Balenciaga released high-heeled shoes, once again “ugly” to a new height

Remember the pair of platform shoes launched by Balenciaga in 2017?

Once the shoe was released, it was hotly discussed throughout the Internet. Of course, most of the hot discussions are complaints. They think that this pair of hole shoes violates the basic bottom line of making shoes, and also breaks the aesthetic limit of ordinary people.

Unexpectedly, recently, Balenciaga once again cooperated with Crocs and launched the 2.0 version of this pair of shoes-high-heeled hole shoes.

Balenciaga’s “high-heeled shoes” are here

The release of this pair of shoes originated from Balenciaga’s latest 2022 spring collection.

In this show with the theme of Clones, through CG technology, the faces of all models have become Eliza Douglas, the head of the show's styling. The audience is all wearing black uniforms, and "Life of Roses" is recited by AI.

Everything seems so real and so illusory.

With the sound of the sci-fi music created by BFRND, Eliza Douglas wore different new products flashed by, and Crocs shoes appeared-a pair of "rain boots" near knee height.

The upper body of the model looks like an interstellar roaming back to the earth, but the lower body looks like he just returned from planting rice seedlings in the Guilin landscape.

But when another pair of Balenciaga and Crocs cooperation shoes appears, you will really start to reflect on your question just now-in this place, nothing is impossible.

This pair of high-heel hole shoes is available in three colors: green, gray and black. It is composed of Crocs classic hole shoes and black high heels. The hole shoes are still plastic and the high heels look like water pipes. .

According to CNN reports, the price of this high-heeled hole shoes may be 1,000 US dollars. Prior to this, the hole shoes launched by the first generation of Balenciaga and Crocs sold for 850 US dollars (about 5437 yuan).

Unsurprisingly, this pair of high-heeled hole shoes quickly became a hot search.

The first is the large-scale confused expression and question mark attacking the comment area.

Then it was accompanied by the "hahahahahaha" that can be seen everywhere.

Some netizens questioned the design of this pair of shoes:

Some netizens think that it will cause certain damage to people's psychological level:

Some netizens believe that it can tap some potential consumer needs of men:

Of course, all complaints, doubts, and melons will eventually return to the most essential question-is this fashion?

It's very shameless, I don't understand it, that shameless shameless.

When some celebrities and bloggers were commented on by @, they were either silent or expressed "no comment anymore". They probably felt that there was no vocabulary to describe the ultimate impact of these shoes on aesthetics.

In fact, everyone likes hole shoes because they are flat, comfortable and easy to wear.

When the hole shoes were added with a high heel, for a while, I didn't know the meaning of its existence.

After all, you have to wear high heels to increase your temperament. Why should you add holes in your heels? If you want to wear hole shoes, why add a high-heeled diaphragm?

"Contrast Marketing" between Balenciaga and Crocs

Although the products launched by Balenciaga and Crocs are strange, their joint name is not surprising.

When Crocs was launched in 2002, it was loved by many people because of its comfort and convenience, including men and women at home, the elderly and children, medical staff, etc., but at the same time, it was also subject to great controversy because of its ugliness.

"Time" Weekly commented on hole shoes as one of the "50 Worst Inventions", saying that they have no sense of beauty. Many fashionistas also commented on them as the ugliest shoes after UGG boots. There are also anti-holes on the Internet. League of shoes.

▲Picture from: Cindy.Work

Crocs grew up in this polarization, and its advertising slogan directly became:

Ugly is also beautiful.

Later, after a round of popularity of hole shoes in the United States, in 2008, there was a bankruptcy crisis , and then the development was tepid. Until 2017, the new CEO reinvented hole shoes, and hole shoes began to score twice. .

This time, the hole shoes boldly "release nature" and rushed the "confusion design" to new heights.

▲ Picture from: Interesting report

They began to co-brand wildly, co-branding fried chicken shoes with KFC, co-branding with Star Wars, and co-branding thick-soled hole shoes with Balenciaga, and these pair of hole shoes have been robbed before the pre-sale.

Crocs has also cooperated with various street fashion brands , and began to introduce a variety of designs, styles, and styles, such as tassel design, granite design, turf design, socks design, and even fur plus hole shoes design… Can't help but make people wonder , Everything can be hole shoes.

▲ Picture from: Interesting report

At the same time, Crocs also invited Yang Mi to become the global spokesperson. Yang Mi has always been known as the "Queen of Carrying Goods", which also makes the hole shoes closer and closer to the fashion road.

And one of the most popular revisions is to insert "shoe flower" on the hole shoes.

A pair of hole shoes, you can put 26 shoe flowers, each is about 26 yuan, from letters to emoji symbols, from Mickey Mouse, Mario, Snoopy, to Harry Potter, Toy Story…

Various celebrities, supermodels, and Internet celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, etc. have begun to wear hole shoes with a variety of shoe flowers.

▲ Picture from: instagram, Nicki Minaj

During the epidemic, hole shoes that are suitable for home and look "fashionable" have become the darling of the shoe industry.

▲ Picture from: Crocs X Justin Bieber

It can be said that Crocs' "wonderful" marketing method is more eye-catching, and it saves a lot of marketing expenses.

▲ Picture from: limited edition Crocs X Diplo collaboration

Balenciaga’s and Crocs’ new product marketing in recent years has similarities.

Since Demna Gvasalia succeeded Alexander Wang as the creative director of Balenciaga in 2015, Balenciaga’s painting style has begun to change.

▲ Demna Gvasalia

He began to make drastic reforms, breaking the standards of beauty and ugliness considered by the upper class, diluting the past aesthetics of luxury goods, and giving full play to design creativity.

The first thing we knew was the old daddy shoes that were everywhere by the fire.

Later, the red, white and blue "woven bag" of the 2016 autumn and winter series was considered to be the same luggage bag of the Spring Festival Railway Station:

The "quilt bag" of the 2017 spring and summer series is the favorite bedding product in country movies:

In 2018, the shirt hung the T-shirt on the chest. Balenciaga said that there are two ways to wear this dress. One is to wear a T-shirt and hang the shirt on the chest, and the other is to wear the shirt in reverse and hang the T-shirt on the chest. Back…

However, the most controversial issue of Balenciaga because of these confusing items was the "Chinese style" series of limited bags launched on Chinese Valentine's Day last year.

The colorful patterns and the plastic background are filled with the joy of middle-aged and elderly emojis, and the unstoppable roughness. Wearing it on your back, it seems to instantly become a flower of a rural banquet.

But it is not cheap, a package costs 13,900 yuan. The above-mentioned items are almost all priced at around 10,000 yuan.

But like Crocs, these products do not affect the sales of Balenciaga.

Since 2015, Balenciaga’s revenue has been on the rise. In May 2018, its parent company Kering Group stated that Balenciaga’s sales growth exceeded all luxury brands in the group and became the group’s first. In 2019, Balenciaga’s The revenue rose from 400 million euros to 1 billion euros , pushing Gucci to become one of its four major brands…

Is this the kind of "fashion" that young people like?

The younger generation of consumers and men are the main contributors to the performance of Balenciaga.

The current CEO of Balenciaga, Cédric Charbit, once revealed that 60% of the brand's performance is brought by millennials , and they are also focusing on the fashion-conscious generation Z.

Kering Group CEO Francois-Henri Pinault also said :

Luxury goods should not only care about tradition or craftsmanship. They should also pass on values ​​to young people through clothes. They should be closely related to young people.

This also allows Demna Gvasalia to overthrow the precedent and start the long-established brand of Balenciaga in the direction of anti-fashion, subculture, and differentiation.

After all, the spending power of millennials and Generation Z is gradually rising, and the current young generation is a generation that challenges the mainstream, advocates individuality, and is tolerant of diversity.

For the latest high-heeled hole shoes, Demna Gvasalia's response is that the question of taste is a very subjective value. After six months, we will be able to see in the store whether this method works.

A brief analysis, there are two meanings behind these words:

First, there are many different fashions, and each trend has its own eyes.
Second, I believe that young people will still place orders for it.

So even if many people say that these high-heeled hole shoes cross the aesthetic bottom line and violate the basic comfort principle of hole shoes, there are still a group of young people who are passionate about the new taste of Balenciaga, and people who complain about them often don't buy it. Instead, they have brought huge traffic to the brand.

For Balenciaga, this is a win-win situation in the Internet age.

In the current fashion circle, it is not the Balenciaga family who have tried this contrast route.

Hermès has launched a bamboo shoot bag, full of pastoral fence flavor.

Burberry has launched a men's chestless T-shirt, which was jokingly called "a good man does not include a mistress."

LV launched plastic vests and inflatable jackets that can only be worn inflatable , priced at 26,700 yuan and 31,000 yuan, respectively. It can only be said that poverty will only limit imagination, and the air of the rich is luxurious.

Supreme even entered the funeral and interment industry and launched a private custom-made coffin. Even if he died, the money can be taken away.

However, many luxury brands only occasionally launch new products that challenge traditional aesthetics. From the behavior of Balenciaga in recent years, it seems that they have planned to root this contrasting taste in the brand and are gone forever.

Differentiated brand marketing in the era of social media is like a pass phrase of the aborigines of the Internet. This expression of evil interest also makes young people more willing to communicate with brands. At the same time, topics mean traffic, and traffic stimulates revenue. .

But the traffic is short-lived, and the topic is easy to pass. When pleasing and amplifying the maverick of the young people, the brand's own aesthetic and cultural foundation is actually more important.

After all, the definition of fashion is people's admiration for a certain thing in society for a while. Everything is changing rapidly, and so is the ugly culture.

Oscar Wilde once said:

Fashion is nothing but an unbearably ugly form. Therefore, we are forced to change it every 6 months.

No matter how beautiful and ugly are defined, the characteristic of fashion is change.

Fortunately, Balenciaga did not focus on a kind of "ugliness", they also let the "ugliness" flow.

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