Bringing cyberpunk to reality and letting the bionics meet the electronic sheep, this year’s offline stores are too “rolling”!

A white face is lovingly, slowly turning to look at you.

You can see the pores of her skin, the color of her eyes, and the sharpness of her eyelashes. Her lips opened and closed slightly, and she seemed to be full of thoughts.

She is not your tender lover, she is a face taller than a person.

▲ Picture from Xiaohongshu user @高桥太太

You look around and find that the horse is slightly bowing its head and wagging its tail. These horses don’t need to eat grass, and they don’t run wild suddenly. Why?

Because they are electronic horses controlled by a bunch of 0101010.

These cyberpunk scenes comparable to "Western World" are not fictional fantasy or art exhibitions, but the scene of Gentle Monster's future retail space Haus Shanghai.

If Philip Dick came here, maybe he would yell "wow" out.

Let the bionics meet the electronic sheep, the Gentle Monster who "does not work properly"

Haus Shanghai , which has recently become the "net celebrity check-in place", is Gentle Monster's second HAUS series of future retail spaces.

It covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters and has a total of 4 floors. Cool mechanical installations, bold and avant-garde artistic expression, full of future science fiction, but also with thinking and metaphors about humans, the earth and life. If it is not for the display of sunglasses on one of the floors, you can easily forget that this is Gentle Monster Store.

In addition to sunglasses, Gentle Monster's fragrance care brand Tamburin and dessert brand Nudake also entered the scene-walking into such a building, your sight, hearing, smell and taste can all be satisfied.

Officially, the Haus series is based on the theme of "Unopened: Future", rethinking the essence of commercial space and creating a new future retail experience. The first Haus Dosan opened in Seoul in February this year.

Founded in 2011, Gentle Monster is a trendy brand of sunglasses that has been popular among young people in recent years.

The founder Hankook Kim (Golden Korea) originally worked in a children's English education institution. After switching the track to start a business, he brought two "redefinitions".

The first thing to redefine is the sunglasses design. Kim discovered that the sunglasses brands on the market at that time only took care of Western faces, while Gentle Monster introduced a large frame and low nose design, which was more suitable for Asian aesthetics. Later, the addition of Korean dramas and celebrities brought the goods, making this brand a mess.

▲ Gentle Monster x Jun Ji Hyun

The second is offline retail space. Traditional retail spaces all pursue efficiency and talk about the efficiency ratio, hoping to display products as much as possible in a limited space, and arouse consumers' desire to buy, "Buy it now", while Kim is thinking about how to provide consumers with a richer experience.

Now, Gentle Monster has turned each store into an experiment of "peculiar aesthetics". They each have different themes and stories. They will collaborate with artists and update them regularly.

Compared with sunglasses, the devices in the store are more eye-catching. Many friends who have visited have said that it is like walking into an art exhibition and buying a pair of glasses by the way.

In the Gentle Monster store, you can see new mechanical branches growing on dry tree stumps:

▲ Beijing Sanlitun Store

The trembling grandmother uses technology to retrieve her lost memories and meets her childhood playmate, Little Donkey:

▲ California store, the theme is "memory"

In the future farm, humans are controlling robots to do farm work:

▲ Dubai store, the theme is "13", if the 13th month appears on the earth

The incarnation of artificial intelligence "shepherd boy" protects the herd through big data and monitoring devices:

▲Shenzhen store, the theme is "New Normal", which means that AI has penetrated into human life and become the new normal

A huge tail vertebra slowly swings, it does not have an upper body, but it is thinking about the individual and the existing problems:

▲ Shanghai IFC store, the theme is "Independence"

In 2020, this "insecure" sunglasses brand even cooperated with Beijing SKP-S to lead the design of the retail space of the entire mall, with the theme of "digital-analog future", seamlessly connecting art, technology and commerce.

At the scene, the electronic sheep were chewing slowly, even shaking their heads, as if they really had life:

You can also see the life of humans after successfully immigrating to Mars, and listen to an old man discussing the construction of a Mars base with AI:

In addition to these sci-fi cyberpunk scenes, Gentle Monster has also turned stores into laundry rooms, platform trains, and even the scene of alien kung fu battles.

Some commentators joked that it is difficult for you to enter two Gentle Monster stores that are exactly the same.

Physical retail is dead? We always like surprises

At present, Gentle Monster has 22 flagship stores and more than 200 distribution channels worldwide. According to WWD reports , Gentle Monster has almost 10 times as many space designers as product designers. The team will design the art installation in Seoul and then ship it to stores around the world. At the same time, a team of designers will be sent to the site for installation and inspection.

So much time and effort to create a "peculiar aesthetic" is actually for freshness.

▲ You can even explore the store on Zepeto

Kim once pointed out at an event that what consumers really consume is not the product, but the freshness.

This freshness is not based on the producer, but from the consumer's point of view-even if the brand launches new products every year, consumers will not necessarily pay the bill. He listed such a "freshness formula":

The difference between what you believe in, what you create, and the perception/expectation of consumers is the freshness you bring to consumers.

▲ Hankook Kim, founder of Gentle Monster, pictured from WWD

Unexpected store experience is one of the secrets of Gentle Monster's creation of freshness and one of the important reasons why it can open the gap with other brands.

In the early days, Kim even tried to replace store installations every 7 days, and then it became 15 days and then 21 days later. Although the market has responded well, consumer expectations have been raised too high. Now, the update speed of Gentle Monster stores has slowed down overall, and it will generally be re-adjusted in line with the annual concept.

▲Taiwan store, with the theme "Bee Time", humans protect the reproduction of bees due to the variation of the magnetic field

We often say that "physical retail is dead", but in fact we express "dislike" for the lack of vitality of traditional retail spaces. With the development of e-commerce, buying, buying and buying has shifted more from offline to online. In addition to shopping venues, current stores should indeed take on more different roles.

Wendy Yu, a luxury customer, said in an interview with Financial Times that about 70% of her shopping is done online. She said that offline store shopping should be an exploratory experience.

Walking into a store should be like jumping into a living magazine. Immediately open the exploration mode, I hope to discover new things in touch, feeling, and smell.

Gentle Monster's store is such an experience destination. You can see unexpected things in daily life here. In addition to experiencing the product itself, you can also feel the concepts and stories behind the product.

Robots that are too artificial or even creepy, giant detectors crawling around like spiders, electronic sheep that can breathe, human bodies that are distorted by wormhole energy…Even if you don’t understand, you will never miss this peculiarity. The grotesque atmosphere, quickly take a picture of P and send it to Weibo Moments.

It creates not only space and experience, but also your social conversation; and what you buy is not just sunglasses, perfume and desserts, but Gentle Monster's whole-minded worldview.

In this process, you have firmly remembered its brand image of "the ceiling of the sunglasses industry".

▲ Of course, you will remember its price

The strategy of creating freshness through stores is gradually becoming a new trend in offline retail.

Take the recent "Handmade Store" of Hey Tea and Starbucks' "Xianglv Workshop" as examples. Although there is no Gentle Monster as imaginative, they all hope to impress with new experiences and create social topics——

Is the pure hand-made hi tea a very craftsman? Isn't Xianglv Workshop, which is environmentally friendly, feel good? Are you surprised or surprised?

▲ Hicha hand-made shop, photo from: World Wide Web

Even new consumer brands that rely on e-commerce to make their fortunes also hope to open up offline spaces to communicate with consumers.

In this age when bookstores are struggling to survive, catch fish has opened second-hand recycling shops in Beijing and Shanghai successively, attracting "fishermen" one after another.

For three and a half meals selling coffee freeze-dried powder, the first offline concept store "The Force Flying Store" was opened in Shanghai in September. In addition to freshly made coffee and bread, the store also sells boxed instant freeze-dried coffee, water bottles, canvas bags and other peripheral products.

▲ Check in the shop on Xiaohongshu

In July this year, Bosie, a fashion brand that focuses on genderlessness, opened a 2,000-square-meter single-family flagship store in Shanghai. In addition to the clothing display, it also set up a leisure area, a dining area, a pet interaction area, and various conveniences. A device for taking photos and clocking in.

Bosie founder Liu Guangyao described the role of the store in this way :

If you compare a brand to a religion, it must build a church. This church must be magnificent and majestic. It carries the strong genes of the brand and the value it wants to express. It is a place where fans can go to "pilgrimage"… Two-dimensional things are not immersive, only three-dimensional space. , In order to let consumers feel the brand culture.

▲ Bosie flagship store, pictured from Luxe.Co

There are 4 days before the end of the National Day holiday. When you go out shopping, you may also want to pay attention to what kind of store makes you willing to stop and open the exploration mode.

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