Breaking 100 in 1 second! Tesla’s most powerful supercar is linked to SpaceX and will be unveiled within the year

You shouldn't ask for other people's prescriptions, it's quite private.

When asked about "drug use," Musk suddenly became irritated. Prescribing ketamine, he says, helps treat his occasional bouts of depression, is reasonable medication, and can even be beneficial to companies and investors.

Ketamine usually appears as a white powder, and the first letter of its English name is K, so it is commonly known as "K powder." In January this year, some media revealed that Tesla and SpaceX executives were increasingly worried about Musk Smoking the recreational drug ketamine.

Musk said that this was a prescription prescribed by his doctor to help him get rid of a negative mentality. "I work a lot, usually 16 hours a day," he added.

On Monday, Musk responded to his "drug abuse" scandal for the first time in an hour-long interview with former CNN host Don Lemon. Tesla's high sales became his argument.

Also mentioned is the second-generation Roadster. Musk claimed that the new prototype will be unveiled at the end of this year and is planned to be officially mass-produced in 2025. At the same time, he also emphasized the cooperation between Tesla and SpaceX, saying that the Roadster will use "some kind of rocket technology."

In my opinion, the only thing cooler than Cybertruck is to combine the technologies of Tesla and SpaceX to create a concept product that goes beyond cars…

Something unheard of.

Zero hundred and one second, you want to use a rocket to complete it?

Last month, Musk gave a rare update on the progress of Tesla's second-generation Roadster.

Musk said that this pure electric sports car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (about 96.56 kilometers per hour) in 1 second. With this result, the Roadster will become the fastest accelerating car in the world. "It's not even a car anymore," Musk said.

When Lemon asked if the Roadster was a flying car, Musk's answer was just "maybe." It "won't have big wings," but will instead have a "SpaceX option package."

SpaceX's option package for Tesla's new sports car will contain 10 small rocket thrusters that surround the car, greatly improving the vehicle's acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering, and perhaps allowing Tesla to Fly……

In fact, Musk said on Twitter as early as 2019 that SpaceX's thrusters could make the Roadster four wheels suspended.

Of course, Musk's remarks have also attracted many doubts. Some people believe that it is almost impossible for a car to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in less than 1 second. However, Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac, another company known for producing high-performance electric supercars, said that in theory, it is not impossible to achieve this goal.

If thrusters are used, it is indeed possible. We have done simulations.

Currently, the fastest pure electric car on the surface is Rimac's Nevera . In the test, the car reached 60 miles per hour in just 1.74 seconds and can reach a top speed of 412 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately it has no propellers.

Rimac said that to reach 60 mph in one second, the wheels require approximately 30,000 Nm of torque, which is difficult to achieve with the electric motor alone. On the other hand, high-power motors often come with high weight, which slows down vehicle acceleration. From this point of view, Musk’s “SpaceX option package” seems to be the optimal solution.

However, installing propellers on cars is not a new thing.

The Bloodhound SSC is a British-built high-speed land vehicle designed to break the world land speed record. Since its launch in 2008, the project has gone through multiple development, testing, financial difficulties, and finally went bankrupt in late 2018. Yorkshire entrepreneur Ian Warhurst then came to the rescue, purchasing the assets and intellectual property and renaming the project Bloodhound LSR.

Bloodhound SSC first public test

In 2019, in Musk's hometown of South Africa, the Bloodhound LSR used a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine to reach a speed of 1,011 kilometers per hour. The EJ200 is a military turbofan jet engine capable of producing more than 20,000 pounds (approximately 90 kilonewtons) of thrust, mainly used in the European Typhoon fighter jets.

Geely has also participated in the research and development of this project. The Geely Automobile logo can be found on the body of the Bloodhound SSC.

In addition to the EJ200 jet engine, the Bloodhound team originally planned to use a rocket thruster designed by the Norwegian company Nammo to provide additional thrust to help the vehicle reach its target speed of more than 1,000 miles per hour, or 1,609 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately, in 2020, due to well-known reasons, the Bloodhound project was shelved. The Thrust SSC with dual jet engines still maintains its land speed record-1227.986 kilometers per hour. It set this record in 1997.

Of course, the goal of Tesla Roadster is not to break the fastest speed record. Its official top speed is "only" 250 miles per hour, about 402km/h. On the other hand, the Roadster does not use turbojet engines and rocket thrusters, but something called a "Cold Air Thruster".

This is a technology that uses compressed air as propellant to generate huge thrust by rapidly releasing compressed air. In theory, it can provide instant acceleration thrust for cars, surpassing the capabilities of traditional internal combustion engines or electric vehicles.

But don’t be misled by Musk. In the aerospace field, rockets do not rely on high-pressure air to lift off, but rely on the combustion of chemical propellant to generate thrust. However, the release of high-pressure air or other gases does have its application scenarios, such as attitude control of satellites.

Satellite attitude control actually uses compressed gas extensively to fine-tune the direction, and adjust the attitude and orbit of the satellite by precisely controlling the opening and closing of the nozzle. Since no complex combustion process is required, such a system is ideal for applications requiring fine control.

Then I thought about it, doesn’t the body dynamics of a supercar also require “fine control”? So motor + propeller is destined to be the optimal solution for supercars? Is Musk on the right track?

Not necessarily.

If you add a propeller to a Tesla, can it really hit the road?

Accelerating from 100 kilometers per second in less than one second would make you faint right away while driving, right?

Musk's rhetoric quickly spread to the Chinese Internet, and many bloggers questioned whether human drivers could really endure such rapid acceleration.

In fact, the intensity of overload (g-force) that an average person can withstand depends on a variety of factors, including the direction of the overload, its duration, and the individual's health. Generally speaking, if wearing suitable load-bearing suits and carrying out appropriate training, humans can withstand vertical overloads of up to 9g to 10g (from head to toe) for a short period of time without losing consciousness, such as pilots and astronauts.

Humans have a much lower tolerance for overload in the horizontal direction (chest and back direction). If it exceeds 5g, you may start to experience severe discomfort or even injury. Over time, it may also lead to damage to internal organs or other serious health problems.

F1 drivers will experience an overload of more than 5g in some high-speed corners, and the driver will be unable to breathe at this time

However, it is difficult for ordinary supercars to handle such a high overload. Using specific data as an example, when accelerating from 0 to 100 mph in 5 seconds and 3 seconds, the overload experienced by the driver is only 0.57g and 0.95g, even though Tesla is currently the fastest The Model S Plaid (0 to 100 seconds in 2.1 seconds) is also only 1.35g.

A vehicle that accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in just 1 second means that the driver will instantly experience an overload of approximately 2.83 g. Most people can withstand this brief overload, but it will definitely be much more intense than an ordinary driving experience.

However, although it is technically possible for Tesla to create a supercar that can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 1 second, and human drivers will most likely be able to withstand such fast acceleration, in practical applications, safety and Due to various factors such as regulations and practicality, if this kind of extreme acceleration is applied to road vehicles, it will inevitably have an impact on traffic safety.

▲This picture was created by a fan and comes from Instagram @charlieautomotive

In addition, whether the Roadster equipped with the "SpaceX optional package" complies with local legal safety standards is also a matter of concern to the public and potential users.

After all, even Musk doesn’t know if it counts as “a car.”

All of Musk’s boasts seem to have come true?

In 2017, Tesla released the Semi truck at the SpaceX headquarters. However, the surprise and glory on the night of the launch almost all belonged to the Roadster.

After the truck was released, Musk suddenly became a little absent-minded and looked at several vehicles quietly, feeling very satisfied. The lights suddenly dimmed and the truck turned around, only to find that there was a sports car in the cargo box.

The second-generation Roadster slowly drove out of the cargo compartment and then rushed out of the venue. I thought this was an Easter egg similar to the last glimpse of the movie, but the car drove back again.

There were two Roadsters at the press conference. The red one was provided for test drives by old car owners and potential big customers, and the gray one was used for static display.

At that time, Dongchehui, as the only new media in China that came to the press conference, also brought many first-hand photos to everyone.

There is an old watermark of Dong Che Hui in the upper right corner of the photo

As Musk said, Roadster uses a Yoke steering wheel and is equipped with steer-by-wire

Unconsciously, seven years have passed.

Many people believe that the second-generation Roadster is just a boast by Musk and has no chance of mass production. It has a 200kWh battery, zero-to-zero acceleration in less than 1 second, and 10 thrusters… all of this is so untrue.

But if we look back at Musk's "boasts", we will find that Model 3/Y has successfully led the new energy market, Semi has been put into use, Cybertruck has been successfully delivered, and last week, the Starship successfully reached orbital speed.

The first-generation Roadster, which was sent into space by Musk using the Falcon Heavy rocket, has now flown more than three times around the sun and is getting closer and closer to Mars.

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