Buffett’s last charity lunch auction

There is no free lunch in the world, but if you want to have lunch with "stock god" Buffett, not only can't you eat it for free, but you have to pay some "capital".

After a two-year pause due to the coronavirus, the 2022 "Lunch with Buffett" charity auction has begun. The auction will end on June 17 and the winning bidder can join up to seven guests at Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan. Steakhouse lunch with Buffett.

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The auction, held annually since 2000, has raised more than $34 million, with the proceeds going to charity each year, and this year's donation is no exception. And auctions are still running on eBay, but this year's charity auction will come to an end, and these events will be the last.

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Perhaps because it is the last "Lunch with Buffett" charity auction, the bidding on eBay has already begun to see fierce bidding. The auction time is almost halfway through. Eight bidders have already bid, and the price has risen to $3,000,100. Judging from the final price in the past, this year's transaction price may be able to set another record.

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As a well-known investor and "stock god", the opportunity to have lunch with Warren Buffett can be sold for a high price, in addition to being a high-profile event and its public welfare attributes, I hope Communicating with Buffett or learning investment experience is also one of the purposes of the bidders.

Over the past few years, there have been many "interesting stories" among those who have had lunch with Buffett at Smith & Wollensky's steakhouse at lunchtime.

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The latest time is also the most impressive, presumably in 2019, when the lunch charity auction has not stopped due to the epidemic. In May of that year, the opportunity to have lunch with Buffett was auctioned by Justin Sun, the founder of “TRON”, at a transaction price of $4,567,888.

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But in July, Justin Sun suddenly said that he was going to be treated in the hospital for a sudden kidney stone, so he wanted to cancel the lunch meeting with Mr. Buffett. Later, on Weibo, he called himself excessive marketing and was deeply guilty of hyping up.

A few months later, Justin Sun suddenly tweeted that he had had dinner with Buffett at a private country club.

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At the charity lunch, Buffett once "eaten" a capable person. Hedge fund manager Ted Weschler was offered the chance to have lunch with Buffett during his 2010 and 2011 bids.

After two lunches, Weschler joined Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in 2012, overseeing the company's more than $100 billion in stocks, bonds and other investments.

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For a long time, Buffett has no restrictions on the topics he can talk about during dinner. But you can't disclose your next investment choices and can't involve specific company stocks. I don't know who will win Buffett's "Last Charity Lunch" this year, and what topics will be discussed at the dinner table.

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