Automobile company leaders who can’t speak, please shut up.

Nowadays, car company leaders like to post on Weibo.

The most popular Weibo post in the automotive industry these days comes from Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall Motors. As of press time, it has received a total of 668 retweets, 1,566 comments, and nearly 10,000 likes.

Li Ruifeng revealed on Weibo that Great Wall Chairman Wei Jianjun criticized senior executives because of the poor market performance of Haval H6:

If you don’t understand marketing at all and have no user thinking at all, spending money will be a waste and the end result will be in vain!

What happened to the Haval H6, which has been a hot seller for 13 years and has 4 million car owners?

Haval H6 can definitely be called a "magic car" of its generation.

In 2013, the Haval H6, which was only two years old on the market, successfully became the domestic monthly SUV sales champion, and ranked third that year with 140,000 units sold. In the following nine years, Haval H6 defeated many joint venture fuel vehicles and topped the list for 108 consecutive months.

In 2021, Great Wall Motors' annual sales exceeded 1.28 million vehicles. Despite the double blow of the epidemic and the chip crisis, it still increased by 15.2% year-on-year. The Haval brand accounted for more than half, with a total of 770,000 vehicles sold.

At that time, Haval H6 was still the mainstay of the brand, with annual sales exceeding 370,000 units, accounting for more than 50%. As everyone knows, this is the last glorious moment of H6.

Since then, H6's sales have continued to decline. From 2021 to 2023, Haval H6's annual sales dropped by 3.2%, 29.1%, and 12.75% respectively, and its SUV market ranking dropped from the first place to third and sixth place.

From January to April this year, the cumulative sales of Haval H6 were less than 56,000 units, and in April it fell below 10,000 units, with only 8,309 units, which was almost halved compared to the same period last year and set a three-year low.

It's abnormal for Wei Jianjun not to be in a hurry. In his opinion, this is the inaction of the entire marketing team.

"At that time, Haval H6 was called the "national car". This was a fruitful result of category innovation and focus on the SUV market. Strong product capabilities, good brand reputation, coupled with consumers' favor and support for domestic brands. Li Ruifeng briefly summarized the reasons for the success of Haval H6 on Weibo.

Category innovation leads to success, and category innovation leads to failure.

Haval has enjoyed the dividends of market take-off, but it has also lost the driving force for reform and innovation.

Wei Jianjun seeks change

Nowadays, car companies want to hear the voices of users, and most of Li Ruifeng's Weibo post contains real feedback from users.

" How to use the Internet to realize the digital marketing transformation of enterprises should be considered. " A netizen said to Li Ruifeng.

Wei Jianjun is already doing this. Recently, he has changed his low-key style in the past and started to come to the stage.

On March 26, Wei Jianjun posted his first message on Weibo in 13 years. He also interacted frequently with Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun before and after the release of Xiaomi SU7, and even gave each other cars.

In April, Wei Jianjun opened a video social platform account and conducted the first live broadcast of his career, showing consumers the entire process of Great Wall City NOA's challenging the complex roads in Baoding's old town.

▲Wei Jianjun’s live broadcast

In May, Great Wall Motors broadcast its shareholders' meeting live for the first time and spent a long time responding to netizens' "down-to-earth" questions. Wei Jianjun also mentioned:

Great Wall's products are actually very powerful, but the current problem is that it is not good at selling cars.

In fact, this is not the first time Wei Jianjun has sought change. When Haval H6 was at its peak, he also tried to prepare a way out for Haval.

Around 2020, Great Wall Motors gradually established the 3.0 version of its organizational structure, emphasizing the model of "small front office, large middle office, and strong back office". Yes, this is a typical model for Internet companies that pursue rapid iteration, flexible innovation, and large-scale operations.

At the same time, the idea of ​​"user-centered" was frequently mentioned within Great Wall, and soon they launched a special online voting, an online voting that surprised everyone.

After fierce competition, Haval Big Dog fought its way through a group of candidates including Lantu, Wolf, Yufeng, Yuantraider, Feng Shang, Tomahawk, and Haval Reactor, leading the second place by 100,000 votes. , becomes the name of Haval’s new SUV model.

This vote is undoubtedly a classic battle of Great Wall Marketing on the Internet. It is not a success, but it is not called a failure. At least Great Wall has taken a real step toward the Internet. Subsequently, Great Wall reached out to some young groups through some cross-border marketing in the next two years.

But the problem is that two years have passed and Harvard is still playing this trick.

Many of our management teams lack the gene for “internet sense”. Li Ruifeng said.

Title a few variety shows, sponsor a few exhibitions, bring a few cars over and use them as graffiti walls, and send out a few press releases, repeatedly talking about "Generation Z", "National Trend", "Communist" "Create" and other pretentious words…

Times have changed.

Wei Jianjun seems to be the first person to feel this change and take action immediately. In addition to the aforementioned Weibo posts and live broadcasts, Wei Jianjun also went straight from Baoding to Zhengzhou during the May Day holiday to inspect Zhenghongcheng's directly-operated stores.

In the new energy era, the Great Wall is changing, and so is Wei Jianjun. And this change has been quite effective. In March this year, Great Wall Motors sold a total of 100,000 new cars, a month-on-month increase of 43%.

But the demise of a generation of "sacred cars" cannot be done by him alone.

I am transforming, but I cannot be the only one transforming.

Wei Jianjun said at the shareholders' meeting.

Not everyone is Lei Jun

Under the influence of Wei Jianjun, Great Wall Motors is trying to shift from the traditional marketing model to a more down-to-earth interactive method.

"Change is necessary," Wei Jianjun said. "If you don't know the direction and method, then learn from the benchmarks of outstanding companies and use the best experience. Even if it is a rigid, follow-up, forced change, you must make it."

The outstanding company he mentioned was none other than Xiaomi Motors.

Regarding Xiaomi Auto’s marketing, financial blogger @renzeping commented this way:

Lei Jun's live broadcast sold 90,000 vehicles, equivalent to 20 billion GMV. Xiaomi Auto's new media marketing strategy deserves attention. This is difficult to achieve with traditional marketing methods and is a dimensionality reduction attack on traditional marketing. .

In December 2023, Lei Jun gave a detailed introduction to Xiaomi Auto's core technological achievements in a three-hour explanation. Since then, Xiaomi cars have been hotly searched, and new information such as spy photos, interiors, factories, and stores have been revealed one by one. One piece a day, no more, no less, with a regular rhythm. Coupled with official refutations from time to time, the attention of Xiaomi SU7 has remained high for a long time.

Lei Jun himself is also constantly taking action. From before the press conference to after the press conference, he has maintained linkage with the leaders of other car companies. Not only that, he also took netizens to visit the Xiaomi factory, personally opened the door to Xiaomi SU7 owners, and continued to post 3-5 posts on Weibo every day.

With Lei Jun acting like this, which car company leader would not doubt himself after seeing this? "Is it my problem? Do I really have to do it myself?"

Under the influence of Lei Jun, it was not only Wei Jianjun who plunged into the online world, but also Chery Group Chairman Yin Tongyue, Jiyue CEO Xia Yiping, Nezha CEO Zhang Yong, Guangqi Honda Marketing Headquarters Liu Chaoming and other big names. They have Some set up tripods in office buildings, and some installed suction cups in their cars.

▲Chery Yin Tongyue (first from left) live broadcast

Even some people who are not in the car circle came here following the taste.

It's a pity that not everyone is Lei Jun, and not everyone has the skill point of "appearing on camera". The live broadcast room is not a place where "you just have to talk" . To find a job as an anchor, you have to have a good resume and pass the interview, right?

For example, Zhang Yong, who learned from Lei Jun under the "supervision" of Zhou Hongyi, overturned during the live broadcast. His body movements, tone, and remarks were too bureaucratic, which made many netizens dissatisfied.

My daily work is hard enough, but you expect me to continue listening to the boss after work? The key is that this leader is not my leader.

In the end, Zhang Yong could only end up apologizing.

Regardless of whether the car can be sold or not, in this transformation process, companies and leaders need to realize that new media marketing is not only an update of technical means, but also an innovation in the way of communication with consumers. It not only requires the leader's market insight, but also requires him to have the ability to establish sincere interactions with users.

Note that the target is the user, not the leader.

Going back to the protagonist at the beginning of this article, Great Wall Li Ruifeng, in his 1,500-word long article, he mentioned "Mr. Wei" more than ten times, including "Mr. Wei took the lead", "Mr. Wei came to the stage", "Mr. Wei "He is the first person in the industry", "The leader has already stepped into the game", etc. For this reason, Li Ruifeng was questioned by netizens for using "official accent".

Some netizens commented:

I still haven't changed my mind. The words are all for the boss to read. I really can't read anymore.

What should I say? If it's an internal report, don't post it.

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