Bill Gates: father William died, called son “capricious”

The announcement comes from Microsoft founder himself, Bill Gates, via a tweet on his main profile. In fact, his father William H. Gates passed away. The death of Bill Gates' father apparently came suddenly , at the expense of the age of the parent who was in good health.

Gates describes his father as " a hard worker and one of Seattle's most respected civil lawyers " who had a profound influence on him .

The death of Bill Gates' father: the words of the son

“My dad was the 'real' Bill Gates. He was everything I tried to be and I will miss him every day "

This is what the tweet shared by B. Gates says. In a subsequent statement, he specifies how his father left "peacefully home", surrounded by his family.

The father recounted his son's evolution for the first time in his memoir " Showing up for Life ", released in the United States in the now distant 2009. The book contains memories and annedotes of the Gates family , unpublished and which were first revealed to the public.

Bill Gates is described in the book as “A very intelligent and equally controversial kid who often pissed off his parents. Arrogant, even a little rude “. We are therefore talking about a rather strong character, of which as we know it will prove its abilities in the years to come.

Bill Gate: a bit of history

Bill Gates (or William Henry Gates III), born in Seattle on October 28, 1955, is an American entrepreneur, programmer, computer scientist and philanthropist.

He is certainly known by most as the main founder of Microsoft Corporation . During his Microsoft career, Gates served as chairman of the board, chief executive officer and chief software architect. He was also the largest shareholder until May 2014.

father death Bill Gates

Gates started Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen in 1975 in Albuquerque, a company that would later become the largest in personal computer software. Gates led the company as both chairman of the board and CEO until January 2000, when he stepped down as CEO, but remained chairman of the board and became chief software architect. In June 2006, Gates announced that he would move to a part-time role at Microsoft and to focus full-time in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , the private charitable foundation he and his wife, Melinda Gates, set up in 2000.

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