BYD Seal also launches “Glory Edition”, priced from 179,800 yuan

After the beginning of the new year, BYD launched a fierce attack on the fuel vehicle market, shouting the slogan "Electricity is lower than oil, Honor attacks", starting with the Qin Plus Honor Edition and Destroyer 05, which are sold starting at 79,800 yuan, and then high-end models BYD Both Han and BYD Tang have launched Honor versions, with price cuts reaching 10,000 to 40,000 yuan.

Driven by BYD, the penetration rate of new energy in the domestic passenger car market soared to about 45% in March, and the situation of a 50-50 split between gasoline and electricity is not far away. The Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties under BYD's dynasty system were expanding their territories, and the marine system was also taking action. Today BYD launched the Seal Honor Edition, adding fuel to the popularization of pure electricity.

Regarding the relationship between BYD Han and Seal, you can actually refer to the relationship between Qin Plus and Destroyer 05. They have similar wheelbase, positioning and price, but they are different in style. The Dynasty series is calm and the Ocean series is lively.

The Seal series is also relatively clear within BYD: young, sporty, and driving-friendly, in sharp contrast to the Han on the other side, which is more business-oriented and administrative-style.

BYD Seal will be officially launched in 2022, priced at 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan after subsidies. Then the Seal Champion Edition will be launched in mid-2023, priced at 189,800 yuan to 279,800 yuan, which is equivalent to the entry-level version with a 550km single motor. The threshold for the rear-wheel drive version has been lowered by 20,000 yuan.

The price of the Seal Honor Edition 550km Elite Edition (single motor rear drive) launched today has dropped to 179,800 yuan, which is equivalent to another official price reduction of 10,000 yuan after more than half a year. The two versions with 700km long range have a corresponding price reduction of 20,000 yuan. The 650km four-wheel drive performance version is priced at 249,800 yuan, equivalent to a 30,000 yuan drop.

Although the wheelbases of BYD Seal and Han are both 2920mm, Seal's size of 4800*1875*1460mm is obviously shorter and shorter than Han's 4995*1910*1495mm. It is also equipped with front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension. The structure, 50:50 axle-load ratio, and DP steering system and brake-by-wire system mean that the Seal will have better driving pleasure.

In addition, the Seal Honor Edition 650km four-wheel drive performance version comes standard with the super iTAC intelligent torque control system and frequency variable damping shock absorbers, which will improve driving performance.

Thanks to the lower body and smooth and sporty body design, the Seal Honor Edition has a drag coefficient of 0.219Cd. With the 650km four-wheel drive performance version of the dual-motor 390kW total power, the 0-100 acceleration time is 3.8 seconds.

In terms of energy replenishment experience, the Seal Honor Edition provides two fast charging solutions, with maximum charging powers of 110kW and 150kW respectively. The latter is based on the world's first electric drive boost charging technology, which can charge the battery from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes.

Before Seal Pure Electric launched the Honor version, BYD also launched the Seal DM-i hybrid Honor version, with the starting price reduced to 149,800 yuan. Together with the similarly priced Han Honor version, BYD's sedan is priced between 150,000 and 250,000 yuan. Seal and Han provide a very rich range of options, which not only has a big impact on fuel vehicles, but also because the price range of Seal and Han is on the upper side, many models from new forces will also be affected.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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