Bari 3D at your fingertips thanks to augmented reality

The Bari-based startup Augmented.City has developed an application with which it has reconstructed Bari in 3D through augmented reality. It is the first city in the world entirely rebuilt with this technology. The name of the application, AC Touristed , highlights the key objective of the project: to tell the story of the buildings by framing the views of the city with the smartphone.


This is the mission set by the team of young engineers and entrepreneurs from the area. The Bari 3D mapping activity will also be performed on other partner cities such as Moscow and Amsterdam . In this way it will be enough to frame a building with the camera to learn about its history and activities located inside. Furthermore, by downloading the app, available on both iOS and Android, each user can contribute to expanding more and more areas of their city.

By framing a building in Bari in 3D it will be possible to know its history
By framing a building with the camera of your smartphone it will be possible to know its history as well as the activities present in the building.

The Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP)

The open source platform used for the realization of this project contains over 4500 3D representations of historical objects and buildings. Three main functions implemented through the OSCP platform:

  • GeoPose – that is, the exact knowledge of where you are in space and with what orientation;
  • Sharing of information through the standardized coding of geometric elements in a dynamic reality such as that of 3D;
  • Easy access to the platform for users through a local list of references.
Some of the services and technologies developed in the OSCP.
Some of the services and technologies developed in the OSCP.

Reasons to explore augmented reality

Over the years , projects related to augmented reality technology have seen a significant increase . The explanation of this positive trend lies in the possibility of using this technology in numerous areas.

  • Tourism and travel . Through augmented reality it is possible to get to know places while remaining at home, a much re-evaluated aspect in these months of pandemic.
  • Entertainment and video games . Video games and interactive apps that implement this technology make the activity more engaging.
  • Industry . The study of prototypes made using virtual reality allows you to save a lot in terms of prototyping.

In the future we must therefore expect this technology to be more and more a part of our daily life.

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