Before the holiday, we want to tell you an “orange” story

From ancient times to the present, Chinese people are not used to directly saying "love".

During the Three Kingdoms period, Lu Ji quietly put three Hidden in the sleeve, after being found, he explained, "Yes Sweet, I want to take it back to my mother. "

And when Zhu Ziqing’s father bid farewell to the children who were traveling, he also chose to Send love.

visible, Often used to carry a deep love.

As the first domestic public welfare project focusing on the education and development of the children of online car-hailing drivers, the "Didi Orange Fruit Project" makes loving families sweeter .

Those great "Didi Orange Fruit Family"

▲ Daughter and son of Tianjin Express driver Master Liu

For 12 years, the first passenger of the express driver, Master Liu, was his daughter every day.

Last year, my daughter started her senior year in high school. Master Liu would get up at six every day, make breakfast, and then send her daughter to school. In the evening, when her daughter started to study on her own, she knew that her father would always wait at the door.

In fact, the daughter is Master Liu's second child.

The son is ten years older than the daughter, but he was diagnosed with a rare disease ten years ago, and his mental level has stayed at the age of onset.

In order to have more time to take care of his son, Master Liu quit his job as a food wholesaler and chose to be an express driver with more flexible working hours. Picking up my daughter from get out of class at night has also become an untouchable arrangement.

The challenging life did not affect the feelings between Master Liu and his family.

My sister usually helps take care of her brother, and sometimes she cooks for her brother to eat on weekends. After my sister is in high school, the brother chats with her from time to time to cheer her up for exams.

▲ Master Liu's family

In July this year, Master Liu accidentally learned about the "Didi Orange Fruit Project" and signed up for his daughter. He thinks this is a meaningful thing, like a bridge, connecting his father's career with his children's studies.

Specifically for driver families who had children who took the college entrance examination that year, the "Didi Orange Fruit Program" can provide driver family candidates with a series of assistance such as college entrance examination fuel packs, application guidelines, summer camps, scholarships, and green channels for future internships.

What is gratifying is that her daughter was admitted to the ideal university with a good score of 605 as she wished, and she also won the "Orange Fruit Scholarship".

Taking care of my sick brother and the college entrance examination, my parents are very hard! I hope that good grades will give them a little "sweetness".

At the sharing session of the "Didi Orange Fruit Project", Master Liu looked at the short film of his family story, smiled calmly, and said: "I didn't expect the story of my family to be so touching. We actually just live our lives."

▲ "I hope good grades can give them a little sweetness"


▲ The daughter of Kunming Express driver Wang Shifu was admitted to Guizhou Normal University

In the eyes of many fellow villagers, Master Wang's family is a bit "unusual."

The living conditions in the family are average, but Master Wang insists on giving his three daughters and two sons to college.

This year, it was the turn of the family's fourth daughter to take the college entrance examination.

When she was in middle school, a classmate around her suddenly went home to marry. In fact, when the eldest sister was in her teens, matchmakers began to come to propose marriage in the village. Master Wang decisively refused. Later, the children's grandmother also joined the "front", blocking matchmakers after another.

▲ Master Wang's family

In order to support the family, Master Wang and his wife went to Kunming very early to set up a stall to make money. Sometimes the income of the two was only 100 yuan a day. A few years ago, he borrowed money to buy a second-hand car for online car-hailing.

Although it is also very hard to do online car-hailing, Master Wang firmly believes that as long as he works hard, his income is guaranteed, and he supports his family in this way.

This year, the fourth daughter was admitted to her ideal university and became the fourth college student in the family. At the same time, she also became the winner of the "Orange Fruit Scholarship".

▲ "My parents said that even if life is tough, five of our siblings will have to go to school."

This summer, Master Wang and his family were invited to participate in the "Didi Orange Fruit Project" summer camp. They not only visited the Didi headquarters, but also climbed the Great Wall together.

Wang Ping hopes his children will know that the world is not only the field at the doorstep, but also a broader world.


The lives of these "orange fruit families" are just like The same, there is sourness and sweetness, but because there is a goal to fight for and a loved one, it is not bitter.

At the same time, these two families are just the epitome of the family stories of thousands of Didi drivers.

▲2020 Didi Orange Fruit Program Award Ceremony Site

In Didi’s driver team, 77% of drivers are parents, 40% of drivers have two or more children, and 76% of drivers’ children are underage.

As the backbone of the family, they are all working hard for the life they love and yearning for.

The job of Didi drivers allows them to be more flexible in scheduling and better accompany their families.

The "Didi Orange Fruit Project" hopes to add fire to these bright-eyed people and accompany them through the year of their children's struggle in the third year of high school. Moreover, this is an ongoing project. In addition to the one-year support for the college entrance examination, the winners of the "Didi Orange Fruit Project" will also receive Didi internship opportunities and green channels for graduate school recruitment.

In its third year, the "Didi Orange Fruit Project" witnessed 2007 children of drivers admitted to universities, of which more than 240 candidates were admitted to 985 universities and more than 370 were admitted to 211 universities.

▲ Liu Qing, President of Didi Travel, presented the orange fruit trophy

Whether it's a hot summer or pouring rain, or when we are going to go for a long journey, the first thing that comes to mind is the uncle and aunt of the driver.

This kind of first moment is needed by others, I think it is also a kind of romance.

Xie Ruijie said that he is one of the winners of the "Orange Fruit Scholarship" this year.

▲ Xie Ruijie and his son

In his view, not only is the dad who drives fast, but also the online ride-hailing driver has become an important part of our lives.

From a broader perspective, the Didi platform has created more than 18.26 million employment opportunities, including online car-hailing drivers, on-demand drivers, and bicycle operation and maintenance positions.

This year, Didi also cooperated with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide 15,000 job opportunities for veterans. In August of the same year, Didi invested another 200 million yuan in special funds to create the "Orange Yi" project to help more people achieve flexible employment through the platform , Increase income and improve life.

Those who choose this more flexible way of working have obviously become a huge group in society.

It is precisely because of this that how to enable them to fight with more peace of mind has become a topic that technology companies need to think about.

In addition to the "Didi Orange Fruit Program" launched for the education of the children of online ride-hailing drivers, Didi has also set up more charitable programs to care for drivers.

"Positive Energy on the Road" encourages drivers to lend a helping hand to those in need while "on the road"; the "Didi Driver Care Fund" is specifically used to pay attention to and support the humanitarian assistance of online car-hailing drivers and people in the mobile travel industry.

All this is a beginning, like a planted seed.

Give some time and patience to let The tree grows vigorously, and the best "orange fruit" will eventually be harvested.

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