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Who can translate for the translator, what is the meta universe?
Who can translate, what exactly is NFT, blockchain, meta-universe, quantum computing, brain-computer interface, digital twin, virtual reality, mixed reality, and extended reality?
The new technological concept is just like a storm. What the future will look like is becoming more and more incomprehensible.
In the beginning, there were a thousand "meta universes" in the eyes of a thousand people. It was not until these new scientific and technological concepts merged into everyone's life that the truth of technology was settled.
We want to make a "tomorrow's life serial" for you.
It will become an encyclopedia of tomorrow's life, and the editors of Aifaner will jointly track future solutions.
We will regularly update the following series of articles every week, and we will continue to add new series. The serialization will be sorted according to time. The evolution of cutting-edge technology is clear at a glance.
We will show you how those confusing technological statues have gradually become the reality in front of you.

Metaverse: An online 3D virtual environment that will persist and decentralize in the future. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.17 "Baidu's Meta universe platform has begun"

  • Event time: December 27
  • Event protagonist: Baidu
  • Location of incident: Greece

Baidu's first Meta Universe product has finally appeared.

It's called "Hiron", and its design concept is derived from the Mobius ring. Baidu calls it "an immersive virtual space parallel to the physical world."

On December 27th, Baidu hosted the Create 2021 conference on this platform.

It can accommodate 100,000 people interacting with the same screen at the same time, but without VR glasses, you can enter "Greece" on your mobile phone or computer.

After entering the venue, everyone can create their own virtual image. There are three styles to choose from: cartoon, anthropomorphic, and realistic.

Then, you can walk around freely on the meta-universe platform of "Greetings".

In addition to attending the conference at the "Greek Conference Center", you can also go shopping, exchange, and watch exhibitions.

The urban layout of the Greek World refers to the city of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty and the city of Beijing in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are nearly 20 buildings that look very ancient.

However, according to your feedback, the actual experience is not very good.

For example, the scene production is still a bit sloppy, the model is a bit rough, the communication between characters is unstable, and freezes sometimes appear…

▲ Picture from: Observer Network

Baidu vice president Ma Jie also said that this time the release of the Greek version 6.0, there are still many imperfections.

It is indeed not easy to build a meta-universe community in our imagination-it not only requires multiple tests such as manpower, material resources, time, capital, and technology.

No matter how the first step is, it can be regarded as early in the country.

No.18 "We Have Stepped into the Metaverse? 》

  • Event time: December 28
  • Event protagonist: Beeple

Do you remember Beeple?

Yes, that's the digital artist who sold a $69 million NFT work at Christie's auction.

It also set off a wave of NFT craze.

▲ The work "5000 Days", setting a record for NFT transactions at that time

If you don't understand "digital artists", they are a group of artists who use existing computer technology to engage in artistic creation, and they are the name of a new generation of artists.

Beeple did not catch on all of a sudden.

This artist has long been very famous in the C4D circle. He combined virtual and reality to create a large number of works with future science fiction, doomsday, and mechanical aesthetics.

Regarding the latest meta universe, he also put forward his own views in an exclusive interview with HYPEBEAST.

Many people think that the metaverse is just a concept, 5-10 years before the technology is mature and popularized, but he believes that the metaverse has already begun to take shape.

Beeple said that he has already adopted a technology to communicate with people in different parts of the world in real time.

The meta universe is not actually a great leap forward, but a series of short steps that continue to gain momentum.

"This is more subtle than people think," he continued:

I don't think you are either in or not in the meta universe. Just as the current technology has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, new technologies are also continuing and merging the physical and digital world-I would say that we are already in it.

He believes that the art of the future will not always be static paintings hung on the wall. People 200 years later, these paintings will be regarded as "stone cave paintings."

Art is indeed evolving over time. It has become a continuous dialogue between the artist and the collector, rather than a statement painting that freezes in time. As people become more accustomed to this change, more people will use this concept to do exciting and interesting things.

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NFT (Non-Fungible Token): Non-fungible tokens, each token can represent a unique digital data as an electronic certification or certificate for the ownership of virtual goods. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.20 "Visual China Launches Digital Collection Trading Platform"

  • Event time: December 26
  • Event protagonist: Visual China
  • Event location: Meta Vision

Visual China will also enter the "NFT world".

On December 26, Vision China's visual art digital collection platform-Yuan Vision ( debuted.

This also marks the official landing of the "blockchain+" strategy of the industry leader in digital copyright.

After that, the "Meta Vision" will be updated every week.

The first work on the platform is a widely disseminated image-"I want to go to school" shot by the famous documentary photographer Xie Hailong for the Hope Project.

This work was sold at a price of 308,000 in 2006. This time the digital collection is priced at 199 yuan per piece and is limited to 10,000 copies.

Compared with the first digital collections on other domestic NFT platforms, its price is relatively the highest.

But yesterday, the work was sold out 40 minutes after the first release.

Vision China hopes that "Meta Vision" can empower artists and provide artists with omnichannel services for creation, protection, and trading.

They stated that they will adopt a sharing model with creators, and the sales revenue will be distributed to creators according to the proportion agreed in the agreement, which will be adjusted according to the artist's popularity and the value of the work, but if it is company-owned content, there is no need to share it.

However, because of supervision, they downplayed the "NFT" and referred to it as a "digital collection."

"Digital Collection" is also somewhat different from foreign NFTs.

On foreign NFT platforms, users can freely cast, display, trade, and auction. In China, it is generally launched by the government and sold based on copyrighted works.

Now everything about NFT is still in its early stage, how to explore, how to integrate with the domestic situation, are still in progress.

No.21 "NFT Being Copycat"

  • Event time: December 31
  • Event protagonist: Boring Ape
  • Event location: NFT trading platform OpenSea

Boring ape, it is probably one of the hottest IPs in the NFT market.

NBA star Curry bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT work for about $180,000, and then used it as his social media profile picture, which caused a lot of heated discussion.

Recently, on the NFT trading platform OpenSea, there have been two outrageous "counterfeit products"-PHAYC and PAYC.

Do you think only the name is faked?

If you don't look carefully, you can't know. When you look carefully, good fellow, they also mirrored and flipped the BAYC image.

The funny thing is that these two copycats are still on social media, arguing about "who first started to counterfeit BAYC and who is the real counterfeit".

During the dispute, the founder of PAYC also stated that PHAYC is a "cash fraud project."

What's even more ridiculous is that these two NFT projects have received a lot of popularity.

The transaction volume of PAYC reached approximately 60 ETH, while that of PHAYC reached approximately 500 ETH (1 ETH is approximately US$3,755.60).

Finally, shortly after they were put on the shelves, they were taken off the shelves by OpenSea due to violations of the relevant rules of intellectual property rights.

But both were sold out a few hours after they were on sale.

One of the PHAYC members exclaimed:

I think the NFT project is a satire on the current state of the NFT and NFT communities, and they may be too serious about the NFT market.

[Read the full text: click here]

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Human enhancement: attempts to overcome the limitations of the human body temporarily or permanently through natural or artificial means. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.11 "Monitoring chronic diseases with a ring"

  • Event time: December 27
  • Event protagonist: Movano, a health technology company
  • Event location: CES 2022

CES 2022 is coming again in a few days.

As we all know, every year CES will bring a variety of cutting-edge technology products, this time, a smart ring has emerged.

Health technology company Movano announced the launch of Movano Ring , a wearable device that can be worn on the finger.

Its appearance looks delicate and slim.

The smart rings Oura Ring and Motiv Ring that have appeared before, look much rougher in appearance.

If you don’t say it on your hand, you may also find it difficult to find-this is a smart device that can monitor chronic diseases.

All kinds of intelligent monitoring are being carried out in secret.

It can measure almost all basic health indicators, including heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep, respiration, body temperature, blood oxygen level, number of steps, calorie consumption and so on.

The special thing is that it is not only monitoring data, but also distilling the relationship between indicators.

In this way, various chronic diseases can be linked to remind you of possible risks.

At the same time, in the revealed interface, you can see that the presentation of data is very simplified instead of complicated charts.

Currently, this ring has not been approved by the FDA, which will require time and more testing.

However, Movano said that it will continue to obtain relevant certifications, and gradually increase non-invasive glucose monitoring and cuffless blood pressure monitoring functions.

Now, the wearable devices we take for granted are watches and bracelets.

As our requirements for data intelligence become higher and we are more and more fond of light and concise products, these smart rings also open up a new possibility for tomorrow's life.

No.12 "The world's first Twitter with brain chip input"

  • Event time: December 27
  • The protagonist of the event: Phillip O'Keef, a patient with progressive frost
  • Event location: Synchron

The world's first "Written by Idea" tweet appeared.

It comes from Phillip O'Keefe, a 62-year-old patient with progressive frost, and he "written" the line with just one thought through the brain-computer interface of Synchron.

This is the first time someone has spoken directly on social media in this way.

This is a symbolic moment that opens the door for more people to keep in touch with the world.

How does it work?

The miracle is Synchron's brain-computer interface device: Stentrode.

Before that, the patient first needed about two hours of minimally invasive surgery, similar to placing a stent in the heart.

The small stent-type electrode array implanted in the brain through the jugular vein allows patients to "move their limbs through thinking and control external devices wirelessly."

Synchron CEO Thomas Oxley said that their immediate goal is to apply this to the motor cortex, and ultimately hope to "achieve whole-brain data transmission."

The race to develop and test neural implants has been heating up in recent years.

From Stanford University and other research teams to the most widely discussed Musk brain-computer interface company Neuralink.

In less than a few years, perhaps as Musk said:

It will enable paralyzed people to use smartphones faster than people who use thumbs.

Playing with mobile phones by mind may really not be far away.

[Read the full text: click here]

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Quantum computation: A new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics and regulates the calculation of quantum information units. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

No.6 "BMW and LG both start to use quantum computers"

  • Event time: December
  • Event protagonist: quantum computer
  • Event location: BMW, LG and other companies

This year, we can clearly see that there are more and more commercial scenarios for quantum computers.

BMW is one of the manufacturing giants that sees the promise of quantum computing.

Recently, the automobile giant BMW plans to optimize the production and development of cars through quantum computers .

They are working with Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab to study a series of potential quantum computing solutions .

BMW has discovered that quantum computers have the potential to optimize four aspects of cars——

  1. Pre-production vehicle configuration
  2. Material deformation in production
  3. Vehicle sensor placement
  4. Machine learning for automatic quality assessment

For Volkswagen, BMW says it will be able to create more popular and sustainable cars in the future.

BMW is not the only major company focusing on quantum computing.

CNET also mentioned that aerospace giant Airbus, financial services company PayPal, consumer electronics manufacturer LG Electronics and other companies all hope to use quantum computers to improve materials science, simplify logistics, and monitor payment in all aspects.

In these commercial scenarios, they more or less use the concept of qubits in quantum computing (quantum computing units of measurement) for research.

As a data processing element, qubits can handle computational tasks that cannot be done by traditional computers.

Just like cloud computing in the past, it is also foreseeable that quantum computing will enter more and more companies.

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AR (Augmented Reality), augmented reality, allows the virtual world on the screen to interact with the real world scene.

VR (virtual reality), virtual reality, uses computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional virtual world.

MR (Mixed Reality), a combination of mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

XR (Extended reality), extended reality, includes AR, VR, MR and future virtual reality technologies. (Concept from: Wikipedia)

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We are always amazed at the crazy evolution of technology and confused by the complex and multifaceted aspects of technology, until it follows every moment and every action of our lives, we sigh – ah, that's how it is.

At a time when the world is constantly evolving, questions and answers, curiosity and exploration are our source of power to synchronize with it.

Don't worry, if the future is a book that never ends, then a good book is suitable for reading slowly.

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