Belkin Di Vale Elite Smart Speaker Experience: What they want to do, is a wireless charger with a sound quality comparable to HomePod?

As early as the beginning of 2020, accessory manufacturer Belkin launched a speaker called Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE.

This is a wireless device that integrates the functions of a wireless charger and a smart speaker, and focuses on the home scene. The user can control the smart home through the built-in smart assistant, the speaker can also be directly connected to the streaming media to play music, and it can also be charged on the charging board of the speaker when it does not need mobile phone control.

Recently, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE launched the National Bank version that supports Tencent's small and micro smart assistant, and at the same time accesses the QQ music service, which eliminates the embarrassment of the overseas version, which is a more friendly version for local users.

Sound experience blessed by Divale

In terms of sound performance, Belkin puts great emphasis on the cooperation with Deware.

Since it is cooperating with Deware, this time Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is equipped with Deware's common SAM speaker active matching technology.

SAM technology optimizes the sound through algorithms, adjusts the output of the speaker, improves the degree of sound reproduction and reduces distortion. It can be seen from the official data curve that when the SAM is turned on, the speaker can be as close as possible to the preset sound pressure curve when the sound is output, so as to achieve the desired output effect.

Simply put, the emergence of SAM technology is to ensure the correctness of sound output. It can be matched with the speakers used by Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE, reducing the impact of distortion on the sense of hearing during sound output.

In addition to SAM, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is equipped with two 60W low frequency units, and uses the "PUSH-PUSH" dual low frequency loudspeaker structure similar to the Dewar Phantom speakers. This structure ensures low-frequency output through dual low-frequency speakers. The symmetrical design also reduces the mutual influence of two low-frequency units when outputting, reduces the distortion caused by mutual influence, and ensures the accuracy of the low-frequency part.

However, considering the overall volume of the speaker and the need to reserve space for the wireless charging module, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE only uses the unit combination of "2 low frequency + 1 full frequency", with full frequency as the main sound output, and two low frequency units. It is used for low frequency enhancement.

In fact, the sound highlight of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is also placed on the low frequency.

Like the Deware Phantom and the Huawei Sound X equipped with the same technology combination, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has a very full low frequency, and the drum strength and flexibility are also good.

Compared with other co-located speakers, the low frequency performance of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is still better. Moreover, the dynamic performance of the speakers at low frequencies is also good, but it can be regarded as maintaining the texture and impact, but also doing a good balance, without the feeling of booming.

Compared with the low frequency of Deware Phantom, the low frequency of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is really much easier to accept.

In terms of mid-to-high frequency and singer performance, the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE, which has only a single full-range unit, will be a little bit stressful here. Especially when performing a concert, although the speakers have a good sound field effect, the thinness of the sound will appear when the sound field is returned to the weaker low-frequency part after continuous output.

In fact, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE was originally a home scene. If the speakers can be enlarged a bit, add a few more speakers, and do better frequency division and transition, the sound completion degree should be improved by one more level.

The current performance is not bad, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

But it is undeniable that the performance of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE really meets the standards of the Devale co-branded speakers.

It has both SAM and Push-Push logo technology and design, and the quality and performance of the low frequency are also outstanding. The balance and controllability are better than those of the same positioning. This performance is for users who love this style. That said, I should also be very satisfied.

Smart on the ground, easy to charge

In terms of intelligence, Belkin chose Tencent Xiaowei Ai voice intelligent assistant in China. This choice also brings a lot of convenience to users.

It does not need to install a special control app to use Tencent Micro and it can connect directly through the Tencent Micro Program in WeChat. After the connection is complete, almost all the speaker settings can be completed inside.

In addition to adding control devices and associating music accounts, users can also set the speaker connection mode in the applet.

If you have purchased two Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITEs, you can directly form dual stereo speakers through a small program. Compared with those products that require a dedicated app and complete a series of operations on the speakers, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE It's really much more convenient.

Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE supports two wireless connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPlay 2. In the daily listening mode, mobile phones that support AirPlay 2 can be switched directly to the speaker to play. There is no need to reset the pairing, and the connection can be selected directly.

However, the biggest problem with AirPlay 2 is latency. Even if it's just pausing and switching songs, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE takes close to two seconds to receive it. Basically, you don’t have to think about it when you watch the video. There will be a delay when you control it.

Fortunately, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE also comes with Bluetooth 5.0. If you want to use it to watch videos or make basic speakers to experience it, you can avoid the serious delay of AirPlay 2 through the Bluetooth connection.

Of course, you can directly control Xiaowei through your voice, and play music through the bound QQ music account.

In terms of wireless charging, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE supports the Qi wireless charging protocol, which can achieve 10W wireless charging. Basically, there is no big problem facing the iPhone family. For the Android camp, if you just put it on the bedside and let it charge slowly, then the wireless charging provided by Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is also sufficient.

In addition, the charging board of Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has also added a stable design.

A non-slip material is added to the charging board, and the inside of the body also has a stable design combined with the Devale PUSH-PUSH vibration and smooth structure to reduce the impact of playback vibration on the charging of the body, so that the phone can be charged stably.

During the experience, we also tried to charge the iPhone without a protective case on the speaker in a scene with a larger playback volume. We found that the playback did not affect the charging, and the stability was satisfactory.

Comparing with HomePod's "Charging Pad"?

Generally speaking, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is a well-regulated and stable product.

In terms of sound, thanks to the technical blessing of Devalet, the speaker can make a very prominent low-frequency output, ensuring the texture and thickness of the sound, and the characteristics also leave a deep memory.

Although the mid-to-high frequency and human voice are not so prominent, considering the functional trade-offs of unit configuration and volume, charging, etc., it is an understandable trade-off.

In terms of charging and intelligence, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is very reliable and convenient.

The charging board is optimized based on the speaker, and there will be no embarrassment of mutual influence between the two. The intelligence and connection design are also convenient enough, basically as long as you simply read the introduction, you can get started right away. With a highly localized intelligent assistant and online music service, it is really convenient to use.

If you need a speaker on your desk, or a smart home control center that can be installed at home, then Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE can meet your needs.

As for the price of the National Bank, which is comparable to the original price of HomePod, I personally think that Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has to be a bit more aggressive.

If it can be made bigger, with a few more units, and the sound is further improved, then it will have more convincing power against the HomePod.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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