Baohua Weijian’s first true wireless noise-cancelling headset PI7 Experience: In terms of sound quality, traditional manufacturers still have a tight grasp

If a person spends three days and masters the skills you have cultivated in three years, in addition to admiration, you may feel deeply anxious.

In the audio market, AirPods is such a spoiler. Three years after its launch, its sales have reached 10 times that of the established audio manufacturer Sennheiser. TWS true wireless headsets represented by AirPods quickly squeezed the HiFi headset market. The anxiety immediately spread like a smoke bomb among traditional audio manufacturers.

As a result, more and more traditional audio manufacturers began to learn from their mistakes and devote themselves to the Red Sea of ​​TWS.

However, the R&D cost and difficulty of TWS headsets far exceed those of traditional HiFi headsets. Manufacturers such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung quickly established advantages and led the industry by virtue of their "banknote capabilities." It can be seen that in the global wireless headset market in 2020, the vast majority of traditional acoustic manufacturers are buried in "Others".

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Although the industry's internal volume is accelerating, the established acoustic manufacturers rely on rich technological accumulation. In this market where less than one-tenth of the people who own TWS headphones, there are still a lot of opportunities to break new ground. An outstanding product is the "Blade of Dawn."

Recently, the well-known veteran manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins released its first batch of TWS headphones PI5 and PI7 ("I" is not the number "1", but the capital letter of "i"). Among them, PI7 is positioned as the flagship, and the price is slightly more expensive than PI5, at 3299 yuan.

What is the result of Baohua Weijian for making TWS headphones for the first time? After experiencing PI7 for nearly two weeks, I believe the answer is very clear.

Born with a golden key

Since its establishment in 1966, Baohua Weijian has been well-known in the music enthusiast circle for its excellent sound quality and product design. Its Nautilus speaker can be said to be a time-honored masterpiece in the audio industry.

▲Baohua Weijian Nautilus Speaker (Nautilus)

As a traditional acoustic manufacturer focusing on HiFi speakers, Baohua Weijian released the first Bluetooth speaker T7 in 2013, which is regarded as a sign of embracing "new media". After 8 years, the arrival of TWS headphones has undoubtedly further improved Baohua Weijian's new media product lineup.

In line with the noble and elegant design of its own speakers, the craftsmanship and appearance of the BAUER Weijian PI7 hide many details.

On the whole, the charging compartment of PI7 is a circle larger than AirPods Pro. The lid is champagne and printed with the Bower & Wilkins brand logo. The box body is charcoal gray and the material is skin-friendly.

An oval button can be seen on the front, with a strip breathing light on the top. The user can judge the power or connection status of the headset according to the color of green/yellow/red/blue.

Gently pull up and open the cover, you can see the main body of the earphone. When the earphone is placed in the charging compartment, its champagne-colored cylindrical shell just bulges out, making it easy to pinch it out.

It can be seen that a lot of thought was spent on the design of the headset body. The round case of CD texture, the chamfered polished metal with a sense of metal, and the metal dust-proof net of the same color as the case give it a low-key gorgeousness.

After many years of polishing, PI7 not only entrusts Baohua Wei Jian’s belief in breaking into the TWS field, but is naturally endowed with quite a wealth of highlights. It can be said that it was born with a golden key:

  • 9.2mm moving coil + moving iron unit combination
  • 800 Diamond Series team personally adjusted
  • aptX Adaptive wireless transmission technology
  • Adaptive intelligent noise reduction
  • Wireless audio transmitter and wireless smart charging box
  • Support fast charge, long-lasting battery life

One of the most innovative is wireless audio transmission. This is the first technology adopted in the industry that allows the battery compartment to become a Bluetooth signal source and listen to the sound from a traditional audio source wirelessly.

The steps of operation are very simple. The package comes with a 3.5mm to Type-C cable. Insert the 3.5mm end into the traditional audio source, then insert the Type-C end into the bottom of the battery compartment, and press and hold the button on the shell for 3 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth transmitter function.

This feature should be very useful for frequent travelers. The headset can be connected to the personal television display (PTV) behind the aircraft seat to enjoy good sound quality and noise reduction. For another example, when watching TV, if you don't want to disturb your family, you can also connect the TV and headphones to quietly enjoy the large-screen audio-visual experience.

However, this dessert function is not the core selling point of Baohua Weijian PI7. What we are even more curious about is how its sound quality and noise reduction perform under the blessing of many new technologies.

The flagship sound quality “troika''

This is my first experience with Baohua Weijian's headphones. I have experienced the bookshelf speakers of Baohua Weijian before, and the impression left to me is consistent with the brand belief, that is, "loyal to the sound", and restore the original sound of the sound as much as possible.

But this headset broke this impression. The tuning team of Baohua Weijian 8 Series flagship audio series has created a stylized and obvious tuning for this pair of headphones. The human voice is warmer, and the low frequency has a prominent sense of volume and atmosphere, which is very suitable for listening to pop music.

For the first time making TWS earphones, Baohua Weijian made a "should". PI7 uses a 9.2 mm moving coil and moving iron hybrid drive headphone unit, each unit is equipped with an independent power amplifier and DSP for point-to-point drive.

This hybrid unit combines the specialties of moving coil and moving iron. The moving iron unit is mainly responsible for the clear and beautiful treble, and the large moving coil is responsible for showing the heavy bass.

The mixed-race unit often tests the ability of the tuning team. Under the adjustment of the 800 diamond tuning team, the BAUER Weijian PI7 is relatively natural and smooth in the connection of the middle, low and high frequencies, and there is no sense of fault.

Using OnePlus 9 Pro as the sound source, when auditioning Brandi Carlile's cover of "The Story", the mood was rendered in place, and the scene was restored well. The guitar sound at the beginning is crisp and agile, and the separation of the female voice from the instrument is clear and simple. The tuning style of Baohua Weijian TI7 is warmer, and the vocal with moderate modification does not sound dry or cold.

When entering the chorus, the electric guitar and drum instruments sounded. The sense of hearing is rich but not messy, and the position of each instrument can still be clearly distinguished. Excellent dive and full sense of volume make the drums more impactful. When the female voice's screaming and breaking sound burst together with the sound of drums, sand hammers, and electric guitars, the emotions come to a climax, and there is a good tension.

The combination of ring irons and excellent tuning are one of the "troikas" that make up the sound quality of Baohua Weijian PI7. The other two are the powerful aptX Adaptive wireless transmission technology and the 24Bit high bit rate audio connection.

Baohua Weijian PI7 uses Qualcomm's latest flagship chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0. In addition to AAC and SBC, it also supports aptX Adaptive specifications.

▲ AptX family

In other words, the headset can automatically switch between AptX-HD, AptX-Low Latency, and AptX-Classic according to the surrounding Bluetooth environment to ensure a balance between delay and sound quality.

In the actual experience, whether at home alone, in an office with 20 or 30 Bluetooth devices, or a crowded subway station, the Bluetooth connection of Baohua Weijian PI7 is as stable as ever. It is worth mentioning that Baohua Weijian has good support for Android, iOS and other platforms. It is automatically connected when the cover is opened, fast and with low latency.

If it is said that the control, volume, and extensibility of each frequency band, it is not easy to notice for novice users. Then it is relatively easier to distinguish the details and soundness of the 24Bit and 16Bit audio sources. Baohua Weijian PI7 supports 24Bit high-bit-rate music playback. Even the "wood ears" can detect better sound quality.

"Ye Huimei" is my favorite among all Jay Chou albums. "In the Name of the Father" is a shocking lyrics and music, cool, individual, and confident "Class Two in Three Years", "Dongfeng Po", a model of Chinese style, etc., single out one is enough to make the album "closed" God".

When I listened to the 24Bit quality "Class 2 of Three Years" with Migu music, background sounds such as table tennis, campus speakers, and get out of class bells formed a three-dimensional, full-detailed campus scene. When Jaylen's young, cool singing voice came out, he immediately pulled people into the memories of youth. The sound of ping pong bats throughout the song, repeatedly torturing myself "why it is so simple, you can't do it," expresses people's doubts and heartfelt feelings when they were young.

Compared with the 16Bit sound source, the 24Bit high bit rate "Class Two in Three Years" has significantly improved the details of the instrument and the solidity of the vocals. The table tennis player has gone from hardship to desperately trying to win, to the relief of self-awakening, and his performance is fuller.

On the whole, the sound of Baohua Weijian PI7 is very good to my taste. However, if you are a person who likes to listen to a bright, sweet female voice, such as ACG, then you may find this pair of earplugs a little dull. It is a bit heavier for mid- and low-frequency rendering, which is more suitable for listening to pop music with thick vocals, especially male voices.

All-round earplugs with excellent noise reduction

When judging whether a TWS headset is a good product, in addition to the primary sound quality, it also depends on its noise reduction ability, wearing comfort, and battery life.

Each earplug of Baohua Weijian PI7 has 3 microphones and supports adaptive noise reduction function. It can be controlled in the Baohua Weijian official app, or long press the left earplug for 2 seconds to turn it on.

When the noise reduction mode is turned on, Baohua Weijian PI7 will enable the maximum noise reduction capability by default. In this mode, there will be no uncomfortable ear pressure, and friends who are sensitive to this can rest assured. In the actual test, the low-frequency noise of air conditioners, subways, and high-speed trains can be greatly attenuated by Baohua Weijian PI7. With music playback, all you can hear is singing.

The adaptive noise reduction automatically adjusts the noise reduction level according to the noise level of the surrounding environment. This mode is still very easy to use. For example, in a relatively quiet office, when adaptive noise reduction is turned on, while filtering out the sound of air conditioning, it can also pick up the voice of colleagues next to you.

But regarding the noise reduction ability, I can only give 80 points. The reason for the deduction is that when the bicycle is worn in the noise reduction mode, the bumps of the car body will cause significant fluctuations in ear pressure, which needs to be optimized. The second is that the call pickup is normal. When using the headset to call, the other party cannot hear our voice clearly. The latter will be improved by turning off the ambient sound in the app.

In terms of wearing comfort, Baohua Weijian PI7 looks quite large, but it is actually very comfortable to wear. The weight of a single 8g is much heavier than AirPods in terms of data, but it does not cause too much burden in actual wearing. I asked my friends to try it on, and the feedback I got was positive: easy to wear, tight, and not easy to fall off.

The Baohua Weijian PI7 uses an in-ear design, and three sizes of earplugs are included in the box, which can be replaced at will. Since the center of gravity of the earphone is located in the middle and the column at the tail is relatively light, there is no feeling of "falling outside" when wearing it. The earphone is stuck on the tragus and is comfortable to wear.

In terms of battery life, Baohua Weijian PI7 has a single battery life of about 4 hours, and the charging box can provide about 16 hours of battery life for the headset. In addition, the headset supports fast charging, and it can be used for about 2 hours after charging for 15 minutes.

The earphone box is a Type-C interface. Of course, you can also use any wireless charging board that supports the Qi protocol to charge the headset box. It is very convenient to travel on business without having to bring a cord for the headset.

On the whole, Baohua Weijian PI7 is worthy of being produced by a major manufacturer, and the sound quality is definitely at the top level among TWS noise reduction headphones. It can be said that it was the first shot for Baohua Weijian to enter the TWS world.

In terms of wearing comfort, battery life, noise reduction, etc., PI7's performance is also worthy of flagship positioning. Its unique wireless audio transmission technology has a fatal appeal for some scenes.

Whenever we open up new business areas, we will surely become the leader in sound quality standards. This is the fine tradition that Baohua Weijian has inherited since the brand founder John Bowers. We firmly believe that PI7 and PI5 true wireless headphones can perfectly confirm this concept.

Geoff Edwards, President of BAUER & Weijian Brand, said at the press conference. Indeed, with outstanding sound quality and elegant design, the BAUER Weijian PI7 is like an ice-cola in the heat, which is exciting.

However, the price of 3299 yuan still makes people feel the wallet unconsciously and think about it. If you have ample budget and like to listen to pop music, especially enjoy being wrapped in surging low frequencies, I believe that Baohua Weijian PI7 will definitely not let you down.

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