“Bettor Time” is born, the app that wants to eliminate harmful gaming revenues by 2023

There is no shortage of news for Kindred, which has signed a brand new partnership with Zafty Intelligence and the European Association for The Study of Gambling, the EASG. All to launch the new Bettor Time app , which aims to generate 0% of revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.

Bettor Time: what is this app and how does it work?

This is an avant-garde project, born with the aim of helping customers to keep control over their gaming behavior, monitoring through the app and alerting users in real time even to minimal but potentially harmful changes in their spending habits or of game. App users can control their use of all gambling channels regardless of operator. The advantage is that you remain anonymous. Furthermore, all users through Bettor Time will be able to set usage limits and monitor their actual use over time, while some additional features will allow customers to set daily limits and block the use of the betting app during specific times of the week. This is a pioneering application, which explains how innovation in the sector is practically perennial and affects all areas of the game world.

Bettor Time

Zafty's Machine Learning algorithms, a technology now widespread in gaming , also take the activity recorded by the player and arrive at an understanding of the behavior of each user. With the baseline established, the system can monitor changes in activity, sometimes very subtle, that could indicate early signs of problematic behavior. Another step forward by Kindred Group, commented by Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming and Research, not without pride: for Catania it is an app that will fully support the goal of 0% of gaming revenue of harmful gambling by 2023.

This app has on its side the technology that allows the precise and timely analysis of the behavior of each user and, consequently, constitutes a support for informed and responsible decisions on the game. According to the level of behavior, in fact, the app can recommend tailor-made functionality and support solutions, useful for regulating the actions of the players and restoring a level of play as healthy as possible. A real turning point on a global level: a technology to support the best online casinos to implement tools to support and protect users.

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