Bose noise canceling earplug experience: heard it, there is nothing else

On September 23, Bose released its first true wireless noise-canceling headphones Bose noise-canceling earplugs, priced at 2,299 yuan.

As Bose's new flagship true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, Bose noise-cancelling earplugs are equipped with Bose's current strongest technology. In addition to the 0-10 11-level controllable noise technology that users are familiar with, Bose also replaced it with a higher-quality acoustic system this time, giving the headset a stronger sound quality experience.

In addition, Bose noise canceling earplugs are also the first to be equipped with advanced shark fin earmuffs, and the wearing effect of the earphones has also been comprehensively improved. The excellent wearing experience helped the Bose noise cancelling earplugs leave a memory point on the user's hand, and this memory point is also condensed into the nickname "Great Shark".

After detailed experience, you will find that Bose is really full of many skill trees such as noise cancellation, sound quality and wearing. Facing this new flagship, Bose also used such a slogan to show their confidence:

Hear it, there is nothing else

11 levels of adjustable noise cancellation, stronger and more perfect

Bose noise canceling earplugs are equipped with 11 levels of controllable noise canceling technology. With the Bose music application, it can achieve 0-10 noise canceling effect adjustment functions.

Bose's 11-level adjustable noise reduction function has a stronger environmental adaptability, and the wearer can find the most suitable noise reduction mode through it, which can keep themselves in a relatively quiet and focused state without affecting their current activities .

In addition, Bose has also optimized the wearing design of Bose noise canceling earplugs.

The rubber plug of Bose noise canceling earplugs adopts an umbrella-shaped design. With this soft-textured material, it can improve the fit of the headset when wearing it and improve the effect of physical noise shielding.

When the noise cancellation function is not turned on, the Bose noise cancellation earplugs can actually isolate a small part of the noise, and can probably achieve a noise cancellation effect close to the daily half-speed. Coupled with Bose's existing active noise cancellation technology, the combination of the two can bring more prominent noise cancellation effects to Bose noise cancellation earplugs.

In order to experience the noise reduction effect of Bose noise cancellation earplugs, we also tested in three different environments:

  • Office and other indoor scenes

In an office, the most common noise may be the sound of air conditioners and fans, the knocking of keyboards, and the conversation of surrounding colleagues.

For Bose noise canceling earplugs, its noise canceling performance is relatively strong, basically in the state of noise canceling level 5, it has been able to solve most of the regular noise from air conditioning fans, keyboards and automatic doors. If you run into a colleague who has a lot of strength to type on the keyboard, you only need to increase the noise cancellation level by 1-2 levels, which can basically isolate the noise.

If you turn on the 10-level noise reduction in the office, the environment is almost completely quiet. Even if the wind speed of the air conditioner is adjusted to the maximum, it is only a breeze at the ear of the Bose noise canceling earplugs, which has little effect on concentration.

It needs to be emphasized that the wearer can also control ear pressure at the highest level of noise cancellation of Bose noise cancellation earplugs, and will not bring significant ear pressure difference due to noise reduction, further improving the wearing comfort in noise cancellation mode It reduces the fatigue and refreshing of the ears, so that the user can have a longer wearing time.

In addition to noise cancellation, the situation that needs to be faced in the office is the sudden conversation of colleagues.

Faced with such a situation, Bose noise canceling earplugs can be switched to a transparent mode with a noise canceling level of 0 by removing the one-sided earphone, and the noise canceling level can be quickly switched by double-clicking the left earphone. Under the default "0-5-10" setting, the wearer can also switch quickly through this method.

In terms of switching response speed, Bose noise canceling earplugs are also doing very well.

The official said that the built-in and external microphones of the Bose noise canceling earplugs simultaneously monitor the surrounding environment and the sound in the ear canal. They can detect noise 84,000 times per second and generate opposite signals to cancel the noise within one millisecond. With a touch module that can react quickly, the efficiency of the earplugs to switch the noise reduction mode is very high, and the wearer will basically not feel the delay.

  • Outdoor environments such as bus stops and roadsides

When transferring to bus stops and busy roads, the noise reduction effect of Bose noise canceling earplugs is also obvious.

The sounds produced by motor vehicles can also be blocked. Even if you listen to songs or watch videos while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, you will not be disturbed by the noise generated by the vehicle.

Bose actually makes choices when dealing with noise cancellation effects, such as car horns, announcements when pitting, etc. Bose noise cancellation earplugs will not completely isolate them. As long as the volume played in the earphones is not too high, and your attention is not too focused on the content being played, there is no problem with using Bose noise canceling earplugs on the street.

Of course, in order to ensure travel safety, more users will choose a transparent mode with a noise cancellation level of 0 when walking outside.

Unlike other in-ear headphones with "ambient sound mode" and "transparent mode", Bose noise canceling earplugs will not have the sense of "sound is like being collected and amplified by a microphone", and will sound better than Others use the ambient sound mode and the transparent mode of others to be more natural.

If you need to open this mode for a long time, then Bose's noise reduction mode is not so tiring to use.

  • Transportation such as buses and subways

In the face of relatively densely populated bus and subway environments, Bose noise-cancelling earplugs are also easy to deal with.

If you are already listening to music and watching videos, adjusting the noise cancellation level to 6-7 can actually meet the basic noise cancellation needs. Then if someone around you is talking on the phone or using the outside to release the video, then you can raise the noise cancellation level to 8 and just match the sound played in the earphone.

The noise-cancelling performance of the Bose noise-cancelling earplugs on vehicles is similar to that of the Bose 700, which can meet the needs of most people when commuting. Moreover, true wireless earphones are more flexible to wear, and there is no problem in the face of hot weather. This is where the Bose noise canceling earplugs are more adaptable.

Solid low frequency, full sound

In addition to noise cancellation, Bose also put a lot of effort into the sound performance of Bose noise cancellation earplugs this time.

Compared with the previously launched Bose true wireless headphones, Bose noise canceling earplugs use a better quality and more efficient sound unit, which can improve the full range output performance of the headphones.

Bose noise canceling earplugs also use Bose’s proud dynamic audio output technology. This technology allows the headphones to better control the volume, tone and other parameters during playback, so that the sound output becomes more stable and balanced. It will be more comfortable.

Also, Bose has enhanced the bass performance of Bose noise canceling earplugs. Through the newly designed rubber plug with optimization of its acoustic components, Bose noise-cancelling earplugs can show more outstanding low-frequency performance than other headphones in the same segment.

In terms of hearing, Bose's noise cancelling earplugs still focus on a balanced style that can take all aspects into consideration. The three-band equalization of the earbuds allows the Bose noise-cancelling earbuds to output a solid and full sound when facing popular songs that the public often listens to, without the feeling of rough sound.

With the addition of new rubber plugs and new acoustic designs, Bose noise cancelling earplugs have been further improved.

The drums have enough power, and the low-frequency package makes the sound thicker and fuller. The singer can be integrated into the environment without interfering with the rendering of the environment. In this way, it can express the singer's performance effect, and it will not produce a dry feeling because the singer's voice is too prominent.

Also, in the face of online concerts or other performance videos where singing and speech are mixed together, the sound of Bose noise canceling earplugs is also very natural and comfortable.

The addition of dynamic audio output technology makes the sound transition and output control of Bose noise canceling earplugs more comfortable. It can not only ensure the stability of the sound, but also make the sense of hearing more comfortable, and will not increase the sense of fatigue due to the sound.

Stable connection and clear call

As a product that mainly meets commuting needs, connection stability and call quality are actually as important as noise cancellation performance and sound quality.

In order to meet the needs of comprehensive functions and balanced experience, Bose will not neglect these two projects.

In terms of call quality, Bose noise canceling earplugs use a specially customized microphone set design.

The microphone set on the earbuds can clearly pick up the wearer’s voice. At the same time, the microphone set will also cooperate with the call noise reduction algorithm on the headset to reduce noise to the wearer’s voice and reduce the impact of ambient sounds on calls and voice commands .

After the experience, I found that the Bose noise-cancelling earplugs can have a good reception quality whether it is making a phone call or an Internet voice call. Although standing by the side of the road, the other party will not be unclear.

We also tried to call the smart assistant in the mobile phone in a noisy environment, and found that the voice commands conveyed through the Bose noise canceling earplugs can also be clearly recognized by the smart assistant, and the accuracy is not much different from indoors.

It can be seen that the call quality of Bose noise canceling earplugs is also very good. Although it does not use the ear handle design that can be closer to the mouth, it will not affect the quality of its reception, and the performance is the same as that of some products that mainly promote noise reduction.

In terms of connection performance, Bose noise cancelling earplugs support Bluetooth 5.1, and the headset supports single-sided use and two-sided simultaneous use. When the one-sided connection mode is enabled, the Bose noise canceling earbuds perform well in calls and listening. It is no problem to switch back to binaural use quickly, and the response speed is satisfactory.

In terms of stability, when using Bose noise canceling earplugs to listen to music, watch videos and play games, the product can basically maintain a stable connection without significant delay and disconnection. Even in a complex multi-device environment, the connection experience will not be affected.

The Bose noise cancelling earplugs themselves support a 9-meter wireless connection. This distance is sufficient for general office movement, and users basically do not need to worry about connection problems.

More elegant headphones, more solid design

In addition to sound performance and noise cancellation performance, the design is also a highlight of Bose's noise cancellation earplugs.

Bose adopted a new true wireless earphone design this time, which keeps the earphones elegant while optimizing the details to make the earphones more usable.

In terms of appearance, the black version of the Bose noise-canceling earplugs covers a panel with particle details on the surface of the fuselage. On the lower side of the panel, the earplugs are replaced with a high-gloss black treatment with a mirror effect. The combination of two completely different effects can enhance the visual texture of the product and make it look more elegant and high-end.

In addition, Bose also processed this panel very smoothly, which improved the feel during touch operation.

Both sides of the earbuds are equipped with touchpads, and the left and right earphones are responsible for different functions. Users who are just getting started can use the Bose music app to quickly get started with touch gestures, and they can also use the app to modify the shortcut operations of touch gestures, quickly switch the corresponding level of noise cancellation, etc., so that the operation mode of the earplugs is closer to the wearer's The operating habits make it easier to use.

In terms of wearing, Bose noise canceling earplugs use Bose's latest advanced version of shark fin earmuffs.

Compared with the previous generation, the advanced version of shark fin earmuffs uses a softer material, and they also adjusted the shape of the advanced version of shark fin earmuffs. The size of the earmuffs will be slightly smaller than that of the previous generation.

Regardless of the shark fin structure or the earmuffs, the advanced version can achieve a more fitting wearing effect, and the stability and fit of the wearing have been improved.

For daily commuting and sports, Bose noise cancelling earplugs can be worn stably. In the face of large movements, the earplugs can also be firmly fixed on the ears.

Compared with those true wireless noise-canceling earphones that only rely on deep ear structure to fix the earphones, the Bose noise-canceling earplugs feel much better to wear. Users also need to buy a pair of true wireless headphones specifically for sports, and Bose noise canceling earplugs can be satisfied.

Here, Bose also intimately provides three sizes of advanced shark fin earmuffs for the wearer to choose from. According to the official, the No. 1 stopper attached to the box is actually more suitable for Asian users, and it can improve the fit after replacement.

The replacement structure of the Bose noise canceling earplugs is also very simple, and the shark fin earmuffs can be removed without too much effort. The earmuffs are also flexible enough, no matter what size they are, they can be installed in one set, which is very convenient.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users in sports scenes, Bose added IPX4 waterproof support to the body of the Bose noise canceling earplugs. It can not only improve the protective ability of the earphones in daily scenes, but also meet the needs of users for some outdoor sports, which should be more comfortable when exercising.

The charging box of the Bose noise-cancelling earplugs also uses a similar design. The low-key dark black shell is printed with a different texture of Bose embossment, and the inside of the box is covered with a panel with bright surface treatment.

Except for the button used to start the pairing mode and the USB-C charging port on the back of the box, there are no extra elements on the charging box, which is very clean.

In order to better use wireless charging, Bose also smoothed the bottom of the charging box so that it can be stably placed on the charging board.

Compared with the previously launched Bose SoundSport Free, the charging case of the Bose noise cancelling earplugs has also achieved a higher degree of volume compression, and it is easier to put it in a trouser pocket.

In terms of battery life, the Bose noise-cancelling earbuds single earphone can last for 6 hours, and the charging box can increase the battery life to 18 hours. It also comes with a fast charging mode, charging for 15 minutes can make the headset play for 2 hours, whether it is stand-alone battery life or fast charging response, the performance of Bose noise canceling earplugs can meet the needs of most people.

With it, there is nothing else

Bose noise canceling earplugs maintain the high-quality noise reduction experience that Bose has always implemented, and can also present excellent sound quality performance. It is a product that can truly experience both sound and noise reduction.

At the same time, Bose has also added a new shark fin structure to this headset, which improves the stability of the headset and makes it easy to cope in sports scenes.

Therefore, if you want to buy a true wireless headset that can adapt to all scenarios, then Bose noise canceling earplugs are already a product that can meet your needs and are your only and first choice.

In the future, there is no need to wear a pair of headphones for sports, and a pair of headphones for daily use. Bose noise canceling earplugs are enough.

If you don't have much demand for noise cancellation and you also want to experience Bose's new generation of true wireless earphones, the Bose wireless earphones released together can also meet your needs.

This Bose wireless earplug, known as "Little Shark", is also equipped with an advanced version of shark fin earmuffs and a new generation of unique acoustic design and high-quality sound unit. The sound and wearing performance have been significantly improved. In addition, the body also supports IPX4 waterproofing, and it also has a microphone design similar to the "Bose" Bose noise canceling earplugs, and the call quality is also improved.

For those non-noise-cancelling headset users who want to try Bose's new products, the "Little Shark" Bose wireless earplugs are also a very friendly and suitable choice.

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