Buying a car, how can you become a “special filial son” and “Wei Zhongxian”?

You bought a new car.

In the past, when you bought a Mercedes-Benz, people would think that you were a "successful person" and that you had "a lot of face" when you returned home during the Chinese New Year.

Buy a BMW and people will think you "love driving".

Buy a Cadillac, people will think you "frequently go to the bathing city"…

The brand has its own halo and label attributes, which are also the identity mapping of some car owners.

This is understandable, because firstly, it is more of a label brought by the brand, rather than the label of the car owner himself; and secondly, these labels are either positive or teasing, which is really not enough to make people uncomfortable.

However, the world will change, and people's hearts will not be old.

It is difficult to buy a car, and it is even more difficult to buy a car without being scolded

Today, if you buy a Tesla and praise it full of praise, I can say that you are a "special filial son".

If you buy a Weilai and think the service is good, then you are naturally "Wei Zhongxian".

If you bought an ideal, then needless to say, it must be a "pure big leek"!

▲ There is a refrigerator and a big color TV in the car, no doubt about the leeks

Unlike past labels, this type of label is not simply an extension of the brand tone, but an obvious attack on the car owner himself.

You made the wrong decision to buy the car, used it the wrong way, and trusted the brand wrongly. You didn't buy the car I approved of, you must be wrong.

All in all, this kind of label not only means that there is a problem with the car, but also that there is a problem with the owner of the car. Can you bear it?

After buying a car and being labeled, you become "that type of person". It seems that the car owners of the same brand are all carved out of the same mold, have the same personality, and have the same way of life, so they become his inexplicably. The "filial son" in the population.

Cadillac car owners may not be flushed with anger because of the title of "Bathing King", but it is hard to say what will happen if words such as "filial son", "leek" and "resentful seed" are really said in front of the car owner.

The hot money and the upstarts are obviously not as decent as their predecessors.

After buying a car, it’s hard not to scold each other

Of course, since it has become a group name, there must be a source.

"Leek" is best understood, it is nothing more than thinking that the price of the product is inflated, and the actual value does not match.

And the titles of "filial son" are mostly mocking car owners for maintaining the brand, and they are not allowed to sing bad words.

In the eyes of outside spectators, buying a car as a consumer turns out to be a fan of car companies, and even doing free publicity . Isn't this "filial son" and what is it?

Let's take a look at where the driving force for car owners to maintain their brands comes from.

As a relatively large amount of consumer expenditure, the decision of "what car to buy" basically requires careful consideration for most ordinary people. The probability of impulsive consumption is very small. Etc considerations complicate the choice.

Whether the choice is correct or not, cost-effective or not, everyone has different answers.

However, in the mainstream view, choosing a new energy vehicle brand that has just been established and whose model is not yet stable is an overly risky decision. If you choose this kind of car, you are either "brainwashed by marketing" or "don't understand cars".

Although the car owner may not think so, or it doesn't matter anymore, but in the eyes of the spectators, if you say you are, you are.

To put it bluntly, what car owners are defending is not only the reputation of the car company, but also their own IQ.

After all, the decision I made after careful consideration is "summarized in one sentence", which is still an absolutely negative summary. If I don't say a few more words at this time, isn't that scolding for nothing?

However, car owners who are budget-minded, can they really not think of the risks and hidden worries involved in choosing an emerging brand?

In the relatively difficult 2019~2020 years for Weilai, many Weilai car owners took the initiative to promote Weilai and tell people around them about Weilai and its service model. There are two main reasons:

  1. Recognize the NIO brand;
  2. Worried that Weilai will go bankrupt.

Many NIO car owners have said that if they do not promote NIO, if the car company is really unsustainable, this car "will be rotten in their hands."

While car owners do not want to see Weilai's service model fade away, they are also worried about the problems of vehicle maintenance and second-hand sales after the car companies go bankrupt. Then began to contribute to the brand.

It should be noted that in China's turbulent new car industry, bankruptcy is not a very rare thing.

▲ Weimar store is empty; Image source: Electric Planet News

Not long ago, Weimar Motors, the "Four Little Dragons in Car Manufacturing" who was as famous as "Li Weipeng", retreated from the mainstream new forces in just one year.

It is reported that the current factory of Weimar has been shut down, and there are rumors of layoffs and salary cuts. According to an unannounced interview by @电动星球News, only a few people are still working in the Weimar headquarters building, and the sales stores are even more empty.

It's on the edge of a cliff, maybe it's already at the bottom of a canyon. Owners who bought Weimar cars in the early days, the troubles can be imagined.

For car companies such as Weilai, which focus on services, this issue is even more sensitive.

NIO's brand value includes its exclusive battery exchange network, after-sales service and insurance. If other brands go bankrupt, they will also go bankrupt, and the owners of Weilai will lose all kinds of services that are actually included in the car price, and the loss will be even greater.

Fortunately, Weilai survived in the end, but the car owners cheered for the car companies, and even included some radical remarks, so they did not run away after being labeled "Wei Zhongxian".

don't go in this muddy water

Good things don't go out, bad things spread thousands of miles.

The addition of Internet car manufacturing has indeed brought an ethos of the Internet. While flexibly using online social media to obtain huge traffic, it has also brought familiar Internet conflicts and disputes.

Once something happens, such as out of control, such as failure, or even a price change, it can become a fuse, igniting the powder keg called public opinion between the electric light and the flint.

Mobile phones, fan circles, fuel-electricity disputes… Wherever there are people with traffic, there will be public opinion. And this also hides the little thoughts in the hearts of both the pros and cons, and the result is that the most straightforward and vulgar condensed words replace arguments and arguments, and abuse and personal attacks become the mainstream.

▲ Along with the price reduction "rights protection", there is also a mockery of "special filial son"

Under the influence of traffic, radical speeches often run faster than the facts. Before the event has a formal result, public opinion has already quickly sealed the conclusion, labeling and scolding each other in one go.

As for listening and respecting the choices of others? That was an unimaginable luxury.

Just like the "Zuan" server in the game "League of Legends", in the end, only the players with the worst mouths can stay, and the public opinion environment is only cancerous. Apart from labeling, what else can you expect?

In this torrent, the choices of different car companies are also very intriguing.

Under the guidance of Musk's policy of not doing public relations, Tesla usually chooses to remain silent, only responding in a very official tone when necessary.

You can say that this is great wisdom and foolishness, speaking with products, but in fact, Musk himself is Tesla's biggest public relations outlet.

However, there is no decent communication channel, but there are accounts like "Tesla Legal Department". It is difficult to prevent the alienation between Tesla and consumers, and it also gives a lot of room for ghosts and snakes to play.

If you don’t believe me, it’s 2023, and many people still don’t know that Tesla also has a brake pedal.

▲ "Tesla Legal Department" that has never released content

In contrast, the domestically-made car manufacturers rooted in the local area are obviously more likely to come. Cultivating user communities and strengthening user communication are already basic operations. The attitude of not being overly flattering or putting on airs allows outsiders to fully understand products and events. From the perspective of car companies, cracking down on misunderstandings also reduces such attacks on car owners to a certain extent.

In the era of Internet car manufacturing, the public relations coping ability of many car companies is becoming more and more proficient and calm.

I spend my money, and it's your turn to give advice?

There is only one thing we can be sure of: we should take a clear-cut stand against "labeling car owners".

Behind the labeling is the lack of respect and forcing others to recognize one's own values.

Even if the nine-year compulsory education does not teach people who like to label people, as long as they have been severely beaten by the society, they should have known that there is no absolute consensus in this world, and seeking common ground while reserving differences is not a choice, but a necessity.

You can't even ask your partner to think exactly the same as you when you are in a relationship, so why do you have to ask someone to buy the car you like?

Be natural.

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