Behind the explosion of “Yeh Qinghui” at station B is a nostalgic carnival of young people

"Master's youth is back."

When you hear this sentence, will a picture appear in your mind:

A group of retired old men sat around the head of the banyan tree, basking in the warm winter sun, babbledly pointing at the deadlocked chess game between Lao Li and Lao Zhang, while listening to the radio chattering daily news.

Suddenly the announcer said that Digimon will be making a 64K reset version of Digimon to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the screening. The crowd was quiet, and Li's head holding the chess hand could not help shaking, and he sighed:

" Master's youth is back. "

The 2020 annual barrage "Yehqinghui" at Station B is just the abbreviation of this sentence full of graphic sense. In 2020, station B users released a total of 2.2 billion bullet screens, of which "Yeh Qinghui" topped the list with 5.5 million and was elected this year's bullet screen.

Slightly ridiculous is that saying "Yeh Qinghui" is not the old head of Li in the picture, but the B station user who represents the youngest community on the Chinese Internet.

How could "Ye Qinghui" explode?

The popularity of "Ye Qinghui" is beyond your imagination. Open the popular ranking list of station B, and you can always find the figure of "Ye Qinghui" dominating the screen in the videos inside.

▲ I thought Fairy Sword 3 was the beginning of a fantasy drama, but it was only discovered that it was the peak ten years later

The TV series that are broadcast infinitely during each summer vacation are the exclusive memories of every generation Z young people. On station B, the collection of classic shots edited from these classic TV series is like a youth harvester. After watching it, you will be surprised: It turns out that it has been so long since that era of ignorance.

▲ Which hunk does not like to watch guardian sweetheart?

When the classic anime theme song sounded again, in addition to those classic scenes buried deep in memory, it also made people return to the time between classes where each anime character was seriously compared with the playmates.

▲ Ten years later, Wang Dahui became Zhang Dongsheng

If your youth is a little late, then when you see Kong Lianshun, who has changed into menswear, and a white guest who looks like Zhang Dongsheng appear in the video, brain cells will involuntarily start to play "I never expected, la la La~", then followed the barrage craze and knocked "Ye Qinghui".

▲ As long as the UP master insists on releasing pigeons, he will be put in the "Youth Memoirs"

On Bilibili, high-volume videos are not necessarily interesting, but high-volume videos must be interesting. The great affirmation of a video is to fill the screen with dense barrage.

Users' recognition of the nostalgic content has also inspired more video UP owners to create more nostalgic videos. The nostalgic trend of "Yeh Qinghui" is in this kind of positive feedback loop between viewers and creators.

It was the official station B that pushed "Yehqinghui" to the peak of popularity. In June this year, station B planned a "Four Classics" activity, and launched the four most classic and most acclaimed CCTV versions of the four classic TV series. This operation detonated a nostalgic craze.

Among them, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", which has the most classic ghost and animal material, has the highest playback volume. It has been viewed more than 66 million times, which is much higher than that of iQiyi, which also launched "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

▲ The 86-year-old Journey to the West on Station B is an uncut version, and you can see many pictures that have not been seen on TV

The reason why the four classic TV series with almost 0 negative reviews have received unanimous praise from young people is that in addition to the production of excellence, these TV series are the common memories of a generation. Whenever you see these old series replays on the screen again , It always seemed to be back in the afternoon when I didn't finish my homework, but I always tried my best to peek at the TV series.

▲ The same for me

Whenever you see a famous scene, the barrage will scramble to start to brush up classic lines, launch your own happiness in the form of words, and get more responses from your friends. This kind of instant sharing joy was not felt when I was watching TV alone when I was a child.

If you pay attention to comparing the TV drama resources of station B, you will find that compared to other video platforms, the proportion of childhood classic TV dramas on station B is much higher.

Whether it’s the "Foreign Daughter-in-law and Local Lang" which is full of the joys, sorrows and sorrows of Cantonese, or the "Armor Warriors" and "Ballala Little Devil" that were screened in the "Youth", if you have ever been obsessed with a TV Old TV series, these ancient resources can be found on Bilibili with a high probability.

We always say that station B is the video website that understands young people best. In the final analysis, it is because users play unscrupulously at station B. At the same time, the platform can quickly grasp the preferences of young people and the direction of their changes, and produce the latest tastes of users. content.

The massive classic film and television resources of Station B gave a platform for the release of nostalgia. The grandfather of the audience passed their excitement of reviewing the classics to more audiences in the form of barrage.

This sentiment passed on like nuclear fission, and finally formed a nostalgic carnival. Unsurprisingly, "Yeh Qinghui" became the most frequent barrage in this nostalgic carnival.

Nostalgia is a universal demand of young people this year

Nostalgia is not a unique behavior of users on station B. In fact, there are also outbreaks of nostalgia on other platforms.

Douban’s nostalgia group members like to take photos of the outdated things that they suddenly see in their lives, record the familiar and unfamiliar images that flash through their brains, and then post these to Douban, and these include the sharing of memories shared by a generation of people. Resonate with strangers from all over the world.

The content shared by the Tears of the Times group is just like its group name. The group members want to keep the things that are gradually forgotten in life on the Internet in the form of words. You may forget the brand of candy you chewed when you were a kid, but the Internet does not.

I secretly hide the change for breakfast every day, just to buy a box of "rat shit" in the small shop after school.

Although it is just an ordinary tangerine peel pill, in the eyes of children, it is the elixir that Monkey King eats. Every time you encounter a problem with your homework, you have to knock a few pills.

There are many snacks and drinks that have been gradually forgotten and abandoned by the market over time. When it really disappears, it means that the unique taste will only remain in memory in the future. Fortunately, this taste is still on the Internet. Someone remembers.

The theme of the group pretending to live in the 80s and 00s is also very clear. The information explosion brought about by the digital age always makes people restless, and the more convenient technology also makes people surrounded by all kinds of information. Instead, they pay less attention to life itself. People began to yearn for the pure age without touch screens.

The hot water bottles and cartoon books that were popular 20 years ago are now basically extinct. The team members added these items that stayed in the past with diary text. The true language makes people feel as if they really traveled back to 20 years ago.

The KFC and McDonald's coupons that were once seen everywhere have been replaced by various electronic coupons. When they are re-opened from the bottom of the cabinet, they can not be replaced because they can recall many stories about family and food in childhood.

The robot blogger Millennium Bot on Weibo is also collecting people's good memories about the millennium.

The content of Millennium Bot is basically composed of fan contributions. Fans pay attention not only to obsolete things and objects that have disappeared, but also various related stories that resonate in the comment area.

Just like the grandfathers of the audience who read "Ye Qinghui" at station B, they are also a group of young people who try to use the bits and pieces of their past lives on Douban and Weibo to "go back to the past."

2020 is a difficult year for many young people. Not only are they facing a change in their status, but also due to the epidemic, great changes have taken place in their lifestyles.

This sudden change in identity and state makes the otherwise smooth life seem to have a "fault", and in the process of adapting to this "fault", it is very easy to produce restless emotions.

A 2006 study by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom found that when people are in negative emotions, they are more prone to nostalgia. In other words, when we feel dissatisfied, fearful, or anxious in our lives, it is always easy for us to unconsciously recall the "emotional safety period" and want to return to the past that is considered to be good, and this safety period is often This is our childhood and school days.

▲ Sometimes nostalgia is like stealing a small ball to heal yourself when you are busy

Nostalgia plays a compensatory role here, helping us to calm down better, and form a more positive self-understanding of ourselves by establishing a deeper emotional connection with the happy self in the past.

This is why, despite the pressures of work and life, young migrant workers are still struggling to pretend to live a carefree childhood in the online world.

The barrage culture promotes this emotional outburst

Compared with the annual keywords counted by other major authorities, the annual barrage of station B always looks different.

The 2018 Barrage "True" is a heartfelt approval of young people when they see reasonable but unexpected reality scenes and hear what they usually hide in their hearts and do not want to reveal them. The 2019 barrage "AWSL (Ah I'm Dead)" is to shout out the strong emotion when being hit by excitement, happiness, and joy.

These buzzwords are always simple and complex. The combination of a few common characters extends a lot of intriguing meanings, which also contain the content preferences and common emotions of young people during the year.

The tidy and uniform barrage screen is like a virtual hobby party. Whenever the audience knocks on buzzwords expressing common emotions, it is like shaking hands with each friend who has the same hobbies as themselves. The real-time interaction of the barrage seems to break the limitations of time and space to build a small circle of "free people avoid entering", giving this group a subtle sense of belonging.

Popularity is always changing, because the life on which fashion is based is also constantly changing.

▲ The homophonic stem is to be deducted

Speak the most nostalgic words in the youngest language. This kind of strong conflict and contrast makes the spread of "Ye Qinghui" barrage itself a dramatic and interesting thing. It arouses the nostalgia of every audience at the same time. , And let the audience spontaneously participate in this nostalgic party.

The generation of nostalgia is complicated. It may originate from avoiding repressed reality, or from instinctive self-comfort after suffering trauma. However, at station B, young people use the new language system of barrage, and the complex emotional experience Re-wrapped into a simple "Ye Qing Hui", the originally difficult-to-express emotional communication has become a kind of mutual understanding of secret codes.

I can't help but start to worry, when I start to fail to understand the annual barrage of station B, does it mean that I have lost the ability to empathize with the new generation of young people and have fallen from the forefront of the trend of the times. Until then, I might go to the "Tears of Times" group to ask: Does anyone remember the catchphrase "Ye Qinghui"?

Higher and higher

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