Best wishes from the robotic dancers of Boston Dynamics

The most original New Year wishes of the moment are those of Boston Dynamics which has chosen three of its robots as dancers for a truly exceptional choreography. The video of the choreography on the notes of "Do you love me" published on YouTube shows how much Boston Dynamics is at the forefront of robotics.

Although the video was shot for pleasure in the eyes of the most experienced, it will not be escaped how fluent the movements of the dancing robots are. The video got 10 million views in a matter of hours and made headlines around the world. Among the comments on the video there are those of users who are enthusiastic about the result achieved and others more concerned about how much technology is progressing. Featured in the video are the models ATLAS , from humanoid and SPOT the robot canine who became famous for fighting COVID-19, of which we reported the news recently.

Atlas the humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics

The main protagonist of the video is Atlas, the humanoid robot who dances the twist like Jhon Travolta. Obtaining movements of this kind is certainly possible thanks to the hydraulic system that make up the joints of the robot. The actuators, that is the mechanical components that act as joints, are hydraulic and the number of joints is equal to 28. The robot reaches a height of 1.80 meters on a weight of 80 kg and the speed reached is equal to 1, 5 m / s. Despite his size, it is possible to notice how fluid his movements are.

This is all due to the state-of-the-art technology behind the making of these hydraulic couplings. Another peculiarity that distinguishes Atlas is the composition of its pieces, all made using 3D printers. Lightness and dynamism are the keywords that distinguish a robot of this type.

Boston Dynamics commercial

One of the dancing robots featured in the video shot by Boston Dynamics is Spot. Its canine features make it a unique robot of its kind. Born in 2015 as a purely military prototype, it was made available on the market starting this year. The purposes for which it can be used are many, from construction to safety, from industry to. Its great versatility also lies in the numerous existing variants of Spot. For example, installing a camera makes him an excellent ally for law enforcement. This year, for example, it was used in Singapore to avoid crowds and keep the Covid-19 contagion curve under control.

Spot is one of the Boston Dynamic robots protagonist of the viral video
Spot, the canine robot from Boston Dynamics credit:

Boston Dynamics the leader in robotics

But who is Boston Dynamics the manufacturer of these cutting-edge robots. It was born in 1992 in the United States and at the beginning of its history its activity was mainly carried out in the military field.

The Boston Dynamics logo shows a humanoid robot

In 2013 it was acquired by Google but in recent years it has been sold to the Japanese group Soft Bank and since 10 December it has been sold to Hyundai for 917 million dollars. The company's mission has always been to make robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence.

We have always wanted to build robots that could go where people go.

In the future, these robots will certainly be able to relieve workers' tasks but also be used as means of assistance for the disabled. The images we have seen must therefore not only make us think about how to use these technologies against humanity but also how they can be used to improve everyone's life.

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