ASUS Lingyao X Happy Experience: Seeing the Intel Evo platform logo, I know it’s stable

I used to love dreams when I was young, and I always wanted perfection. For example, I couldn't find a laptop to satisfy myself.

High-performance ones are often heavy, light and thin. Both performance and endurance pull the hips. If you want to add face recognition or other additional functions, the price will go up a lot.

As for the student party, what I thought was a flagship flimsy notebook of tens of thousands, and I was holding a budget of a few thousand yuan.

Later, I learned to compromise, and learned that the design of a notebook is a flicker between the trade-offs, and the appearance and price of performance and battery life are difficult to account for. But today, besides "difficult", there is another word called "achievement."

With the introduction of the Intel Evo platform, it has become possible to balance all experiences on a laptop. This time, I experienced the brand-new ASUS Lingyao X Xiaoyao and Lingyao X aspect notebooks that have passed the Intel Evo platform certification, which are products that "complete" the all-round experience.

What do you need to do to "debut in a group"?

Unexpectedly, sometimes the notebook competition is a bit like the current talent show.

Recently, Intel launched the "Intel Evo Platform" certification program. Only by passing hundreds of rigorous tests can you get the "Instructor" Intel’s "Blue Logo". The purpose is to choose among the vast sea of ​​machines that are really easy to use. The product.

There are more than 150 models of 11-generation Core notebooks on the market, but only 20 models have been certified by the Intel Evo platform. This elimination rate is just like the previous "Youth with You 2", which selects 20 candidates from a large number of candidates to make their debut.

Just this time, Lingyao X Xiaoyao is on the list of these 20 notebooks.

Being able to be "Pick Debut" naturally requires both internal and external development. First look at the unique appearance of Xiaoyao, the full-textured all-metal body, the concentric circle processing characteristic of the ZenBook family, and the sharp dark gold edges. If you put Xiaoyao together Among high-end business notebooks, you can also recognize them at a glance through these recognizable designs.

Xiaoyao uses a 13-inch 4K OLED flip screen with a screen ratio of 16:9; the most stunning design is the edge of the fuselage. The dark gold lines obtained after two anodizing and coloring broke the light luxury route. My inherent impression of the conservative design of the business book.

As we all know, in business itself, thinness and scalability are often mutually exclusive options. If you want to thin the body as much as possible, it is bound to tolerate more expansion interfaces. But for Xiaoyao, ASUS maintains a balance between the two.

Looking at the right interface first, Xiaoyao has a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A interface; on the left there is an HDMI interface and the two most important Thunderbolt 4 interfaces.

The old round charging port has been ruthlessly abandoned by the times. Both Thunderbolt 4 ports support 65 W PD fast charging. Even if you forget to bring the official charger, you can pick up a PD fast charging power bank to return blood at any time.

Not only that, the Thunderbolt 4 interface integrates charging, data transmission, and expansion . The ultra-fast transmission rate of 40Gb/s can not only cope with the daily file transfer of large videos, but also the output of two external 4K displays is also effortless.

At the same time, the charging efficiency is also very high. It can charge 43% of the battery in half an hour . If you forget to charge the computer the night before, you will have enough time for a meal to cope with the work of the morning.

This time, the hands-on experience of Xiaoyao has reached the flagship level of business notebooks in terms of hardware configuration, using the latest eleventh generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor and 16 GB memory.

Abundant performance reserves are very suitable for me like "open dozens of web pages and never shut down stars." But what impressed me even more with the performance improvement was that it brought me a brand new laptop experience.

Do you remember how long the phone has not been turned off? Since the popularization of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, the operation of shutting down seems to have been gradually forgotten by people. Always online, the instant response when the screen is turned on has become one of the basic experiences of mobile devices, and now I can finally have this zero-waiting instant response on my laptop.

Turning on the computer screen, the system has entered the desktop before putting both hands on the palm rest. With Windows Hello with infrared facial recognition, security and convenience can be taken into account at the same time.

For workers who work with a business laptop, it is commonplace to cover and take out the door at any time, and then temporarily turn on the small table or even on the knee to continue the interrupted work. One second less time to wait for the computer to respond can also reduce A lot of anxiety.

When it comes to anxiety, I have to mention battery life. Take the actual usage of this manuscript as an example. From 9 o'clock in the morning, you can browse the web without interruption, type in Word and simply process pictures. By 5 o'clock in the afternoon, there will be 18% The remaining battery life is not much different from the official 9-hour long-term battery life. Friends who have serious battery life anxiety in the past can now rest assured.

Of course, for better battery life, I set the resolution to 1080P and use it. If 4K resolution is necessary for work, the battery life will be shortened accordingly.

Due to dozens of networked devices in the editorial department, it is not that the company's network bandwidth is not enough, but that too many devices on the same network cause network traffic jams.

Xiaoyao uses Intel’s latest Wi-Fi 6 technology , which is equivalent to creating an unobstructed highway between the router and the router. This is also true in the actual experience. Compared with the old Wi-Fi 5 devices, Xiaoyao requires More stable and faster.

Thanks to the sharply increased performance of the Iris Xe graphics card , I can finally get rid of my desktop computer and smoothly edit pictures and do light video editing on my laptop. It is worth mentioning that even if the updated Iris Xe graphics card is compared with the entry-level discrete graphics card MX350, it is not shy.

In other words, now you can get a complete and smooth Adobe Family Barrel experience by simply turning it on your knees.

On the solid foundation, what are the highlights?

The fast response speed, long battery life, and dazzling visual experience mentioned above are actually all requirements of the Intel Evo platform.

It can be seen that, as long as it has passed the certification of the Intel Evo platform, the basic experience of this computer can already reach an excellent level, and it can be regarded as a top student among the candidates.

But not all students in universities are the same. Some basketball players are good, some are Go masters, and some are the king of karaoke.

What kind of Lingyao X Xiaoyao belongs to? We might as well know it again.

If you are tired of seeing the traditional notebook form that opens up front, you might as well "overturn" it. Xiaoyao supports a 360-degree folding screen and 10-finger touch and stylus touch, which means that there are more possibilities in Xiaoyao.

Since my "initial talent" didn't have any paintings, I didn't know how to create with Xiaoyao, but it was very pleasant to be able to surf the Internet on the sofa with it.

In the past, the sound of laptops was still at the level of "listen to a ring", but the sound tuned by Harman Karton on Xiaoyao has passed the threshold of "good sound". Whether it is watching movies or listening to music, it has a deep and full sound field. Performance gives me a reason not to use external headphones.

ZenBook's logo function NumPad is not missing on Xiaoyao either. The number keys on the touchpad subtly solve the pain point of the lack of a numeric keyboard on small computers. Although the keys are interactive in the form of touch and lack tactile feedback, ZenBook is still a big step ahead in the multiple choice questions of "Yes" and "No" on the numeric keypad.

Platform-level collaborative "evolution"

This time, I also got the ASUS Lingyao X, which is also certified by the Intel Evo platform. How do I choose these two computers? ASUS Lingyao X Xiaoyao and Zongyao have the same shape design and an epoch-making notebook experience based on Intel Evo platform certification. The difference is mainly reflected in the choice of screen:

Xiaoyao's 4K OLED flip screen can be both professional work and ultimate audio-visual entertainment. The vertical and horizontal 3:2 3.3K full screen can expand the field of vision between square inches.

The different screens of the Lingyao dual-machine will determine different work orientations, and the same is that the "evolved" physique makes work easier and smoother.

Faster response speed, longer battery life, and more dazzling visual experience , this is the biggest impression that Xiaoyao and Zongzhong have given me during this time. Why do two different notebooks have a highly consistent experience? This is going back to the "notebook team draft" mentioned at the beginning- Intel Evo platform .

In the past, the Windows camp always gave people the impression of uneven experience. The reason is that various manufacturers lack a high standard for guidance when designing notebooks, and it is difficult to optimize notebooks in depth.

As the only designated chip for high-end thin and light notebooks, Intel naturally has to shoulder the banner of promoting the evolution of notebooks. Intel has set up a series of development laboratories in conjunction with major manufacturers to establish a series of high standards based on actual experience for excellent mobile experience. A series of rigorous tests are qualified to be labeled with the Intel Evo logo.

Looking back at the changes in the notebook purchase experience over the years, you will find that compared to the "willing" of the year, today's purchase and use are undoubtedly much more convenient. The key is to progress together from upstream to downstream in the industry.

To be honest, buying a computer now is much easier than choosing a computer for the first time before I went to college a few years ago.

I still remember the summer vacation after the college entrance examination. The homework done by choosing a notebook that can support four years of study time is no less than volunteering for college entrance examination. After continuous learning of hardware knowledge and repeated struggles and comparisons, I dare to carefully place orders. .

Now that desktop devices want to further compete with mobile devices, they must listen to and meet the real needs of users. Intel co-manufacturers focused on improving user experience and launched the high-specification certified Intel Evo platform. The intention is Accelerate the overall performance of notebook computers and promote industrial transformation.

This also means that the user's choice cost can be greatly reduced. The cold hardware parameters in the past may scare off the computer hardware, and the excellent actual experience represented by the Intel Evo logo allows users to bypass many detours and make them more intuitive. Pick a productivity tool you like.

Among the 20 notebooks certified by the Intel Evo platform, either equipped with a larger screen or a thinner and lighter body, they can meet the unique needs of different users and have the same excellent basic experience-this is " The meaning of "evolution".

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