At McDonald’s eating burgers and riding a bike, whose weight loss “DNA” has moved?

For people who are reducing weight or fat by controlling their diet and exercising, "deceptive meal" is a familiar term, which means that after a continuous low-energy diet, the body’s protective mechanism will reduce basal metabolic consumption and slow down Fat consumption requires a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet to "deceive" the body.

Generally speaking, many people exercise after a high-calorie diet to consume excess calories and avoid fat accumulation, but recently McDonald's has taken a different approach. A video on the Internet has attracted a lot of attention. In the video, customers eat burgers and drink Coke while riding a meal at McDonald's.

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While eating high-calorie foods while exercising while charging the phone, the gourmet fitness charge is correct. Some netizens joked: This is the real "cheating meal". , So you may not feel the guilt after eating.

It is understood that these environmentally friendly rechargeable bicycles are a measure of McDonald's in response to low-carbon environmental protection. It first appeared in McDonald's first "low-carbon life experience" store in Wanda Plaza, Jieyang, Guangdong, and some stores in Shanghai also have this bicycle.

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These exercise bikes are all made of recycled plastic, which is also part of McDonald's' nationwide upgrade of recycling programs. Customers can ride while having a meal. The mobile phone is placed on the table. If the riding speed is fast enough, the mobile phone can be charged wirelessly. To some extent, it is also helpful for environmental protection.

It has to be said that this environmentally friendly rechargeable bike of McDonald's really attracts attention, and it seems to be a good way to charge for food sports, but more of it must be a gimmick.

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Many people choose the sport of singles in the gym. A spinning class takes about 45-60 minutes and consumes at least 500 calories. However, the normal riding speed is not that fast, and the calories consumed are natural. There will be less.

A person with a weight of about 90 kg, riding at a speed of about 8 km/h for an hour will consume about 364 kcal, while the most common package at McDonald’s has an energy of 588 kcal. Even the "500-calorie package" introduced by McDonald's through the concept of a balanced diet before has a big gap with the calories consumed by cycling.

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Riding charging is not uncommon. The previous bicycle called CydeKick was designed to cut magnetic lines of force, and convert kinetic energy into electrical energy when the wheels rotate, and then store it in an energy storage device. A "bicycle charging device" has also appeared in a shopping mall in Xi'an. The built-in power generation device of the bicycle is connected to the mobile phone charger through the substation equipment. People can charge the mobile phone by stepping on the bicycle, but the charging efficiency is not high.

▲Picture from: Sanqin Metropolis Daily

If you want to charge your mobile phone by riding, assuming you are riding at a speed of about 8 km/h, you need to fully charge a 2000 mAh mobile phone battery, which may take about 4 hours to fully charge. Moreover, to reach the riding speed that can generate electricity stably, it is estimated that it is impossible to concentrate on eating food.

▲Picture from: McDonald's

Although the McDonald’s move is more gimmick than reality, everyone knows that if you can’t exercise right after eating, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, let alone exercise while eating. However, it can also be seen that modern people’s lifestyle changes and differences. The pursuit of health.

In order to "weight loss," many people adopt low-fat diets in their daily lives. Many of the foods in McDonald's are people's "cheating meals" choices. High-calorie foods are delicious, but if you want to have an ideal figure and a healthy body, diet control is the same as maintaining exercise habits.

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