BYD releases blockbuster new technology! Looking up at the supercar live performance “Bundi”

Tonight, BYD released the world's first new energy exclusive intelligent body control system – cloud car (niǎn) at its Shenzhen R&D center.

This system was developed by BYD over a period of 5 years, and includes three categories: Cloud Chariot-C, Cloud Chariot-A, and Cloud Chariot-P. Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Group, said at the press conference:

The birth of the cloud chariot has rewritten the history of relying on foreign countries for body control technology and filled the domestic technical gap.

As early as March this year, Dong Chehui had a full understanding of this cloud car system. It can be said that Wang Chuanfu did not come "just open his mouth", and his "rewriting history" does have some truth.

The Chinese deserve a better car

What is the difference between self-owned brand models and traditional luxury brands?

Regardless of the brand value, the engine and gearbox are an insurmountable gap in terms of the mechanical quality of the vehicle.

The backwardness of design and production technology has led to a huge gap between domestic engines and traditional powerhouses in terms of power and fuel consumption. Moreover, after several generations of optimization and replacement by domestic manufacturers, the gap has not been narrowed.

Let’s talk about gearboxes. For car companies that have not developed gearboxes, due to the long-term cost constraints in the low-end market, they can only choose to buy relatively backward gearboxes. Those independent brands that are capable of independently developing 9AT and DCT , There are very few self-loading and mass-produced vehicles.

However, the technical gap between the engine and gearbox has now been subtly filled by independent brands with a power system that does not burn oil.

The high-power motors of various companies smashed the threshold of the "3-second club", and the torque of thousands of Newton meters at every turn also offset the extra weight brought by the battery.

▲Of course, it’s still incomparable with this group of people

However, the "luxury" and "performance" that the automobile industry has accumulated for hundreds of years cannot be summed up simply by a zero-hundred-thousand acceleration. The key lies in the suspension, and in a big way, it is the body control system.

Suspensions of self-owned brands are usually developed in a reverse way. On the one hand, the reversed suspensions have been verified by the market, and it is easy to obtain a better experience. On the other hand, the reliability of components from supporting suppliers is also getting higher and higher. Because of this, many independent brands have begun to be content with the status quo.

Is it true that domestic consumers only deserve to own a car that is "decent" to drive?

No, we deserve better.

Cloud chariot, what is it?

"Cloud chariot" comes from the "Book of Wei", and "chariot" is the most luxurious emperor's car in ancient China, and "cloud" symbolizes a light and stable driving experience.

Integrating contemporary advanced technology and redefining "New Chinese Luxury" is the core concept of Yunan. In BYD's view, the launch of the cloud car is another safety technology breakthrough for BYD after Blade Battery, CTB, and Easy Sifang.

Cloud Chariot-C intelligent damping body control system

The Cloud-C is the easiest to describe of the several systems, and its key feature is the continuously variable adjustment of the damping .

Cloudcart-C can accept thousands of signal inputs per second, and the system processes signals as fast as microseconds. When the vehicle passes through bumpy roads, the system will adopt a comfort control strategy with high frequency and small damping to make the chassis "soft" ", effectively cushioning the excitation input of the road surface and improving comfort.

When the vehicle is fast cornering, accelerating, or braking, the system will adopt a low-frequency large damping control strategy to make the chassis "harder" and suppress body roll and pitch.

In a word, compared with the traditional passive suspension, the advantage of Yunren-C is that it takes into account the stability of the vehicle while ensuring the driving comfort.

According to BYD, the hardware of Yunan-C has been installed on some configuration versions of the new BYD Han, Tang, and Denza D9 models, and will be upgraded to the Yunan-C system in the form of OTA in the future.

Cloud Chariot-A Intelligent Air Body Control System

When you see the word "air", you know that this system uses air suspension. With air suspension, the first function realized is naturally height adjustment.

Yuncart-A can be adapted according to different car types, the suspension adjustment stroke can reach up to 150mm, and it has various functional modes such as speed adjustment mode, welcome mode, convenient pick-up mode, and height security lock.

As a higher-level body control system than Cloud-C, Cloud-A can naturally adjust the damping in real time through electronically controlled shock absorbers.

In comfort mode, the system will respond to impulsive roads and random road conditions with high frequency and small damping to improve the overall ride comfort; in sports mode, the system will use low frequency and large damping to cope with emergency braking, full throttle acceleration, and high-speed cornering And other working conditions, improve vehicle handling.

Not only that, but Cloud-A also has an additional stiffness adjustment , which can provide different stiffness schemes according to the needs of the vehicle model. When the vehicle accelerates or brakes, Cloud-A will automatically trigger multi-level stiffness adjustment, and the vehicle's anti-pitching ability can be improved. Increased by more than 25%.

Unlike other models that use air suspension, the Cloud-A extends the air path to the driver's waist .

The intelligent side wing seat pioneered by Yunren-A can realize adaptive adjustment of the lumbar support when the vehicle is cornering at high speed, providing better lumbar support. On the other hand, thanks to the highly integrated shared air circuit design, there is no need to provide a separate air pump for the seat, and the space utilization rate has increased by 60%.

Soon, we will be able to experience this cloud car-A intelligent air body control system on the Denshi N7.

Cloud Chariot-P intelligent hydraulic body control system

How heavy is the cloud chariot-P, which can be reflected in a simple sentence:

This set of Yunchao-P is used on Yangwang U8.

In order to meet the continuous lifting requirements of high-intensity off-road, the system suspension adjustment stroke of Cloud Carriage-P can reach 200mm, which can realize four-wheel synchronous lifting and single-wheel independent lifting. The lifting force of the whole system is as high as 5 tons.

Based on this, BYD has developed a rather practical "one-key leveling" function.

In the static state, the user can realize the perpendicularity of the vehicle body to the direction of gravity through a simple button, and rest and entertain in the car when camping in the wild, and will no longer be restricted by the terrain.

The damping adjustment of Yunan-P is a step further than that of Yunan-A. By looking up at U8’s lidar and other sensing elements, the system can identify road surface features and elevation curves within 5-150m in front of the vehicle, with a recognition accuracy of up to ±3mm. Realize refined output damping control under different road conditions.

In addition, Yuncar-P is equipped with BYD's newly developed multi-level stiffness control module, which can realize three-level stiffness adjustment .

During daily driving, the Cloud-P is at the first level of stiffness; when the vehicle is in severe driving conditions such as rapid acceleration and high-speed cornering, it triggers 200% of the second level of stiffness; , the three-level stiffness will be triggered in an emergency, which can reduce the impact load by 50%.

Yuncar-P also has a unique skill called "four-wheel linkage". Looking at the U8 off-road, it is inevitable to encounter extreme off-road conditions such as cross axles. At this time, the four-wheel linkage function can deliver oil to the suspension wheel shock absorber, lengthen the suspension stroke, and the maximum wheel difference can reach 620mm.


At the end of the press conference, BYD also brought us a small surprise – the cloud-X fully active body control technology .

BYD did not disclose the details of this system, but we can get a glimpse of it on the Yangwang U9 equipped with Yunqian-X.

It can make looking up to the U9 bouncing around:

Even if you lose a wheel while walking, it can still run:

Anyway, I was stunned at the scene.

Cars are not just refrigerators, color TVs, big sofas

Although Volkswagen has changed hands and Herbert Diess is no longer the CEO of the group, in any case, Volkswagen can now become the traditional brand with the fastest transition to electrification and the most competitive products. There is no doubt that he is the biggest contributor .

When Diess was in office, he held a speech for all executives of the group-how to change Volkswagen?

The following PPT page is his opening remarks.

The red curve in the figure represents the basis for the Volkswagen Group to achieve today's achievements, such as forward vehicle development, vehicle manufacturing, and conventional assisted driving.

The green curve represents the new technologies that will lead the future, such as car intelligence, mobile digital Internet, in-vehicle applications, flexible partnerships, Industry 4.0, etc.

For traditional car companies, the way to success is to focus on the intelligence of cars and balance existing resources and future investment.

But for domestic self-owned brands, one more thing should be added on this basis:

Improve the mechanical quality of the vehicle and make up for what people have and what I don't have.

There is no doubt that in this transformation of automobile electrification, my country's independent brands have achieved a significant lead in the intelligentization of vehicles and scene configuration, demonstrating strong innovation capabilities and market sensitivity.

But the problem is that whether it is equipped with a color TV, a refrigerator, or a large sofa seems to be the only criterion for judging whether a car is luxurious or not. Critic".

Cars are not that simple, and the auto industry is far more complicated than you might imagine.

In short, whether it is a "cloud chariot" or a "cloud", the Chinese need more excellent body control systems.

Tell a good story.

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