“Black Mirror”‘s main innovative film is here: 2020 Go to hell!

2020 may be an absurd year that "Black Mirror" can't even make up.

This year, too many things happened—

New crown epidemic, fire in Australia, flood in Indonesia, African locust plague, US election, Brexit, ethnic protests, postponement of college entrance examination, Kobe's death…

Therefore, the "Black Mirror" team simply made 2020 into a documentary: "2020 To Die".

But in fact, this is a "semi-pseudo documentary."

The innovation is that it breaks the boundaries between true and false, breaks the timing and logic of recording and performance, and connects all events in the form of news reports and interviews with actors.

Reality and virtuality are interspersed, performance and historical materials are mixed, panic and humor go hand in hand.

The "Black Mirror" team invited many well-known actors to play the role of people from all walks of life around the world in 2020, from the Queen of England, history professors, virologists, to behavioral therapists, social media influencers, housewives, etc. And conducted an exclusive interview with them in the "black mirror style".

(Reminder: The following content involves spoilers, although everyone knows what happened)

2020 is a "Black Mirror"

At the beginning of 2020, something terrifying happened.

An overwhelming fire that burned out of control has swept through about 14 million acres of land in Australia, killed about 500 million animals, and left thousands of people homeless.

At the same time, in icy Switzerland, the most powerful man in the world started the Davos summit.

They also invited the well-known Swedish environmental protection girl Greta Thunberg to give an exciting speech, "pretending that this year's agenda is particularly concerned about climate change."

The film "Interview" went to the richest man on the planet, Shreekr CEO Back Multiverse, and asked him what he thought of it.

Back Multiverse said that Greta Thunberg was right, and made him realize that the world will fall into chaos and disaster, and he can just use his ability to do something.

So-he bought a mountain in New Zealand and built a shelter for himself.

The camera cuts to US President Trump, who is experiencing "the worst year of his life" due to the protracted "impeachment trial."

In other parts of the world, the British people are celebrating the countdown to Brexit. Their new prime minister, Boris Johnson, has just taken office; the Duke of Sussex is planning to withdraw from the senior royal family, and they are shocked by the news that Queen Elizabeth II, who painted the portrait of banknotes.

At this time, the biggest "devil"-the new crown virus, has set off a terrifying wave in Wuhan, China.

Blue masks cover everyone's face, red infection spots are gradually densely populated on the map, and the transparent air is filled with virus figures everywhere, panic, helpless, and lonely, walking like a shadow in crowded hospitals and empty streets.

No one knows where it came from, but it quickly spread its claws all over the world.

Despite the alarming speed of the spread of the virus, the presidents of many countries are still indifferent to it. Trump is a representative who turns a blind eye.

Most Americans are now concerned about a grand awards ceremony: Oscars.

Star-studded and celebrities gathered there. The Korean movie "Parasite" won the best film, best director, best international film, and best original screenplay for the last time, setting a new historical record.

However, the virus will not stop its infection just because people are indifferent.

Soon it invaded Hollywood, infected Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks, and fear only then began to sweep Wall Street.

The stocks suddenly evaporate 10 billion, the supermarket panic buying, and the warehouses are immediately empty.

The number of new crown patients across the country has surged, but many countries are obviously insufficiently prepared, and the government has not taken the new crown virus seriously, and rumors of the epidemic have spread throughout the sky.

It was not until the end of March that the global lockdown began. Most clubs, bars, and restaurants were closed and closed for business. People finally lived a life of isolation.

However, the epidemic can no longer be contained, and the whole world is driving in a worse direction.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also infected with the new crown virus, and Trump was still preaching on April 23 that "disinfectant can kill the new crown virus in the body" confusing treatment.

In May, an accident unrelated to the new crown epidemic caused global anger against racial discrimination.

A black man died on the spot 7 minutes after being violently attacked by police in Minneapolis.

After a series of police killings of black people, this incident became the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.

Protests around the world have emerged. People marched and demonstrated, waving their fists and shouting, dug down the statue of Edward Colston, who was a slave trader, and threw it into the river. All actions merged into one voice:

The fate of the black man is also fate!

Apart from the parade where Zhang Luo beats the drums, most of them are living a cave-like "online life" at home.

Virtual courses, virtual exhibitions, virtual travel, virtual dating, and virtual music festivals have become mainstream.

Video calls have become a necessity for people to work remotely. Internet companies are firmly seizing the business opportunities, and the video software Zoom has a momentary glory.

Various streaming media apps have also begun to be popular, video views have surged, and the number of member subscriptions has continued to rise. Netflix has appeared in a phenomenal drama series "Raising a Tiger", surpassing Jordan's "Last Dance" and becoming the world's most popular Welcome documentary.

On the screens of mobile phones with exhausted new information, there is another major event that will be the focus of the whole people's attention in the second half of the year.

It is the upcoming American election.

As the election approached, Trump began to raise his approval rate through a series of gatherings, and the foreign version of TikTok was also caught in a turmoil because of its ubiquitous influence on people, and it was even reduced to a political tool at this moment.

Biden, the oldest presidential candidate in the history of the United States, has also begun to enter the public’s field of vision frequently. Although in the first presidential candidate debate, the duel between him and Trump looks like an "old age". People Rap Contest".

After the debate, another big news came: Trump himself was infected with the new crown virus.

When the reporter heard this in the film, he said with emotion:

God, who could have thought this would happen? Oh no, who didn't expect this to happen!

This incident did not win any sympathy for Trump. On November 7, he was still defeated in the US election, and Biden eventually became the new US president.

At this point, 2020 is about to end.

In December, the new coronavirus vaccine finally began to make a new breakthrough.

They will bring the long-lost gospel in 2021.

Say goodbye to 2020 with film optimism and enter 2021

The "Black Mirror" team stared at this dying year with a semi-pseudo documentary.

The whole movie has no ingenious structure, precise logic, and unexpected reversal. Looking at this movie at the level of "Black Mirror" in the past, it is really not that powerful. There are only some superficial satires and jokes; use a documentary. Looking at it with his eyes, there is no complete streamline, let alone deep spiritual thinking and human insight.

It just used a light-hearted and humorous style, and some English-style poisonous interviews, it recorded for a year, and ended the whole film.

There have been too many sufferings this year. Perhaps the significance of the appearance of movies like "2020 To Die" is to provide people with some meager power.

It is also known as a "catharsis comedy". When people look back through it, they laugh in front of all kinds of comics and complaints. The sigh after the film is over may be more relaxed:

In 2020, this has finally passed.

▲Image from: Netflix

Although affected by the epidemic this year, there were very few cinema movies in the first half of the year. The global box office dropped sharply by 204.6 billion yuan throughout the year. There were only 299 domestic cinema movies, down 40% year-on-year, and the number of movie viewers was only 480 million. A year-on-year decrease of 70% .

However, whether online or offline, there are still many film and television works. Like "To Die 2020", in order to resist the depression brought by the epidemic, we are constantly trying to provide positive spiritual support.

▲Image from: Netflix

In April, the total number of cases of the global epidemic exceeded 1 million, and almost all movie theaters around the world were closed and closed for business. This is also true in Italy.

However, the Alice nella Città Film Festival launched an event in which classic films were projected on the outer walls of buildings in Rome. People living in isolation can watch the movies by lying outside the windows, thus receiving some care and comfort.

Event participant Mario Cirillo said :

I think the biggest difficulty we face now is emptiness. The beauty from movies and other arts is like food. This sounds trivial, but it is our spiritual food.

Therefore, movies such as "Paradise Cinema", "Out of My World", "Sweet Life", "Death Poetry Society", "Under the Sky of Berlin" and other movies are staged every night at 10 o'clock. Some netizens also photographed when the heroes and heroines in the movies romantically join hands. , There is a couple in the room embracing and dancing.

Slowly, this activity began to spread overseas. People from the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Britain, France, and Switzerland all participated in this activity one after another. They not only played movies, but also sang and read poems together…

Until this year's first movie in theaters was released nationwide, it was already July 20. The "First Parting" was more like a long-lost reunion.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "The First Parting"

Soon, on August 25, the new version of "Little Women" came. The promotion team hopes that the "warmth and hope" conveyed by this movie can bring some heart-warming healing.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "Little Women"

The classic "Summer of Kikujiro" is re-screened, bringing people back to that hot, innocent and sweet summer vacation again;

Hayao Miyazaki's "Ponyo on the Cliff" is re-screened today. People can once again see Ponyo running happily and indifferently on the waves through 170,000 pure hand-painted creations.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "Kikujiro's Summer"

As it reaches the end of the year, the film begins to become more and more "healing."

The Pixar animation "Spiritual Journey", which was released only on Christmas, is hailed as "the movie that can heal the most in 2020". It says a simple and beautiful truth:

We are not living mediocre. We have meaning from the moment we are born, and that meaning is to cherish every moment of the moment.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "Spiritual Journey"

The most anticipated movie at the end of the year, "Send You A Little Red Flower", had a pre-sale box office of over 200 million, setting a record for the highest pre-sale box office after the theater resumed work.

The director wants to use the two life trajectories of two cancer-fighting families to talk about people's despair and emotion, fear and joy on the last day of 2020, and then start 2021 again.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower"

2020 is about to pass, but probably no one can still be calm and calm after experiencing it all.

On December 30, many people in Moments were still reposting the Weibo that Dr. Li Wenliang posted last year.

On this day in 2019, he was the first to warn people of the existence of the virus, but was "admonished" by the public security organs. On February 7, Dr. Li Wenliang passed away from new coronavirus pneumonia.

▲ Dr. Li Wenliang's Weibo and comments​

The writer Wu Ang said in an article reviewing the Wuhan epidemic:

Now I hear words like Dongxihu District or Qingshan District, and tears filled my eyes in an instant, like an animal and instinctive reaction.

We cannot forget the suffering, but we also have to face it with optimism.

In every dream of filmmaking, even if we are inspired for a moment, maybe we can go further with this little fire in the new year.

▲ Screenshot of the movie "Jojo's Whimsical World"

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