Burger King launches dog burgers, which the owner can also eat

In the near future, you may be able to take out a "parent-child meal" with your pet.

Recently, Burger King Korea and the Korean pet food company Harim Pet Food have launched a dog menu called "Real Dogpper", including the pet-friendly version of Burger King’s signature castle and barbecue-flavored bone-shaped snacks, which can even be eaten by humans.

"Dogpper" is not the first appearance. Burger King launched the "Whopper-Dogpper" package for the first time in Argentina in 2018. "Whopper" (Royal Castle) is Burger King’s signature fort, and "Dogpper" is a bone-shaped dog food inspired by the Royal Castle, which was not suitable for human consumption in 2018.

▲ Dogpper in 2018.

A survey report by Burger King showed that when takeaways are delivered home, 65% of dog owners admit that dogs will ask for food from them, and 51% of dog owners will share takeaways with their pets. There is a special "dog food delivery" service.

Therefore, the purpose of the "Whopper-Dogpper" package is to facilitate customers to bring in "Huangbao Dog Food" when ordering takeout, and enjoy the food with their pets for a while, so as to prevent the dog from drooling around when the owner is feasting.

▲ Real Dogpper in 2021.

"Dogpper" and "Real Dogpper", it is easy to see the difference literally. The highlight of "Real Dogpper" is that it is composed of 100% human edible raw materials such as oats and beef, does not contain any synthetic preservatives, and is friendly to humans and pets. The two companies promised to keep health as their top priority while taking into account taste.

Young-ju Moon, CEO of Burger King Korea stated:

Burger King focuses on providing consumers with the best dining experience. I hope Burger King can contribute to the happiness of the host and pets.

Nowadays, pets are becoming an indispensable part of many young people's lives. They are their family, friends and spiritual sustenance. Therefore, there will be more and more consumption scenes and needs to spend with pets.

In addition to the takeaway menu, is it possible to bring a pet to eat together? It is possible within a certain range, but the choices are relatively limited.

▲ Starbucks Xuhui Binjiang Pet Friendly Store. Picture from: Starbucks

Starbucks, the global coffee chain giant, has opened nearly 20 pet-friendly stores in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, and holds adoption days and public welfare lectures from time to time. These stores have set up a pet rest area outside the store, pets are not allowed to enter the store, the owner can tie the pet here when buying coffee, ordinary customers will not be disturbed when spending in the store.

Starbucks has also set up a free and refillable exclusive menu for pets-"Claw Puccino" and "Non-Concentrated American". The former is decaffeinated cream, and the latter is ordinary drinking water. Because of these friendly measures, many "poop shovel officers" began to use Starbucks as a regular meeting place. In October 2020, HiTea also launched a similar pet-friendly store.

▲ Starbucks pet menu. Picture from: Starbucks

In addition to tea, there are many pet-friendly restaurants in the country. CBNData data shows that there are about 13,000 pet-friendly restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. A pet-friendly restaurant in Beijing will not only provide outdoor dining seats for consumers with pets, but also provide water basins and exclusive snacks for pets, and disinfect the tables and chairs after each meal.

▲ Picture from: CBNData

According to "Red Meal.com" , how to balance the placement and maintenance of pets and people's consumption experience is the most troublesome problem for many pet-themed restaurants. There are indeed some hidden health and safety hazards that cannot be ignored in the business model of eating with pets.

Therefore, the concept of "pet-friendliness" is two-way, and both parties are not exclusive-when public places provide convenience for pets according to the actual situation, pet owners must also be responsible for the health and behavior of their pets, without affecting the normal consumption environment.

▲ Picture from: unsplash

In the context of civilized pet raising and consumption upgrades, adding more delicate service items to the host and pets will create more possibilities for consumption and bring more fun to the consumption process. Order a takeaway dog ​​burger and bring your pet to drink a cup of claw puccino. It is completely possible to increase the activity radius while taking into account the consumption experience of other customers. In the huge pet market, there will be more and more such choices in the future.

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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