Boring Ape has a “new business” and has become the owner of a Li Ning pop-up store in China

The one on the picture must be familiar to many people, and even if you can't name it, it will feel familiar. After all, this is the "top stream" in the NFT world today – Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

▲ Picture from: China Li Ning official Weibo

However, this boring ape has something different. After all, there are four big words "China Li Ning" behind it. That's right, this boring ape has "two faces". It is not only the NFT project with the BAYC number "#4102", but also the trend leader of the boring and not boring pop-up shop with the number "#4102" of Li Ning in China.

▲ Picture from: OpenSea

One is a domestic sports brand giant, and the other is a Web3.0 "famous family". Although they are in different fields, they are all "cross-border big players".

Hongqi, Forbidden City, LINE FRIENDS, Disney, People's Daily, Wade… Li Ning's joint name can be said to be unexpected, and there is no "connection".

▲ Picture from: China Li Ning

Since it appeared in the NFT world, the boring ape has been in the limelight. Not only celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Stephen Curry, Neymar, Serena Williams, Eminem, etc. have all joined, but Universal Music Group has also established a band KINGSHIP composed of four boring apes.

Even Coinbase, the largest compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced that it will produce three animated short films for the Bored Ape Yacht Club series of NFTs.

▲ Picture from: Universal Music Group official Weibo

Sports brands are always at the forefront of trends, and it is not uncommon to cooperate with today's hot NFTs. "China Li-Ning Boring Ape Trend Sports Club" has now launched products such as T-shirts and baseball caps, and has also opened a trendy pop-up store called "Boring Not Boring", combining the current popular pixelated styles with Frisbee, motorcycles, etc. With the combination of trendy sports elements, there will be many "actions" in the future.

▲ Picture from: China Li Ning official Weibo

Although Li Ning and Boring Ape are both "cross-border experts", China's Li Ning's entry into the NFT world is still somewhat different from the previous joint names. In fact, it is not only Li Ning, but also Adidas, which is also a sports brand, also bought the Boring Ape #8774 project before.

▲ Picture from: The Crypto Times

Why do sports brands "follow" the boring ape? I think it is not only because it is the attention brought by the Web3.0 "famous family", but also because it is an NFT.

Like Li Ning's co-branding with other brands in the past, it takes time to negotiate, and the co-branding has to comply with the validity period, but NFT is different. As a non-fungible currency on the blockchain, each NFT project is not only unique, but its attribution is also quite clear.

▲ Picture from: China Li Ning official Weibo

As long as you buy this NFT, everyone can see its ownership on the blockchain, which is equivalent to obtaining its ownership and copyright at the same time, and it is valid before the ownership is transferred.

For sports brands that always plan joint names, this way of obtaining IP is much simpler and faster, and it is beneficial to both parties. The brand has a long-term popular IP, and the boring ape is also being "set as an avatar". In addition to broadening the way of "employment".

▲ Picture from: China Li Ning official Weibo

Since people say that the development of the Internet will enter the Web3.0 era, the way of brand co-branding must also keep pace with the times. Want to co-brand with NFT? Just buy it.

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