Before the release of Apple Vision Pro, we found these new details that are not available on the official website

Since Apple officially announced that Vision Pro will be officially released on February 2, almost three sentences in the editorial department cannot be separated from this product.

In addition to discussing how to get the first release and giving everyone an unboxing experience, we also exchanged tips on saving money and imagined the beauty of having one in everyone’s hands.

Before the pre-sale starts on January 19, we have summarized all the details of the current Vision Pro to help you quickly understand the "black technology" that Apple has been studying for 8 years.

This packaging is not "environmentally friendly"

Compared with the "minimalist" packaging of the iPhone, the Vision Pro's packaging box can be described as luxurious, worthy of a product starting at $3,499 (approximately RMB 25,053).

According to Macrumors, the Vision Pro box contains the following contents:

1. Vision Pro host

The first detail worth noting is that the Vision Pro storage space starts at 256GB, and the storage space and price of the advanced version have not been announced yet.

Apple’s official US website shows that the launch area is limited to the United States. Markets in other regions are gradually advancing, and Apple is considering China, the United Kingdom, and Canada as the next batch of sales markets, possibly in the fourth quarter of this year.

For the release of new products, Apple also launched an "epic" special offer, first come, first served:

For most people, the $3,499 starting price of the Vision Pro is not affordable. In other words, from the moment the price of Vision Pro was announced, it was destined to be only a toy for a few people.

However, "9to5Mac" dug into the iOS 17.3 Beta 2 update code and discovered that Apple has changed the name of Vision Pro, which is currently only "Apple Vision."

This may mean that Apple is preparing for a "youth version" of the head-mounted display device. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman believes that the "youth version" of Apple Vision should be priced between US$1,500 and US$2,500.

2. Braided belt & double loop belt

The Vision Pro comes with two styles of headbands in the box. The braid is the most common one we see in promotional images, a wide headband that goes around the back of the head.

The double-ring strap is a headband option recently launched by Apple. You can adjust the length and tightness of the two straps to adapt to different head shapes.

From the appearance point of view, the former one is definitely more simple. But from the perspective of the audience, the double-ring belt should have a wider range of applications and be more comfortable to wear.

3. Shade & Shading Pad

After taking Vision Pro apart, you will see the following accessories:

The headband was just introduced, it can firmly fix the host in front of your eyes. The light-shielding component is to enhance the fit between the host and the human face and avoid light leakage to the greatest extent.

In order to better adapt to the face shapes of different users, Apple also divided the shading component into two parts: "shading cover + shading mat".

The cover is hard and is responsible for connecting and supporting the device; the cushion is soft and is responsible for fitting the human face, providing comfortable and appropriate deformation, and preventing ambient light from entering from the periphery.

4. External screen protective cover

As you can see from the pictures, the headband, protective cover and hood of the Vision Pro are all made of textile material. This is Apple’s preferred material in wearable devices, and Apple Watch has several such straps.

We guess that the protective cover on the main unit is made of textile material. There are three considerations:

  • Protect the front glass of the main unit from scratches.
  • Easy to carry, the fabric material is relatively lightweight.
  • Closing the lid during viewing may improve immersion.

5. External battery

In order to reduce the weight of Vision Pro, Apple chose an external battery solution, connected with a long cable, like a mobile power bank.

Apple says the battery can provide 2 hours of general use and 2.5 hours of 2D video playback on a single charge.

"General use" should refer to operations in all scenarios, such as gaming, watching movies, creating, surfing the Internet, etc., and is not limited to a certain function. In addition, Apple also emphasized that the 2.5-hour battery life is for continuous viewing of 2D videos. If you play videos with high specifications, the battery life may have to be discounted.

The top of the external battery is equipped with a USB-C port. When the battery is out of power, the device and battery can be charged directly through the C port.

In addition, the Vision Pro's external battery pack is removable, and Apple has also designed a new interface for the new product. Judging from the rendering, the inside of the interface is circular, with several small steel balls embedded in the inner wall, which can increase the range of movement of the power cord.

However, Apple has not announced whether there will be a USB-C charging cable that is compatible with this interface and can be directly plugged in to use the Vision Pro.

New video, full of details

After the official announcement of the release date, Apple released another promotional video. Although it is less than forty seconds long, it is very informative and contains scenes from more than a dozen classic movies.


The first clip is from "That's Frankenstein", followed by "Up", "Captain Marvel", "Despicable Me", "Fantastic Mr. Fox", "Star Wars", "Snoopy" "Star Trek: Episode 1", "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Iron Man", "Back to the Future", and finally ended with wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The background music of this TVC is "Uncontrollable Urge" from Devo.


After watching it several times, we found some "little easter eggs" in the film

  • The first iPhone TVC in 2007 used a similar approach to present the new product, showing popular clips of characters answering calls from TV shows and movies.
  • Both iPhone TVC and Vision Pro ads use clips from the movie "Back to the Future."
  • The action of wearing glasses in each clip expresses "go" and "get ready", which fits perfectly with the title of the film "Ready For".

In addition to this video, Apple’s official website also has new materials.

In the latest promotional copy, Apple specifically emphasized Immersive Video, a technology that creates an immersive user experience through "3D effect + 8K resolution + spatial audio".

Judging from the data alone, Apple is redefining the video experience on mobile devices.

Simply put, the viewing effect of Vision Pro will allow users to blur the boundaries between reality and virtuality, making users feel as if they are in the Sphere Cinema in Las Vegas.

The official introduction even includes an immersive picture. According to the configuration of 3D, 8K, and spatial audio, it is very possible to reproduce a 1:1 virtual scene in the movie.

The reason why the picture can be restored so realistically before your eyes mainly relies on the powerful sensing hardware on Vision Pro: 12 cameras + 5 sensors + 6 microphones working together.

In addition, the "M2+R1" dual-chip design built into the device can also significantly shorten screen and operation delays, allowing the minimum delay to be controlled within 12ms, greatly reducing your perception of delay.

At last year's WWDC, our on-site experience found that as long as you didn't turn your head very quickly, you could hardly feel the delay. Only if you try to wave your hands quickly in front of your eyes, you will encounter some "obstructions", such as the jelly effect and incomplete keying. However, the immersion of Vision Pro is still excellent, and it is definitely the NO. 1 among all the headsets we have experienced so far. .1.

After more than half a year of adjustment, it may have better performance at this stage.

In terms of consumer content, Apple officially stated that Vision Pro already supports more than 1 million familiar iOS and iPadOS applications. At the initial stage of launch, more than 250 Apple Arcade games (Apple game subscription service) and more than 150 3D movies will be available.

It seems that Apple is ready for the headset. There will be no embarrassing situation where the equipment is obtained but the hero has no place to use it.

Somewhat coincidentally, one day after the official announcement of the Vision Pro, CES, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, also opened.

A major focus of this year's CES exhibition is AI and smart wearables. All kinds of smart glasses and head-mounted display products are blooming. In comparison, mobile phone products look much bleak.

Whether the official release of Vision Pro will open the "next decade" of smart terminals will soon be answered.

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