Bird Libratrone AIR+ noise reduction true wireless headset experience: a better new generation, a more difficult new generation

The true wireless headset market has gradually entered the stage of regular army clearance after the early stage of barbaric growth. Those small factories that originally relied on low prices and low quality began to gradually be defeated by the widening experience gap.

For example, one is that the self-developed headsets of mobile phone brands have begun to fully benchmark AirPods Pro, a benchmark product on the market. The top head manufacturers have reached the standard in terms of functionality, noise reduction ability, and basic quality. A very high level.

Another point is the popularization of high-end functions, such as noise reduction. More than a year ago, noise-cancelling true wireless earphones were still a rare feature in high-end true wireless earphones, but they are now in the attitude of "high-end is better, low-end must have". The overall level has improved a lot.

After the "savage growth" phase, this year is about to enter the "big wave washing the sand."

In such an environment, Xiaoniao Audio introduced the second generation of Libratone AIR+ true wireless noise reduction headphones. We have also written about its previous generation products , which is a good start for the true wireless noise-cancelling headset market. After more than a year and a half, what about the second-generation products?

I think the most interesting part of the second-generation Libratone AIR+ is the design of the charging box. Let me explain it carefully.

In the first version of the previous generation, the design of the charging box was a bit like an "egg", the whole was very round, and the surface was treated with a matte process. But after it went on the market, it encountered a relatively big problem. The specific manifestation is that the matte process used is very not durable.

Even in normal use, but only in the trouser pocket, without any bumps, the surface of the charging box will be covered with scratches in less than a week, and the degree of durability has caused the official to announce a recall and replacement.

The durability of this generation of AIR+ is much better. I put it in my trouser pocket for a week and I didn't see any signs of wear.

Then the design of the charging box is also more interesting. At first glance, this charging box looks very similar to the AirPods (non-Pro) charging box. The overall shape is a rounded rectangle, but unlike AirPods, Libratone AIR+ is more "exposed" than AirPods after opening the lid. too much.

If the opening of the AirPods is like taking off your hat, then Libratone AIR+ is like taking off your shirt directly.

Why do you want to do this? We might as well speak from the good and bad aspects.

Nowadays, people prefer to listen to the bad news first. Let’s start with the bad news. Such a design will cause the force point to be too low, and the open part is too large, which makes it much more difficult to open and close with one hand. Although one-handed opening and closing can still be achieved after practice, the first is that it is unstable, and the second is that the force point for pushing the lid is not easy to find.

All in all, it's certainly a decree that becomes inconvenient.

So what did this design get? The first is uniqueness. After using many true wireless headphones, this is the first time I have seen this open cover design, and it will have a "very special" feeling. For a non-big-name audio device, this This special feeling is a bonus item in most cases.

The second point is to get better clean up. AirPods, including AirPods Pro and other similar products, such as true wireless earphones such as Enco X and Freed Buds, actually have very similar handle designs in design, and often show a slender hole on the charging box Used for storage. This makes these parts very difficult to clean.

For me who have had otitis externa, if the earphones are not properly cleaned, they will undoubtedly become a place where bacteria can hide dirt. Not only the part of the silicone sleeve should be cleaned from time to time, but the whole body of the earphone and the charging box are also best Clean it from time to time, especially if you have a lot of cerumen secretion. Not only do you have to clean your earphones from time to time, but also remember to take out your ears regularly, otherwise it may cause hearing loss, inflammation of the external auditory meatus, and so on.

Therefore, a design like Libratone AIR+ that can expose the storage part after opening is quite satisfactory. It does not even need an alcohol swab, and it can be easily cleaned with only alcohol wipes.

There are many details about this charging box. The first is to design a circle of white light effect on the USB-C interface at the bottom, which will light up when charging, and can also be used as a power indicator for the charging box. The approximate remaining power can be easily judged based on the number of flashes.

After opening the lid, there are LR indicators on the left and right, which can display the status of the two headphones, such as the approximate remaining power, whether the headphones are placed, whether they are in pairing mode, and the firmware will be displayed in pink when upgrading. There are also silicone pads on the top and inside edges of the upper cover for cushioning. These are pretty detailed designs, and the bird is clearly prepared to maintain the bottom line by doing so.

As for the design of the headset body, it is almost exactly the same as the previous generation. I can only see the difference in some very subtle places. For example, the old microphone has one at the top of the handle and one at the bottom, while the new microphone hole is on both sides of the bottom of the handle.

The other is that the new silicone case is more rounded than the old one, but there is little difference in wearing it.

▲ The one above is only the previous generation

The previous generation of Track Air+, as the first product to use Qualcomm's QCC5100 series of chips, is the first product with a relatively serious noise reduction capability. However, due to the early product development, the Sony noise reduction bean WF-1000XM3 with much better noise reduction effect soon appeared. After AirPods Pro, the noise reduction benchmark of true wireless headphones has become very high.

This generation of AIR+ uses the updated QCC5141 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection and binaural mirroring technology, and no longer distinguishes between main and auxiliary ears. The headset lasts for 6 hours, plus the charging box can reach 24 hours.

Under such circumstances, the second-generation Libratone AIR+ noise reduction capability is no longer a core selling point, and the noise reduction depth is still only 30dB. But the "width" that can reduce noise has increased a lot, so the overall noise reduction performance has been enhanced a lot.

But it also needs to be recognized that if the noise reduction of AirPods Pro is 100 points, then the noise reduction of products such as Ecno X in the Android camp has at least 90 points or more, and Libratone AIR+ can probably score 80 points, especially in the middle and high frequencies Where this noise reduction is difficult, the performance of the first echelon products will be significantly stronger.

However, it is worth mentioning that some of the new noise reduction true wireless headphones have not only two levels of noise reduction on and off, but more and more gear adjustment and adaptive effects. From this point of view, the first generation of the bird has done a 30-speed noise reduction adjustment and adaptive ability.

In general, although the second-generation AIR+ is a huge improvement over the previous generation, there is still an ear gap compared to the top noise reduction in TWS.

In terms of wearing, this short tube shallow in-ear design actually has a small burden on the ears, because it does not need to be fixed in the ear canal, so there will be no itching of the ear canal. Just clean the oil on the earphones frequently. All right.

In terms of latency, it cannot be said to be particularly good, because the headsets with very low latency are basically self-developed headsets developed by mobile phone manufacturers. They have advantages in various collaborative tuning. In addition, Xiaoniao has not developed games for AIR+. The model may not be considered in this regard.

In terms of sound sense, AIR+ has a good sense of hearing. The three-frequency biased and balanced tuning, especially the performance of vocals, I personally think is very good, the position will not be too far forward or backward, and it is not empty. , More textured.

Compared with AirPods Pro, I personally feel that the separation is better. AirPods Pro is more muddy in comparison, and the vocals of AIR+ are clearer. In terms of the overall sense of hearing, it is considered to be an excellent level among all true wireless on the market. Moreover, the vocal tone performance is very good, such as Miley, Rihanna, Lana Del Ray, SZA and other singers with more recognizable voices will be more prominent.

In addition, you can set different sound effects for the headphones in the Libratone App. You can use them as several different equalizer settings. However, the default Auto is the first choice, which will automatically adjust according to the degree of fit of your headphones. Let different people wear as good and consistent sound performance as possible.

To put it simply, I like the second-generation Libratone AIR+, but the reality is that this product cannot be like Airods Pro, Galaxy Bud Pro, Ecno X, FreeBuds Pro headphones. You can place an order without too much consideration. To purchase, you only need to make sure that you will use their mobile phone for a period of time in the future. The problem that Xiaoniao faces is the same as that of veteran audio factories such as Sennheiser. It is not only the headset, but also the software and hardware ecology of the entire mobile phone brand.

One thing that Xiaoniao is better than most third-party brands is that it is at a leading level in terms of industrial design and acoustics, but it also means that they will not compromise on price. The price of 1598 yuan has exceeded most real ones. The price of wireless noise-canceling headphones, so whether you really like this product or not has to decide for yourself.

Of course, if you think you are not a fan of any brand, then a stable third-party product may be better, and the new product of Xiaoniao is really good, and it is also a good choice to give gifts between male and female friends. .

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