Beats Solo Buds released: lightweight, durable, two-handed true wireless earphones with the longest battery life per earphone

Beats' Solo series has received a major update in the past two months.

They first released a new generation of wireless headset Beats Solo 4 in May. This model has updated its color scheme and uses softer ear cotton to improve wearing comfort. The USB-C interface supports charging and listening while also enabling wired playback of Apple Music lossless audio. The new unit also brings more comfort to the headphones. A solid, on-point sound.

In June, Beats brought a new true wireless headset to the Solo series, Beats Solo Buds.

This headset is positioned in the more entry-level price range of 700 yuan. It also has new units and a more compact model. The most eye-catching thing is its battery life. A single earphone supports 18 hours, which is longer than some combinations of earphones and charging boxes.

Beats Solo Buds uses a relatively simple disposable carton packaging design. After tearing off the seal on the back side, you can see the headphones and accessories fixed with gray environmentally friendly paper inside.

The accessories come with four types of rubber stoppers: XS, S, M, and L. Size M is the one that is directly pre-installed on the headphones. Apart from the rubber plugs, only the warranty card and other paper documents are left, as well as the headset itself.

The charging box of the earphones is very compact. Beats has eliminated the physical buttons to activate pairing mode and the battery, making it smaller than the USB-C port version of AirPods Pro. It can easily be stuffed into small pockets such as jeans. . The bottom is flat, and the USB-C interface is placed at the back of the box, so it can be laid flat when charging.

However, it is actually not correct to say that this is a charging case. Without a battery inside, it is just a charging base for Beats Solo Buds. It would be more accurate to call it a "portable case" like Beats.

Since we are talking about charging, let’s first take a look at the biggest highlight of the headphones – battery life.

The earphones support 18 hours of playback on a single body, which is not an easy task for Beats Solo Buds where the portable box does not come with its own battery and the battery life pressure is concentrated on the earphones. If you only use it for commuting and part of the office hours, it will be fine for two days. Although it takes some getting used to the fact that the headphones cannot be charged when placed back in the case, the overall battery life is okay.

The earphones also support the Fast Fuel fast charging mode of "charge for five minutes, play for one hour". Mobile phones that support reverse charging can also recharge it through the C port.

In terms of appearance, Beats Solo Buds are still compact, and the size is not exaggerated because of the large battery. The ear-deep wearing mode gives the earphones a noticeable sound-isolating effect, and the noise-blocking effect can already be achieved by plugging them in tightly in the office.

In addition, the headphones seem to be "sucked" into the ears and are very stable when worn. Even if there are no external fixed structures such as ear hooks for sports headphones, you don’t have to worry about the headphones being thrown off when you wear them for running or exercising in the gym.

In terms of configuration, Beats Solo Buds supports pop-up interaction and iCloud synchronization configuration functions on iOS devices. It can also achieve full-featured adjustment operations on Android devices through the Beats app.

There are touch buttons on the upper side of the earphones. The control interaction is consistent with earphones such as AirPods. Users can also customize the functions corresponding to tap gestures.

However, the range of the physical buttons that can be pressed is a bit small, making them difficult to operate while walking. If the earphones are worn tightly, pressing the buttons will feel like poking your ears.

In terms of sound, Beats Solo Buds this time use a double-layer driver unit that can reduce micro-distortion. The unit is placed internally in a balanced direction of the mouthpiece. Beats says this will be more conducive to sound output.

A laser-cut sound guide hole is added to the rear side, which helps to improve the low-frequency performance while also keeping the ear pressure at a relatively comfortable state.

In terms of listening experience, the headphones give people a very refreshing and energetic feeling. The low frequencies are full of vitality and power, and they can respond quickly and hit the meat without a trace of laziness.

There isn't much distance between the singer and the background, but they don't blend together. The sound field is a standard recording studio effect, and it sounds natural and not cramped. The high-frequency details are bright enough, and the sound direction is relatively balanced and neutral, achieving another kind of balance on the premise that the bass performance that does not steal the show is the protagonist.

Overall, Beats Solo Buds are a relatively balanced entry-level choice for Beats and users who want to buy Beats headphones.

Its product attributes and definition are somewhat similar to those of Beats Those low-budget entry-level users who want to buy headphones that are highly compatible with iOS, and those who want to experience Beats headphones but don't want to be led away by Beats' traditional sound.

Best of all, the pricing at 699 is not bad either. There will be price adjustments during the shopping festival after that. If you can get it for 4-500, it is still very good.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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