At this conference, vivo released a “camera” and a new imaging brand

For the vivo X100 Ultra mobile phone, vivo can be said to be full of confidence: it started preheating a year ago; it is codenamed after the strongest villain in Marvel movies, "Thanos", which means "sweeping everything"; joint The National Space Administration took a sample of the rocket launch… After a wave of operations, the outside world's expectations for "Thanos" are almost full.

Finally, on the evening of May 13, vivo held a new imaging blueprint and X series new product launch conference, officially bringing the vivo X100 Ultra mobile phone, as well as two new flagship products X100s and X100s Pro, and also launched the imaging brand "Blueprint Imaging". ”.

This article will show you the power of this "Thanos" and vivo's persistence and innovation in imaging.

vivo X100 Ultra: vivo’s first “camera”

vivo X100 Ultra is the first mobile phone in vivo’s history to be named “Ultra”, which is enough to show its heavyweight status.

As the X series that focuses on imaging, the main focus of vivo X100 Ultra this time is the "telephoto" capability that is hugely different between mobile phones and cameras, and it has achieved industry-leading telephoto level.

Zhao Dian, director of the vivo X series product line, also joked that what was released today was vivo’s first “camera.”

In a preview, vivo mentioned that the vivo X100 Ultra has six telephoto limits: high-speed sports, low-light portraits, polar starry sky, extreme macro, telephoto sun, and telephoto stage (concert artifact).

Among them, "concert" is the most complicated scene: it is far away from the stage, the lighting is changeable, the space is crowded, the scene is dark, and the singers and artists are "unpredictable"… Therefore, I have conquered the concert, and basically all scenes can be easily handled response.

In order to become a "super concert artifact", vivo X100 Ultra brings a 200-megapixel Zeiss full-color correction (apochromatic, APO) super telephoto, which is known as the world's strongest chromatic aberration correction periscope telephoto to enhance clarity and sharpness. , restore natural colors, making 200 million pixels "real" 200 million pixels.

This APO telephoto sensor not only has the largest pixels in the industry, but also has the industry's largest main camera lens of 1/1.4 inches, and a large aperture of f/2.67.

The press conference also mentioned a very special telephoto usage scenario: scanning QR codes. With its 200 million pixel telephoto, the vivo X100 Ultra can scan codes from 40 meters away. The X100 Ultra has already completed the scan before the human eye can see the QR code clearly.

Now, users who say that mobile phone cameras are “only used for scanning codes” have another reason to buy the vivo X100 Ultra.

The main camera of "Thanos" is not far behind in terms of strength. The one-inch main camera lens is equipped with gimbal-level anti-shake, integrating "industry-exclusive precision jump" (ultra-high-precision light control), "industry's largest angle OIS anti-shake", "world's first GLC (anti-ghosting fogging coating)" )" three exclusive technologies, claiming to create "the strongest one-inch in the industry."

There must be many friends who have encountered "ghosting" or "fogging" caused by light on the camera when taking photos at night, which affects the image transparency. The vivo X100 Ultra camera is equipped with Zeiss T* coating, which is known as the "strongest anti-glare ghosting ability in the industry". It can take photos at night without fear of annoying ghosting and fogging.

Many Android flagship phones that focus on imaging strive to make breakthroughs in photo shooting, but their video shooting capabilities have remained stagnant. Since it wants to become a "concert machine", it is natural that vivo X100 Ultra cannot ignore its video shooting capabilities.

Powered by vivo's self-developed blueprint image chip V3+, vivo X100 Ultra also makes up for the shortcomings of video shooting. With 200 million pixels, the clarity is enough to support 30x zoom recording. It is also equipped with a high-performance microphone and recording zoom function for recording. Improve the quality of video shooting in all aspects.

In addition to the regular photo + video shooting scenarios, vivo X100 Ultra also introduces two major functions: "diving photography" and "3D shooting capability" to give users more freedom to play.

Of course, as a top flagship, vivo X100 Ultra is not a "specialist", and its configurations other than imaging are also completely top-notch.

As an imaging flagship, taking good photos requires a good screen display. The vivo X100 Ultra is equipped with a 6.78-inch 2K E7 super color accurate screen and is also equipped with vivo’s self-developed image-level color management technology.

In terms of performance, vivo X100 Ultra is naturally equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, Qualcomm’s flagship processor, providing the current top Android performance experience.

In terms of other configurations, vivo X100 Ultra is equipped with a 5500 mAh blue ocean battery, 80W wired and 30W wireless flash charging, and supports two-way satellite communication.

These configurations are not only prepared for various photography scenes, but also reflect the configurations that vivo X100 Ultra should have as a top flagship.

Vivo X100 Ultra is available in three colors: titanium, white moonlight, and space gray. The 12GB+256GB version starts at 6,499 yuan.

In general, vivo X100 Ultra has a full range of configurations, and particularly highlights the "hard" strength of imaging. It has launched many technologies in the industry, and its parameters fully live up to the name of "Thanos".

Of course, hardware is only half of good imaging capabilities. The more important algorithms and adjustments, as well as the increasingly important "tone", will be introduced below.

vivo X100s: direct-screen flagship "version answer"

After serving the "Thanos" dish, vivo X100s and X100s Pro don't seem amazing enough? In fact, these two mobile phones with more balanced configurations also have many highlights. It can even be said that compared to the "muscle-flexing" Ultra, these two phones may be a more convenient choice for many people.

Huang Tao, vice president of vivo products, said that vivo heard the call of the "straight-screen party" and launched the X100s series as the "version answer" for direct-screen mobile phones.

How does vivo X100s become the “version answer” for straight-screen parties? Vivo X100s has everything it needs: not only is the thickness of the phone 7.8 mm thin and light, but it also has excellent feel and texture, and it also has many configurations.

First of all, on the screen, vivo X100s is equipped with a 6.78-inch OLED ultra-clear primary color eye protection screen. It not only only rolls "three highs" (high brush, high brightness and high definition), but also is equipped with 8T LTPO technology. The eye protection is equipped with the blue factory's self-developed Eye protection technology and screen adaptive color temperature adjustment lead the Android camp.

As a "mobile phone", vivo says it is serious about signals. The vivo X100s redesigns the signal antenna based on the direct-screen design, and is equipped with a new "universal signal amplification system", which can quickly share videos and photos even at a concert with thousands of people.

There is a saying in the mobile phone industry, "For Dimensity calibration, it depends on the blue factory." It means that vivo has always maintained an excellent level in the calibration of MediaTek Dimensity processors. This time, vivo X100s debuted Dimensity 9300+. With vivo's own "blue crystal" adjustment and "super frame stabilization" technology, "Honor of Kings" achieved an average frame rate of 119.85, a mean square error of 0.91, and a maximum body temperature of 43.4 degrees. .

Of course, imaging is also the comfort zone of vivo X100s. The main camera is a 1/1.49-inch 50-megapixel camera equipped with "super photosensitive" technology, which increases the amount of light entering by 24.2%.

The telephoto is 64 million pixels, supports 100x ultra-clear zoom, and is equipped with the same "telephoto stage" algorithm as "Thanos", so vivo X100s can also become a "concert artifact."

The three lenses of vivo X100s are also equipped with the same Zeiss T* coating as "Thanos", which effectively reduces stray light and ghosting. It is also equipped with vivo's self-developed blueprint imaging chip V2.

In terms of battery life, vivo X100s is equipped with a 5100 mAh Blue Ocean battery and 100W wired flash charging.

In addition to the "Same as Thanos" titanium, white moonlight and deep space gray colors, vivo X100s also has an "Qingyun" color, priced at 3,999 yuan for the 12GB+256GB configuration.

The vivo X100s Pro is known as the "Imaging Flagship of the Year", and its configuration continues to be upgraded on the basis of the X100S, equipped with a 6.78-inch ultra-clear primary color hyperboloid screen.

The image is upgraded to a Zeiss APO super telephoto, equipped with a "Precision Leap" one-inch main camera, and a Blueprint imaging chip V3.

The battery life has been upgraded to a 5400mAh blue ocean battery and 100W wired and 50W wireless flash charging.

vivo X100s Pro is available in three colors: white moonlight, titanium, and morning and night black, with the 12GB+256GB configuration starting at 4,999 yuan.

"Thanos" Vivo X100 Ultra certainly has the best imaging capabilities, but for some users, mobile phones do not need such powerful imaging capabilities, and lower price and better feel are more important.

vivo X100s can harvest more direct-screen users, while vivo X100s Pro provides a choice for users who want a balanced "mobile phone" with excellent images.

"Blueprint Imaging" brand release: "software and hardware integration" imaging road

In addition to three mobile phone chips, vivo also brought the imaging brand "Blueprint Imaging" to the press conference.

Blueprint imaging represents vivo’s understanding and accumulation of imaging in key scenes. It is a collection of vivo’s self-developed sensor technology, self-developed algorithms, self-developed imaging chips and other imaging technologies.

Vivo believes that the ideal state of mobile imaging should be "software and hardware integrated design", which is also the goal that Blueprint Imaging is achieving.

In fact, during the entire press conference, "software and hardware integration" was almost one of the most mentioned keywords.

Since 2017, vivo has selected "imaging" as its long-term track, insisting on "self-research" + "co-research" in imaging: self-research on algorithms and some component technologies, and joint research with domestic universities and Zeiss Optics , the goal is to achieve No. 1 moving image.

The results of "Blueprint Imaging" are also reflected in three new products: the X100 Ultra is equipped with a top-level sensor jointly developed with Zeiss, and the three mobile phones are equipped with self-developed Blueprint imaging chips, as well as self-developed "telephoto stage" "Algorithms, etc."

Blueprint Imaging not only protects Blueprint's imaging capabilities in terms of underlying software and hardware, but also brings vivo's unique tone.

The "Humanistic Street Photography Camera", which debuted on three new products this time, tries its best to restore the feeling of holding a SLR camera in terms of UI and functions. Users can quickly adjust shutter parameters and capture key moments.

In terms of shooting modes, the humanistic street photography camera introduces various modes such as textured color, black and white color, vivid and natural color, as well as five "humanistic focal lengths" of 24mm/28mm/5mm/50mm/85mm to express different emotions with colors and focal lengths.

In 2024, when everything is deeply integrated with AI, vivo will definitely not miss the "AI photography" gameplay. This time vivo launched a "black technology": Four Seasons Portrait.
"Four Seasons Portrait" can use AI to generate four-season scenes of spring, summer, autumn and winter while retaining the main elements of the photo, and change the background of the photo to the style of different seasons.

Noteworthy new features and products

In addition to the "main dishes" of the three mobile phone and imaging brands, Blue Factory has also prepared some "desserts" this time.

Vivo's self-developed Blue Heart large model has officially been upgraded to a "self-developed AI multi-modal large model". Multi-modal technology allows the large model to contact and understand the world from aspects such as vision, sound, and space.

Vivo also launched the industry's first multi-modal large model technology application "vivo See-Blue Heart Upgraded Edition", which is based on self-developed AI multi-modal large models to help visually impaired users see the world better.

The new Blue Heart AI recorder supports automatic generation of recording file names based on the recording content, can also convert text with one click, and is connected to third-party software such as QQ, WeChat, and DingTalk.

The vivo office suite supports seamless collaboration across five screens including Windows and Mac, and Universal Document supports opening 57 professional file formats including Pages, Numbers, and CAD. Huang Tao joked that vivo X100s has officially joined the “Apple Family Bucket”.

The press conference also brought a new ECG version of the smart watch product vivo WATCH 3, which has a built-in high-precision ECG detection sensor and can complete prompts for sinus rhythm or atrial fibrillation, premature atrial contractions, premature ventricular contractions and other indicators in 30 seconds. The vivo Health App can generate electrocardiogram reports and is priced at 1,699 yuan. There is a 200 yuan discount when purchased in combination with the X series before May 31.

At the end of the press conference, Huang Tao gave his thoughts on purchasing vivo products:
– Direct screen party to buy vivo x100s
– If you want a thin and light folding screen, buy vivo X Fold3
– If you want the most flagship images, buy vivo X100s Pro
– You need both folding screen and imaging, choose vivo X Fold3 Pro
– If you want a “camera” for making calls, buy the vivo X100 Ultra

The vivo X100s and vivo X100s Pro will be officially launched on May 17th, and the vivo X100 Ultra will be officially launched on May 28th.

Starting from the slogan "The backlight is also clear, illuminating your beauty", vivo has started the road to lay out images.

In the past seven years, domestic Android flagships have all joined the "volume imaging" track. Many top Android flagships focus on imaging as a selling point.

Due to its early layout and insistence on self-research and joint research, vivo has now carved a new path with its core technology. With a "Thanos" that has been warmed up for more than a year, as well as a number of industry-first technologies, it has once again shocked the world with its technology. Four seats.

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