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Since 2014, we at Close-up Engineering (CuE) have been trying to guarantee accurate and updated information, providing real news every day in a world populated by fake news. We can do this through ten sites that range by topic and information, always offering you the answer to any of your questions: from biomedicine to science and aeronautics, to move from finance to business and everything related to IT and technological developments .

But we cannot leave out civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering. Ten sites that allow you to review your knowledge and always discover new things with the content uploaded every day to the network. Are you wondering how to read all the articles and stay informed? Find out with us!

What we can offer you: subscriptions and prices


To improve and always offer you the type of content you like, we need your help and support. By supporting the Close-up Engineering network and becoming our partner in all respects, you will have many advantages , including that of being able to read all the articles of our ten multi-thematic sites without always being interrupted by advertising.

If there are many to believe it, then we will not limit ourselves to just offering you a navigation without annoying banner ads, but we will do much more! You can have all this for less than one coffee a week, by choosing the annual offer plan , but let's see together the subscription plans we have reserved for you:

  • BASIC: € 6 per month / € 72 per year with monthly renewal;
  • ADVANCED: € 30 for 6 months / € 60 per year with six-monthly renewal;
  • PREMIUM: € 50 per year, only € 0.96 per week with renewal once a year.

By choosing the subscription that is most suitable for you, you will have access to all the sites in the network on your device and you will never be interrupted by advertising or banners of offers, all just a click away. But the news does not end here, continue to follow us on all our channels to find out what we are preparing for you. It's a way to thank you after all these years together. What are you waiting for? This is an introductory offer that will expire in a few days. Take advantage of it now!

What is Close-up Engineering (CuE)?


Close-up Engineering is an independent project that finances itself through advertising to promote sound and correct scientific information. Its team is made up of about 50 people, including students and student workers, editors, authors, developers and social media managers, who work in the various sectors of reference. The founders of CuE are Leonardo Taronna, Raffaele Salvemini and Nicola Lovecchio. To summarize the origins and philosophy of the project is Raffaele Salvemini:

“We started Close-up Engineering almost eight years ago, with sweat and a lot of dedication. And to make a project of this size sustainable, which today has ten sites with millions of users, numerous social pages with hundreds of thousands of followers and about sixty active collaborators, we believe that advertising banners are a tool that, within the next few years, it will tend to disappear, giving space to contents and their quality.

Today we are well aware that to fully enjoy audiovisual content we must activate a subscription to avoid incurring advertising. That's the way it is for Spotify, that's the way it is for YouTube. We are surrounded by micro-subscriptions for different video platforms, from Amazon Prime Video to Netflix. We are confident that information, to ensure high quality, must follow a similar path.

The launch of a subscription form for the Close-up Engineering network, at the symbolic cost of one coffee per week, is our way of aiming for ever better quality of information and content delivery , without precluding, today, the our audience, any content. We are confident that reading us will be a pleasure, and that exploring all of our articles will become a healthy drug that will satisfy your thirst for knowledge. "

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