Building cars for the people, Weimar’s growth path

In recent years, the new car conferences have become more and more exciting. From pure online to the longest in history, each one will attract attention. However, it was a bit unexpected to see W6's unmanned mass production model W6 launched on April 16th.

At this press conference, Weimar set up a nationwide chat room. The press conference was not only for viewing, but also for interjecting.

Unlike other new car forces, the core founding team of Weimar is from a car company. It used to give people the impression that they were more focused on product development and polishing, instead of having their own high-tech aura like other big players. But since last year, this impression has been gradually broken. Weimar has made frequent moves in brand marketing, getting younger and younger, and playing more and more.

Weimar’s internet feel is getting stronger, as netizens said, it is becoming more and more like an Internet brand.

Same frequency as FMCG, resonating with youth

The change in the impression of Weimar probably started from the Taobao Creation Festival in August 2020. At that time, Weimar participated in the Taobao Maker Festival as the "chief intelligent technology car brand" and set up a "friendship bureau."

In September shortly afterwards, Weimar and Modern Sky organized an "incredible factory party" at the Weimar Wenzhou factory, bringing Dada, Big Wave, Jike Junyi and Ma Di to the scene. This "2020 First Offline Strawberry Music Festival" has more than 30 million online viewers.

In November, Weimar cross-boundary Genqi Forest carried out the "One Can of Forest" flash event, which bundled the concept of pure electricity "0 anxiety" with the beverage "0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 card".

In addition to these, Weimar also has cross-border marketing cases with NetEase, Tsingtao Brewery and other "big V" industries.

If we say that the consumer perceptions that Weimar has obtained in the past mainly came from its products and pricing, then under this continuous brand action, consumers perceive more emotions and temperatures, as well as the brand that Weimar wants to convey. Image: young, technological, fashionable, and relaxed and fun.

It is not difficult to see that most of the cross-border brands selected by Weimar fall into the FMCG category. Weimar internally calls a new marketing model of "high frequency and low frequency". The nature of the car determines that it is born low-frequency. It is obviously a very practical way to actively reach the target consumer group. It is obviously a very practical approach to share the frequency with the FMCG brand. Moreover, it also comes with a hidden skill: let the brand quickly get out of the circle.

Out of the circle in the category, but Weimar is focused on the positioning of the crowd. Creative ideas that are getting younger and younger clearly show that these actions are done for young people. More precisely, it is aimed at the "small town youth" defined by Weimar.

Speaking of young people in small towns, if you still have the same image of killing Matt ten years ago in your mind, then you should update your mind. Young people in small towns have long gone from being an unknown person to a consumer upstart. It was them who sent Pinduoduo, Kuaishou and Qutoutiao to ring the bell, and it was them who turned "Hello Li Huanying" into a dark horse at the box office. On the other hand, the identity of "small town youth" is also rising. Han Han and Wutiao are all small town youths. Today, being a small town youth is not at all lost.

The young people in small towns in Weimar's eyes are heroes in ordinary life. They have a positive and healthy attitude and need sincere and practical technology in their daily lives.

The efforts made by Weimar's products also confirm this view.

Take the "Weima Express" equipped with W6 as an example. This feature allows car owners to customize and freely combine more than 30 functions and 10 functional modules such as driving mode, seat position, welcome music and even ambient lights, and easily customize various personalized scenes. The customization is complete, and the mode can be easily switched with a simple voice command.

Another embodiment of "practical technology" is W6's AVP unmanned autonomous parking system. It not only takes the lead in realizing L4 level unmanned driving in the industry, but also has the ability to "learn to park independently". Usually, the most parking places are at home and work. Weimar W6 only needs to learn once, and then it will be able to find the route for parking by itself. Users can also summon vehicles with one key through the Weimar Zhixing App.

For the scenarios of non-fixed parking spaces such as large shopping malls and office buildings, the high-precision map parking that will be pushed and upgraded by OTA within this year provides a solution for cross-layer cruising and fully unmanned autonomous parking and picking up vehicles.

In Weimar's view, their users are not geeks who are pursuing new cool technologies, but practicalists who care more about how technology makes life more convenient and warmer. Because of this, their product creation and marketing innovation are of the same origin: focusing on users and focusing on users.

Catch the young people in the small town, this is what Weimar has spotted. But how to catch it requires the systematic engineering behind it.

A dark horse in user growth

Weimar’s ambition is to build a national-level smart car for China. Just think about it and know that this is an extremely difficult task.

Throughout a century of automobile history, it is probably only the masses (especially the Beetle) who can be regarded as the name of "national class" that have become the memory symbol of the people in the western world. But even the Beatles experienced various setbacks. Even under the "power and will" of the Third Reich, it did not deliver a real car until the end of World War II.

History will not simply repeat, and the success of the public cannot be copied and pasted. The social network era provides car brands with another brand new arena. In the new arena, new rules must be followed. Whoever understands and applies the rules the fastest will be more likely to win.

In this regard, Weimar’s discovery is: the user is the dominant force. To this end, they revolve around users, mobilize users, and rely on users. The "Weima Smart User Experience Camp" was established on the Weimar Technology Open Day in January, inviting a number of car owners representatives to visit the scene to experience the driverless technology of Weimar W6, and give detailed information from actual car scenarios. R&D recommendations. W6 This car's appearance design and model color, all users participate.

Weimar built cars for the whole people, and suddenly it became a whole people built cars for Weimar.

It is understood that Weimar has a complete set of "user development system": from impression development, interaction development, consumption development to creation development, it has created a progressive user pyramid.

Traditional car sales links often start with spending money to buy sales leads, and large-scale launches and saturation attacks are the deep impression that traditional cars leave on people. Saturation attacks are not new, but they have different performances in different eras. Since the Confucius Family Banquet won the CCTV standard in 1994, saturation attacks have been the "sacred outfit" that everyone on the marketing battlefield wants to have. The e-commerce bike-sharing advertising war is still fresh in many people's memories. Today, the scale of the battle of saturation attacks by new car forces is no less than that of the predecessors.

This style of play, to borrow a word from the game industry, is "Krypton Gold."

Weimar looks different. Their "saturated circle breaking" is to attack the same target in different directions and levels in a short period of time. On the eve of the launch of W6, Weimar's series of actions are very typical:

CCTV live broadcast-break the mainstream audience and authority circles;

Spokesperson and Lao Luo, Hua Shao, Wang Han live broadcast-breaking the Internet highly active users and intelligent technology circles;

Brand Night-Touch Weimar’s millions of fans and fan groups in the automotive industry;

Shanghai Auto Show-reach the automotive consumer groups and industry circles.

Weimar does not have a large budget for advertising, and its growth depends on a total of more than 50,000 car owners and a potential user pool of 3 million. These are Weimar’s "personal circle of friends." From here, Weimar unlocked the "hacking growth path" of the automobile brand: private domain traffic fission, group joining, red envelopes, slashing, user community operations, small programs… the 18 weapons of growth are used vigorously. .

Playing with this set of growth models, the returns often exceed expectations. It is understood that Weimar's conversion rate for old belts and new belts is as high as 50%-60%, which is a considerable number.

Spending a small amount of money to do big things is actually a revolution in the context of marketing in the new era. It has given up on attracting attention and attention through a large amount of exposure, and instead believes in the principle that "more friends can make things happen." Consumers in the new era need to have equal conversations and be treated equally. Their unlock password is: "make friends."

With the premise of making friends, selling a car is a "piggyback." Weimar revealed that W6 won tens of thousands of potential customers during the pre-sale stage, and sold 6000 vehicles on the day it was launched on April 16.

It seems we still have to make more friends.

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