Black Shark 4 Pro experience: bid farewell to blind stockpiling and start returning to “daily life”

In the "Machine Circle War" in March, there was such a "muscle faction". It has a low volume and is known for its performance. It is not small in size and is famous for its stockpiling. This faction is the gaming phone.

In the past month, we have experienced Red Devils game phone 6, ROG game phone 5. Based on the principle of having more experience, testing, and being responsible for the readers, we played a lot of mobile games in the office in a fair manner.

Although the evaluation process is not easy, we still hope that this "hard work" will be more. No, we recently received another Black Shark 4 Pro.

But to be honest, experiencing a variety of flagship performance gaming phones in a short period of time, a little bit aesthetic fatigue. The performance between the two players makes the difference in the fluency of mobile games hard to distinguish with the naked eye.

So is there anything special about Black Shark 4 Pro? Is there any difference in experience between it and other gaming phones? This is the direction we want to focus on.

A game phone that does not look like a game phone

When experiencing the previous generation of Black Shark 3 series, our understanding of its design language is "balance game and daily life". After all, the unassuming and unruly design of the Black Shark 2 series has become restrained and calm in the Black Shark 3 series.

▲ Black Shark 2 Pro on the left, Black Shark 3 on the right

And this generation is completely moving towards the goal of "daily", the appearance design is extremely restrained. At the moment when I opened the box and tore the film, I couldn't even recognize that it belonged to the Black Shark family.

First of all, looking at the front, Black Shark 4 Pro does not thicken the forehead to achieve a "perforated full screen" like mainstream gaming phones, but uses a center-mounted hole-digging design.

With a thick forehead and a screen-to-body ratio, the Black Shark 4 Pro chose the latter. In my impression, game players are more sensitive to screen digging. This "beauty mole" design may be at risk of being complained.

▲Fortunately, the digging hole of the Black Shark 4 Pro is relatively small, which will not block too much field of view

The design of the back cover is more convergent. There are no obvious lines and no fancy color contrast. When the RGB light is off, it is an everyday mobile phone, and it does not have what it should look like as a gaming phone.

This "daily style" design may be as controversial as the front digging. I personally think that the personality and tough design language of the Black Shark 2 series is more in line with my appetite. However, some colleagues felt that this restrained design would prevent her from being so "ashamed" when answering the phone in public.

It can be said that when a group of gaming phones wanted to highlight their sense of existence through exaggerated and plump designs, Black Shark took the opposite path, with the intention of returning gaming phones to daily life.

Do a good job of heat dissipation before stacking

Although the appearance of the Black Shark 4 Pro is not like the "regular army" of gaming phones, the various configurations are still aimed at the e-sports level. Let's take a look at its main parameters first:

·Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip·LPDDR5 full blood memory (6400Mbps)
·UFS 3.1+SSD disk array technology·Samsung E4 AMOLED 144Hz straight screen·120W flash charge, 4500 mAh battery (full charge in 15 minutes)
·High-quality dual speakers (sound cavity up to 1.5cc)
·Sandwich liquid cooling three-dimensional heat dissipation system·64 million pixel main camera, 8 million pixel super wide-angle, 5 million pixel macro lens·220g, 9.9mm

In the above configuration, there are a few points worth discussing separately.

The first is the screen of the Black Shark 4 Pro. This 6.67-inch straight screen has an excellent overall quality. E4 luminescent material takes into account both brightness and power consumption, and the peak brightness can reach 1300nit. Even when playing games outdoors, you can see clearly.

In terms of parameters, this screen supports a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. But it should be noted that this refresh rate is only adapted for some game content. It supports up to 120Hz for daily use, and of course there are 90Hz and 60hz gears available.

Gaming phones not only need to look at the refresh rate, but also the touch sampling rate. The Black Shark 4 Pro supports a 720Hz touch sampling rate, and the touch delay and touch accuracy in the game are excellent. For example, when I play King of Glory, my drag skills appear to be very silky, and it is easier to "show off" in extreme scenarios.

Dual-zone screen pressure sensitivity has now become the standard configuration of gaming phones. The Black Shark 4 Pro supports 7 levels of pressure adjustment. It can map a variety of operations in the game. You can also set up a variety of shortcut functions such as scanning codes and returning to the desktop in non-game scenes.

In addition to the screen, the Black Shark 4 Pro also has a big move in terms of disks this time. It combines an SSD disk with a UFS 3.1 disk, which improves storage and writing performance by nearly 70%, making it easier to open large games.

A more interesting feature is RAMDISK disk accelerator technology. Black Shark simulates a piece of hard disk space through memory (RAM), and can specify certain games to run directly in the memory. In this way, the read and write process of the hard disk is omitted, and the start-up and loading speed of the game are improved by the naked eye.

▲RAMDISK technology only supports models with 12GB RAM and above

The third point is the symmetrical dual speakers of the Black Shark 4 Pro. The sound cavity is larger than the previous generation, reaching 1.5 cubic centimeters, and the low-frequency volume is more sufficient. The power of the power amplifier has reached 15W, and the human ear can hear a richer dynamic range. However, the performance of the speakers is difficult to present in text or video. The actual experience in offline stores is the last word.

The last is its heat dissipation performance. Compared to performance, I care more about the cooling effect of gaming phones. After all, everyone is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform, and the hard power is almost the same. Who can make the performance more stable is the key point. Whether the performance is stable or not is closely related to the heat dissipation capacity.

The Black Shark 4 Pro uses a sandwich liquid cooling system, and its changes from the previous generation can be summarized in three points. One is that a 3400mm² liquid-cooled heat sink is used on the front of the main board, and a 500mm² liquid-cooled heat sink is used on the back to form a three-dimensional heat dissipation system. The front heat dissipation plate also has a 3D three-dimensional capillary-shaped structure of the strip power pump, which is beneficial to accelerate the liquid flow in the heat dissipation plate.

The second is to design the isolation layout of 5G chips, processor units, and 120W charging chipsets to disperse heat sources. In addition, a large area of ​​direct contact copper blocks are arranged at the three major heat sources, which helps to conduct heat through the liquid cooling plate.

The third is to increase the NTC temperature sensor to monitor the grip area. The mobile phone can adjust the temperature control strategy in real time according to the temperature of the grip area.

In the "Original God" game, I set the various indicators of picture quality to the highest level and played for 30 minutes. The main heat source of the mobile phone is at the bottom left of the lens module, and the maximum temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. It can be said that the temperature control of the body is quite excellent.

Physical shoulder keys, upgraded again

If you only look at the above descriptions, you may think that the Black Shark 4 Pro is a mediocre performance machine. The function to be mentioned below can be regarded as its shining point in hardware.

I still remember that last year’s Black Shark 3 Pro first launched a lifting physical shoulder button, which is impressive. Although this design is novel and interesting, quality control issues make its reputation not as good as expected. Some users report that their shoulder keys are loose, rebound failure, etc., which really casts a shadow on the physical lifting shoulder keys.

But Black Shark 4 Pro did not give up this idea, it upgraded the lifting scheme of the shoulder button to a magnetic drive type. According to the official statement, the most significant change is that the service life is extended to ten times that of the previous generation.

Although we can't draw a conclusion about the service life now, in the experience, the magnetic lifting shoulder key has done a good job in terms of dial power and lifting speed. The clicking sound of magnetic attraction is very pleasant to those who like mechanical feeling.

After the keycap is raised, the feel of pressing the shoulder button is softer than that of the power button, and the keystroke is longer, which is very suitable for pressing with the index finger when holding it with both hands. When the keycaps are folded, the shoulder keys are integrated with the frame of the phone, which does not affect daily use.

So what can these two physical shoulder keys do?

In the game, users can customize the mapping function. For example, my mapping plan in the Peace Elite is to fire from the left to the mirror, and in the glory of the king, it is to make the left and the right to click the tower.

In non-game scenarios, you can customize shortcut functions such as screenshots, screen recording, code scanning, and health codes. If the shoulder button is not closed manually after turning off the screen, the phone will prompt to retract the shoulder button when the screen is turned on again to avoid falling damage.

Compared with the pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons on other gaming phones, this lifting shoulder button has the biggest advantage in that it feels better. Secondly, after putting on the case, the shoulder button is flush with the phone case, which is more convenient to operate.

What is the core competitiveness of gaming phones?

At the end of July last year, after the release of ROG Game Phone 3, I chatted with Wu Dan, general manager of Tencent's game equipment platform business, and discussed the core competitiveness of game phones.

Wu Dan's point of view is that the core competitiveness of gaming phones is the linkage of software and hardware .

This sentence points out the current dilemma of gaming phones. When everyone is unable to bridge the gap in terms of hardware, whoever can optimize the software well will be able to "break out of the siege."

The software optimization is not just about customizing the shoulder buttons, or using the screen pressure sensitivity and gyroscope to realize the mapping of various game functions, allowing players to operate with five or six fingers.

Surface game modes and deep game customization functions are all within the scope of software and hardware linkage. At present, the Black Shark 4 Pro is based on the JOYUI 12.5, which is modified by MIUI, and should be the best among gaming phones for the linkage of software and hardware.

For example, the game Dock function is not uncommon in gaming phones. Players can enjoy the best performance of the mobile phone after turning it on, preventing accidental touch, anti-interference and so on.

The Black Shark 4 Pro has a "Black Shark Moment" function in the game Dock, which is more interesting. It can AI record my highlight moments in the game, such as the wonderful team battle in Glory of Kings, and supports video editing, sharing and uploading my own game videos.

Another example is the game space of JOYUI 12.5 also has many upgrades. One-stop game service and RAMDISK speed mode are very practical for game lovers.

Deep into the game customization function, Black Shark 4 Pro brings a virtual controller mode, currently supports two games, Peace Elite and Sausage Party.

After turning on the virtual controller, the vision of the peace elite will be converted to a 16:9 ratio, and the vertical vision will increase. The remote sensing and vibration experience of the virtual controller on the left have been adjusted. It is a pity that the linear motor of the Black Shark 4 Pro is Z-axis, and the vibration feel is a bit hard. It is a big pity that it does not have the X-axis linear motor.

In addition, the game cube function is also a highlight of the Black Shark 4 Pro. Players can load various cubes for different games. For example, I added the "Red and Blue Buff" Rubik's Cube to Glory of Kings. When the red and blue Buff is refreshed, there will be a floating window prompt.

There are many similar dessert functions, and I think these exclusive functions may be the real selling point of Black Shark 4 Pro.

From the first generation of black sharks to the fourth generation of black sharks, it seems that the direction is to make products "daily", trying to tear off the label of the external game phone, and polish the software and hardware from the inside to make it better Gaming phone.

But the question is, can this change be accepted by gamers? Outside of ordinary or even mediocre Black Shark 4 Pro, will consumers have the opportunity to see its sophisticated software optimization?

If the Black Shark 4 series is not out of stock, we should soon be able to see the answer from its market performance.

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