Bose 2020 new product inventory: satisfying the public while taking into account the niche

If the public demand is the backbone of a tree, then the niche demand is the branch that spreads around.

In the past few years, the branches of "noise reduction" have obviously grown stronger on the "acoustics" tree. Noise reduction headphones seem to have become a necessity for public travel. Indeed, in a world where noise is everywhere, it is a small fortune for contemporary people to be able to find a moment of peace.

▲Research proves that noise has threatened human health. Picture from: brainfacts

Gradually, many branches are derived from the branch of "noise reduction", such as the need for noise reduction in various scenes such as games, sleep, and sports. Currently on the market, the product line that covers most of these needs is probably the "acoustic boss" Bose.

In 2020, Bose released a variety of products. In addition to popular products such as noise canceling earplugs, there are also relatively niche products such as game noise canceling earphones, sleep noise canceling earplugs, and smart audio glasses. It can be said that it not only satisfies the public, but also takes into account the minority.

▲2020 Bose new product “family portrait''

TWS, an essential artifact in life

The word "TWS" has been frequently mentioned in the past two years. It is the abbreviation of "True Wireless Headset".

Compared with wired headphones, the biggest advantage of wireless headphones is convenience. Before listening to a song, you no longer need to patiently untie the earphone cable that is wound into a ball, and there is no need to worry about the "stethoscope effect" caused by the earphone cable rubbing clothes. Open the cover and take out the earphones, you can easily pair with the phone and enjoy wonderful music.

Bose released two wireless earplugs in 2020. Based on the pursuit of good sound quality, one focuses on noise reduction, and the other focuses on lightness.

▲Bose noise canceling earplugs on the left, Bose wireless earplugs on the right

Let's first look at the noise-cancelling earplugs, which have a cute nickname "Great Shark". As the flagship new product of the Bose family, it is not only equipped with 11-level controllable noise cancellation technology, but also upgraded with a higher quality acoustic system. Both noise reduction and sound quality are correct.

▲Bose noise canceling earplugs are available in rock white and black

Many noise reduction headphones on the market have only 1-3 noise reduction modes to choose from, which cannot accurately meet the needs of the entire scene. The Bose noise canceling earplugs provide 11 noise canceling settings ranging from level 0 transparent mode to level 10 complete noise cancellation.

The richer the noise cancellation level, the more choices the user has. In addition, the higher the noise cancellation level, the stronger the ear pressure. In most environments such as offices and coffee shops, we can adjust the noise cancellation settings according to our own acceptance ability to ensure the balance between noise and hearing.

Of course, you can also set three commonly used noise reduction levels through the Bose music app. For example, the three settings I set are "office" (level 7); "outdoor" (level 3); and "public transportation" (level 10) to facilitate switching scenes.

In actual experience, Bose noise canceling earplugs are indeed very sensitive to noise capture and elimination, and there is basically no delay. The noise reduction capability is fully comparable to that of headphones.

This is because the built-in and external microphones of the "Great Shark" will simultaneously monitor the surrounding environment and the sound in the ear canal. Through 84,000 noise detections per second, it can quickly capture and cancel the noise.

However, the noise reduction effect depends not only on the hardware technology, but also on the earmuffs. Bose's patented shark fin advanced silicone earmuffs are not only soft and comfortable to wear, but also fit the auricle better, forming a soft seal and achieving better passive noise reduction. At the same time, its umbrella-shaped structure is very stable to wear, and it will not fall off even if you perform large movements such as running and jumping.

The box of "Big Shark" is equipped with three sizes of silicone earmuffs. Users can choose the right size according to the size of their auricle. Among them, the No. 1 earmuffs are specially designed for Asian ears and have a wider adaptability.

In terms of sound, the main feature of "Big Shark" is the balanced style that can take all aspects into consideration. The full-range sounding unit makes the three-frequency of the earbuds very balanced. When facing popular songs that the public often listens to, the Bose noise-cancelling earbuds can output a solid and full sound.

The addition of new rubber plugs and new acoustic design makes its bass performance better than ever, and the low-frequency package makes the sound thicker and fuller. The singer can also be integrated into the environment without interfering with the rendering of the environment.

In addition to the main noise cancellation and sound quality, the ease of operation of the "Great Shark" is also worth mentioning. Abundant gesture control makes it more convenient to cut songs and make calls. For example, double-click the left earbud to switch the noise canceling presets; slide the right earbud up and down to adjust the volume; long press to evoke the voice assistant and so on.

In addition, when you remove one earbud, the other earbud will automatically switch to 0 noise reduction level, allowing you to clearly hear the surrounding environment. This is very convenient in situations such as talking to people.

In terms of battery life, the Bose noise canceling earplugs can last for 6 hours when fully charged, and can provide a total of 18 hours of battery life with the battery compartment. In addition, its fast charging technology allows the earbuds to charge for 15 minutes and can last for 2 hours.

After a few days of experience, it is not difficult to understand why it has won many awards or praises such as "GQ 2020 BEST ITEM 100", "Men's Uno Touch 101", "Micro Computer-Editor's Choice of The Year".

On the whole, the Bose noise canceling earplugs are currently the most prominent in the TWS camp for noise reduction and sound quality. With Bluetooth 5.1 technology, it can be connected to the mobile phone stably and quickly, and it is ready to use. Whether it is Android or iOS party, you can choose with confidence.

Next is another Bose wireless earbuds, nicknamed "Little Shark." Compared with the "big brother" above, its biggest feature is its lightness and good sound quality.

▲Bose wireless earplugs are available in three colors: black/sea blue/aurora green

The headset alone weighs only 6.75g, and the sense of presence is very weak when worn. But when you open the music app, its surging bass performance will make you wonder why its small body has so much energy.

Like the "Big Shark", Bose wireless earbuds also use EQ dynamic equalization technology to dynamically optimize the audio output and always ensure the balance of the three frequencies. In addition, its full-range sounding unit can highly restore the sound effects of the recording scene, and the sound quality is remarkable. The tri-band can be clearly presented at a lower volume to prevent distortion.

The box also contains three sizes of shark fin silicone earplugs. It is very important to choose the right size earplugs. It is not only related to wearing comfort and firmness, but also related to the quality of passive noise reduction and the volume of bass.

In actual experience, the wearing comfort and firmness of the "small shark" are not inferior to the "big shark". During strenuous exercise, the earplugs will not fall off. And because the earplug body is very light, it is very friendly to sports enthusiasts. The IPX4 waterproof rating makes earplugs not afraid of sweat.

Bose wireless earplugs also support smart gesture control. You can easily control music playback, volume adjustment, and access to voice assistants at your fingertips without having to take out your phone.

In fact, the smart touch function has always been a pain point for most TWS headsets, either not supported or not agile in operation. Regardless of whether it is a "big shark" or a "small shark", in daily use, the touch function is very convenient and sensitive.

After completing the first pairing with the mobile phone, you only need to open the battery compartment in the follow-up, and the connection can be completed the moment you wear the headset. Bluetooth 5.1 technology also guarantees the stability of the connection and minimizes the delay during a call.

Although small in size and light in weight, Bose wireless earbuds did not give up battery life. It can last for 5 hours on a single charge. With the battery compartment, the total battery life is 15 hours. In addition, 15 minutes of fast charging can last 2 hours.

In general, Bose wireless earplugs are more suitable for those who do not need noise cancellation but pursue sound quality. Especially for sports enthusiasts, uncomfortable wearing and relatively low price are all reasons to choose it.

Games and music can have both

If you have followed League of Legends events, you should have seen Bose. As the official headset partner of the League of Legends, Bose has been providing game machines for every professional player, coach and referee in the League of Legends global competition.

In the game, a quiet environment and clear voice communication will make you and your teammates play better, and win with half the effort. At the same time, you can also be more immersed and enjoy the fun of the game.

In response to the needs of mass gamers, Bose launched the QuietComfort 35 II dual-use headset for gaming and music, and won the ITheat Hotspot Technology 2020 Excellent Product Award.

The headset is equipped with a wealth of game components. The first is the detachable noise canceling microphone. After the 3.5mm headphone jack is combined with the headset, players can use this noise canceling microphone pole certified by Discord and TeamSpeak to talk to teammates.

In actual experience, the noise canceling ability of this microphone is very powerful, even in a noisy environment, teammates can hear clear and distinct voices. In addition, Bose volume optimization active equalization technology can keep voice or video and game sound in balance, making communication easier.

There is also a volume controller in the box, which adopts a rotating design and can be connected to a computer or game console through a USB interface. Players can adjust the main volume by turning the knob, or cycle through the four microphone monitoring modes.

In terms of connection, users can choose wired or wireless connection. In MOBA games, the latency under the Bluetooth connection has been made very low, which basically does not affect the game operation. But for games that require high latency, such as shooting or music, it is recommended to use a wired connection.

When choosing a gaming headset, wearing comfort must not be ignored. Many gaming headsets look cool, but they are "chucked" and too heavy to wear, which affects the gaming experience.

The main design of the Bose QC35 II gaming music headset is the same as the regular version. The comfort of QC35 II shouldn't need to be introduced too much, and it has always been the best in head-mounted noise reduction headphones. The ear-wrap design and soft memory foam material are also very friendly to players wearing glasses.

As we mentioned above, the noise-canceling microphone of the headset has a detachable design. When the microphone is removed, it becomes a "music noise canceling headset" QC35 II, allowing you to play games and go out on the street.

QC35 II, as a classic single product of Bose's family, has always been online for its noise cancellation level and acoustic quality. The headset provides three noise canceling modes, namely transparent mode, low noise canceling mode and high noise canceling mode to meet the noise canceling requirements in a variety of scenarios.

In terms of sound quality performance, the three-frequency of the headset is relatively balanced, the right separation can hear the details of the song, and the moderate and weak low frequency dive, so that the sound has enough thickness and is not dull.

The last is its endurance. In Bluetooth connection, the headset can last up to 20 hours of battery life when fully charged, and up to 40 hours for wired connection. In addition, you can get 5 hours of wired gaming time after 15 minutes of fast charging.

If you are a gamer who likes to "play black" with your teammates, Bose QC35 II gaming music headphones will be the best choice. You can also remove the microphone assembly when you go out to enjoy the quiet music world.

Sleep, it should be easy

A good night's sleep can often make you feel happy and refreshed the next day. However, according to the "2020 China Sleep Index Report", the number of insomnia groups in my country is increasing.

Data show that in 2018, 24.9% of people often suffer from insomnia. By 2019, this number has increased to 36.9%. Among them, 36.7% of people born after 90 have insomnia more than three times a week. At the same time, the per capita sleep in my country is less than 7 hours, and the proportion of deep sleep is less than one-third.

According to the report, half of the people suffering from insomnia due to stress and emotions are followed by environmental factors. For people who have difficulty falling asleep and light sleep, Bose second-generation noise-shielding sleep earplugs can be your "sleep savior."

Bose's noise-canceling sleep earplugs have made many upgrades and improvements on the basis of the first generation of noise-canceling sleep earplugs. Passive noise shielding and white noise playback can effectively block annoying noise.

The multiple soothing sound effects built into the Bose Sleep app are also adapted to different noise frequencies. For example, the traffic on the road, the snoring of the partner, the hum of the air conditioner, etc., to help users get rid of noise and fall asleep faster.

A peaceful environment is only the first step to falling asleep, the next step is to soothe your emotions. Bose has meticulously developed a variety of white noise sound effects, including noise-shielding, quietness, and nature, to help people with insomnia relax their mind and body and relieve stress.

Personally, I really like the sounds in the "Tian Lai" category. When the bonfire is in your ears, it makes a crackling and burning sound from time to time, as if you are camping in the mountains, very realistic.

Bose officially stated that its research with the University of Colorado's Anschutz School of Medicine and the UCHealth Care Innovation Center found that 100% of participants confirmed that the earplugs can effectively resist common noise that makes people unable to sleep well; 80% of participants believe that their overall sleep The quality has been improved.

However, it should be noted that the earbuds can only play the sound effects in the Bose Sleep app, and cannot play other music. Users can set their own preferences in the Bose Sleep app, such as whether the sound effects are played all night or turned off at regular intervals.

Of course, you can also set your own alarm clock in the app. When the time is up, the earplugs will play an alarm clock sound effect similar to a panoramic sound, which will not wake the person next to your pillow.

As a sleep earplug, wearing comfort is extremely important. The Bose Noise Shielding Sleeping Earplugs II is very small and weighs only 2.6 grams with a medium-sized silicone sleeve. It can be worn without feeling.

The presence of the earplugs is very weak in various sleeping positions. The upgraded coating will not make it rustle with the pillow. Shark fin silicone earmuffs are not only soft and comfortable, but also ensure that they are not easy to fall off when changing sleeping positions.

In terms of battery life, the earplugs can continuously play sound effects for about 10 hours after being fully charged, which is enough to support a night of sleep. With a charging box, it can achieve 40 hours of battery life. In other words, it can last about 4 days with a single charge.

Compared with 3M earplugs that are easily contaminated with dust and bacteria, Bose's sleep earplugs are more hygienic, and the ear canal will not be sore. People with insomnia can also say goodbye to products with side effects such as melatonin and sleeping pills, and embrace healthier and safer sleep.

Smart glasses, a new choice for fashion and sports

In 2020, Bose also updated its smart glasses product line, launching new glasses in two styles, cat-eye and sports.

▲Left is a cat eye model, and the right is a sports model

The similarities between the two glasses are light and smart. The weight of the cat's eye model and the sports model are both about 50 grams, so wearing them will not burden the bridge of the nose too much. Bose's proprietary open hearing technology makes the sound of the two glasses more rich and full.

At the same time, both glasses support smart touch function. For example, you can control the volume by sliding the right temple, double-tap the touch button to cut the song, long-press to turn on the voice assistant, one-click to answer the phone, turn off the glasses upside down, etc., taking into account the convenience of daily use.

In addition, the microphone systems of the two glasses have also been upgraded, using dual-beam-forming array microphones to replace the previous generation's single microphone, which has better noise reduction and wind noise performance. It is worth mentioning that the lenses of the two glasses can also be removed and replaced, and users with myopia can equip their own optical lenses.

▲Left is a cat eye model, and the right is a sports model

Whether it is a fashion item or a sports artifact, the two Bose smart glasses have their own characteristics. Its directional precision speakers allow the wearer to enjoy a full, surround-style immersive music experience, but also try to avoid the user's embarrassment due to "sound leakage."

Next, talk about the differences. The cat-eye shape is more fashionable, and the piano paint is very textured. The battery life has increased by 2 hours compared to the previous generation, reaching 5.5 hours. By magnetic charging, it can be fully charged in 1 hour. In addition, the cat's eye model offers mirror rose gold and gradient purple lenses.

The appearance of the sports model is more dynamic, and Peng Yuyan often wears it for sports. It adopts TR90 structure and customized spring hinges, it is very firm to wear, and there is no need to worry about eyes slipping during exercise. IPX4 waterproof rating and 3 sizes of silicone non-slip nose pads all mean that it is a professional sports equipment.

In addition, the sports model is equipped with a larger drive unit and the volume is more surging. The battery life is longer, and it can be used for 8 hours after fully charged. The charging interface is Type-C, which can be fully charged in 1 hour. For riding, off-road, driving and other scenarios, the glasses also have a variety of polarized lenses to choose from.

to sum up

The above are the main products released by Bose in 2020. Overall, the coverage of the product line released or updated this year is still very comprehensive. Earplugs, headsets, smart glasses… Various forms are available.

From the perspective of product positioning, Bose does not just focus on public demand to create its own products. Those relatively small groups who suffer from sleep problems and surging sound quality during exercise can find "honey" from Bose.

In fact, it is not difficult for a brand to make good products that cater to the mass market. The difficulty is to pay attention to the needs of niche groups and provide targeted solutions for such groups.

At present, Bose is one of the few major acoustic companies that can cover the entire scene. This is inseparable from its insight into life and listening to consumers.

Looking back on Bose's new products in recent years, you can also see many new toys such as SoundLink Revolve waterproof speakers and SoundWear wearable speakers. In the field of acoustics, what novelties will Bose bring to people? 2021 is worth looking forward to.

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