated to design which know how to guarantee absolutely extreme levels of precision , associating the drawing properly understood with the documents that contain the technical specifications of each project.

The name CAD does not refer to a single software, but to an entire category of computer programs aimed at creating mechanical drawings.

The CAD software landscape is therefore very varied and although they have the same common denominator, their prerogatives can be different; particularly appreciated is, for example, the CAD software of Tebis, which is also widely used in the design of electrodes.

cad computer programs

What does the CAD name refer to?

At this point the question arises: what does CAD mean?

This acronym is an acronym of two different English names, certainly interconnected, but still different, namely Computer-Aided Drafting and Computer-Aided Design .

“Computer-Aided” literally means, in English, “computer-assisted”: the first denomination refers to drawing (drafting, in fact), the second to design, that is, it is focused on the design aspect.

3D Printing: Modern technology closely related to CAD software

It was said that CAD software is becoming more and more useful and popular: this is due to the fact that it allows, as seen, to significantly optimize the design phases, but there is also a further factor for which the role of these modern programs IT is becoming more and more central to many companies, namely the spread of 3D printing.

3D printing is undoubtedly one of the most important innovations that technology has produced in recent years : it allows, as is well known, to create objects of all kinds using a technology similar to that of a printer, or in a very short time and with a absolutely maximum level of precision, for this reason 3D printing is increasingly widespread for the production of precision components to be used in the most disparate contexts.

This futuristic printing technology does nothing but "translate" into reality a graphic project created in a computerized way, from here we can therefore understand the great importance of 3D software, which are crucial for the final result to match perfectly with what is desired.

This is, therefore, what there is to know about 3D software, a truly fascinating world that will certainly be able to open up important professional horizons to all the people who choose to follow a specific training path.

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