Battery life exceeds 1,000 kilometers! Li Bin actually tested Weilai’s 150-degree battery pack, but it was hotly searched?

NIO CEO Li Bin drove an ET7 equipped with a 150kWh battery pack today and completed the 1,000-kilometer endurance challenge.

That's right, it's not the 75kWh and 100kWh battery packs on sale, but the 150kWh battery pack that has been delayed for three years.

At 6:30 this morning, Li Bin held a live broadcast "close to daily experience" in Shanghai, where the temperature was only -2°C, and personally conducted a long-distance test of NIO's upcoming 150kWh battery pack. "The last few days have coincided with the nationwide temperature drop. I try to drive farther in this weather environment."

Li Bin’s goal before departure was: 1,000 kilometers.

Even He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng Motors, who was on a business trip in Beijing, came to join in the fun and shouted to Li Bin on Weibo: "Brother, I suggest you prepare a very large cup of coffee. This should be the longest live broadcast about the battery life of electric vehicles."

I don’t know if Li Bin prepared coffee, but I’m ready anyway.

Li Bin: Don’t drive too fast, safety first

In fact, it has been 3 years since the debut of the 150kWh battery.

The 2020 NIO Day is a conference with a huge amount of information. The flagship sedan ET7, the second-generation battery swap station, the NT 2.0 technology platform, lidar and supercomputing platform, each of which can be held individually press conference. Of course that includes the 150kWh battery.

That is a solid-state battery with an energy density of 360Wh/kg. The energy density of current mainstream electric vehicle power batteries is generally 120-180Wh/kg – this is really a big improvement.

Such progress is of course also reflected in battery life.

At that time, Weilai said that after using this 150kWh battery, the cruising range of the 2018 ES8 will reach 730km, the 2020 ES8 will have a cruising range of 850km, the ES6 will have a 900km, and the EC6 will be slightly better at 910km.

The protagonist of the press conference that year, ET7, was even more amazing. Weilai expected that its NEDC cruising range would exceed 1,000km. Coupled with the second-generation battery swap station, Weilai seemed to have planned a pure electric journey without any anxiety about battery life.

If nothing else happens, there will be an accident soon.

At NIO Day 2021 a year later, NIO didn't even mention this 150kWh battery. Soon after, the delivery time of this battery was postponed from the originally planned fourth quarter of 2022 to the second quarter of 2023——

Now, it is already winter. Beijing has experienced a heavy snowstorm this week that has hit the social media. Even Cantonese people have changed their T-shirts into sweaters during the cold wave on Saturday.

The cold wind started to howl, and the battery started to wail, but Li Bin in the live broadcast didn't seem to be panic at all. When he looked at the speed, oh, you are driving 90km/h.

▲Pay attention to the dashboard below

Throughout the live broadcast, viewers have been questioning why they need to watch 90km/h on the highway. This topic even hit the Weibo hot search list at noon.

Some viewers said: "If Li Bin is blocking my way at 90km/h in front of me, then I really have to curse." The black car below that was stuck between Li Bin and the truck may have thought so. of.

Li Bin did not shy away from this topic at all, saying frankly, "If you drive at a constant speed of 110km/h, you will not be able to run 1,000 kilometers." He then added that at a constant speed of 110km/h, the cruising range should be about 900 kilometers.

Regarding his statement, many viewers during the live broadcast did not buy it. Upon seeing this, Li Bin said that he would ask the team to "test the energy consumption under the speed limit" on a suitable road section.

Anyway, Li Bin was running 1,000 kilometers today, and he didn't care about anything else.

"I can happily drive up to 1,000 (kilometers), why not?" Li Bin said, "I feel quite comfortable driving at this speed."

On the other hand, Li Bin repeatedly emphasized: What we are doing this time is a test that is “close to daily experience.” In other words, this is not an everyday experience, it is just "close".

However, when NIO Vice President Shen Fei took over the second baton, things went a little awry.

The night before this live broadcast, NIO confirmed to the traffic control department that the cumulative driving time of drivers within 24 hours must not exceed 8 hours. Therefore, in order to successfully complete this "challenge", Li Bin also found driver No. 2 Member, that is, Shen Fei.

In Li Bin's eyes, Shen Fei didn't worry at all when driving. Not only did he secretly turn off the NOP pilot assist time and time again when his boss was not paying attention, but he also changed lanes to overtake from time to time. The speed once reached 100km/h, which could drive Li Bin I'm so anxious.

The reason given by Shen Fei is: NOP consumes too much electricity to drive, so it is better to drive it yourself.

Li Bin immediately retrieved data to refute, saying that the NOP's power consumption during this live broadcast was only 12.5kWh/100km (excluding cockpit power consumption), while Shen Fei used his right foot to drive 13.8kWh/100km. Consumption, which forced Shen Fei to obey the boss's opinion and open the NOP obediently.

"You can adjust the speed to 90, just adjust it to 90." Li Bin, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said to Shen Fei.

How to sell 150 degree battery pack?

The answer is not to sell.

When answering this question, Li Bin took off his sunglasses: "You have to take off your sunglasses when answering serious questions."

At present, it is very difficult to mass-produce 150-degree batteries. The output is relatively low and the yield rate is also very challenging. The production capacity needs to go through a climbing stage. Therefore, in the early stage, we will adopt a flexible leasing method to serve users with special needs.

The difficulty in mass production is the reason why the 150kWh battery pack has been delayed for many years.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase are NIO’s key words this year.

At the third quarter financial report meeting, Li Bin said that projects that cannot improve financial performance within three years or do not contribute to gross profit improvement will be adjusted. In his eyes, the battery business is one of the projects that needs to be "optimized".

Battery manufacturing has a long investment period, and production capacity needs to be ramped up to improve the yield rate. We basically do not have the resources to support this matter.

This 150kWh semi-solid battery pack uses ultra-high nickel positive electrode + pre-lithium silicon carbon negative electrode. It has the highest cell and whole package energy densities among mass-produced power batteries in the world, which are 360Wh/kg and 260Wh/k respectively; its battery The silicon content of the core negative electrode reaches 30%, which is the first in the industry; it also has the world's only soft-packed CTP battery without thermal runaway, which adopts a fully potted design and is fully fire-resistant.

According to previously disclosed data, although the cell of this battery was jointly developed by Weilai and Weilan New Energy, the battery pack was completely developed by Weilai, which took a total of 3 years and a team of more than 300 people, including masters and Ph.D. The proportions accounted for 17% and 16% respectively.

A project with such a long payback cycle obviously does not conform to Weilai’s current core logic:

Exchanging R&D for gross profit is a high priority for NIO; exchanging fixed assets for gross profit should be pushed back as far as possible; exchanging scale for gross profit is something that should be done; exchanging management for gross profit is also a must.

As for the battery project, there is no gross profit no matter how you calculate it. The only thing that can make money in today’s live broadcast is probably the “Same Style as Bin Ge’s Live Broadcast” in the NIO Life Mall.

But having said that, in addition to a small amount of flexible rental, there may be a possibility of using a 150kWh battery pack – a new model to be released next weekend.

In today's chat, Li Bin also revealed some news about this executive-level flagship sedan: This is a technological flagship representing the world's top technology, and it will also come with some "special services", such as a time-sharing dedicated driver.

From a technical point of view, it is definitely stronger than Paramela.

Maybe, there will be a version using a 150kWh battery pack.

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