Behind the upgrade of the Glory membership system, further close the relationship with users

In the context of competition in the stock market in recent years, the focus of manufacturers is transitioning from "product-centric" to "user-centric." On the one hand, it is polishing the hardware to bring users a better experience, and on the other hand, it is improving services to meet the needs of users in more scenarios.

Honor’s newly upgraded membership system is the result of empathy from the perspective of users.

Open up all member platforms with users first

Glory has already had its own brand effect in its own user group, and the brand is also thinking about how to make friends with users and give back to users for their love of the product. As a result, Honor attaches importance to a closer connection with users and a new upgrade of its "membership" system.

The obvious change is that the ecosystem of online and offline members is fully integrated.

To explain in detail, users can become members from the Honor Mall, My Honor, Tmall Honor official flagship store, Douyin Honor official live room, or offline Honor experience stores and authorized experience stores. And no matter which channel you join or participate in member activities, you can enjoy or obtain rights.

First of all, the opening of the entrance makes it more convenient for members to use.

Regardless of the old friends who have grown up with the brand in the past, or the new friends who have just started Glory recently, they can find a unified organization from different channels to help users skip the "Is there no points/less coupons to buy here" Tangled repeatedly.

And users can build an account that can be used on multiple platforms, which also means that they can cover more user scenarios. For example, some members are accustomed to online consumption, they can choose to use the membership rights in the Honor App; for users who are more keen on offline consumption, they can also choose to go to the Honor experience store and authorized experience store to experience. (The specific stores can be found in the Hi Glory Mini Program Member Points Rules)

Secondly, the membership ecology is also accompanied by more rights and interests experience. Therefore, we have seen Glory members. After the members are refined and stratified by the growth value system, various rights and interests are attached. Take the service rights as an example:

  • After purchasing the product, the user can enjoy the exclusive rights and interests of the device issued for the Honor mobile phone model;
  • For Honor equipment purchased through formal channels, you can apply for repair service and enjoy free round-trip mailing;
  • More advanced platinum members can directly connect to manual customer service when dialing the customer service hotline.

▲ Honor members can enjoy rights

The level of membership is linked to how much growth value a user has. For users with a high growth value, the redemption rights are different. Members with more growth points are more looking forward to the discounts they can get when they buy new Honor devices.

Let’s take the current highest-level platinum member as an example. Every time you make a purchase, you can get 12% points of the actual paid amount. The birthday monthly shopping points will give you up to 30% of the actual paid amount. Purchase 1499 yuan of products and get 179 points immediately. If you buy it in the birthday month, the points for purchasing the same price can be doubled to 449 points.

Member trust bonds have long-term value

Through the example of the above scenario, we will find that the difference with user, consumer and membership status is that from an ordinary consumer to becoming a user, you only need to purchase the product once. But members are not a one-shot deal.

Under the new membership system, members can take away not only products, but also various rights and interests that match them. The products you buy are guaranteed, and you can also enjoy your rights and interests in addition to the protection. The membership system prioritizes meeting the needs of users. Users experience the brand's service capabilities and sincerity, and naturally generate a sense of trust in making friends with the brand. This process is where the emotional value of the membership system lies.

Humans are perceptual animals. Once trust is generated, a high wall of brand protection is built psychologically, and the barriers for other brands to pry away users will increase accordingly.

More directly, the membership system brings users a more cost-effective choice.

On the basis of trust, the first thing people think of when they need it is friends. The membership system is based on the needs of users and has designed a more cost-effective purchase method: points for cash, shopping points multiples. Users can choose their favorite products and enjoy more attractive prices.

Members can buy what they need in a more cost-effective way, and the brand serves members in a more tacit way. Both are a win-win situation.

In the long run, systematic membership also brings a more complete experience for users.

When members start with new glory products according to their needs, their personal growth levels will also increase. Over time, from the initial purchase of the Honor mobile phone to the possession of the Honor Family Bucket, the identity conversion of the ecological loyal fan was invisibly completed.

Under the whole system ecology, members enjoy not only the services behind the brand, but also the upgraded experience brought by the products.

At the same time, members who have been served and satisfied many times have also become the best friends of the brand.

In this long-term consumption and service experience, members are more friends. As a friend, I am more fond of my own brand, and I am more willing to recommend useful products to my family/friends to spread word of mouth.

The upgrade of Honor's membership system at the node where the domestic market share has rebounded this year is also a strategy to consolidate its user pool. Leaving out of the membership system and looking at the market environment, the new cost of stock competition is getting higher and higher. Instead of using high costs to tear in the Red Sea, it is better to build trust and maintain value in the existing user pool.

▲Honor’s market share presents a “smile” curve

Just as the theme of Glory Anniversary in 2021 is "share the future with friends", this upgrade of the Glory membership system to further narrow the relationship between the brand and users is also out of the importance of being friends with users. After all, the maintenance of the brand and users is indispensable in the operation of the stock market; the reason for the rapid return of Glory's market share is inseparable from the foundation of user support.

The core of the membership system is to enhance brand power by solving user relationships. Once members have trust in the brand, users who know the brand from their mobile phones will naturally turn to ecological loyalists, bringing longer-term value to the future of glory.

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