ASUS Lingyao X dual-screen experience: this screen is definitely not a large TouchBar

It is said that the shape of mobile phones is becoming more and more formulaic, and the beautiful skins are the same.

The scenery here is unique for laptops: there are gaming notebooks with extreme performance; there are ultrabooks that squeeze any excess weight; and there are dual repair products that combine the characteristics of the first two.

In addition, there are many products that have tried various forms. The protagonist of this experience-ASUS Lingyao X dual screen, is one of them.

Before opening the lid, it looked like my old friend for many years

The front side continues the eccentric concentric circle design of the ASUS ZenBook series. The ASUS icon on the right spreads outward from the center. The brushed concentric circles are like ripples caused by small rocks falling into the lake.

▲ A leather protective sleeve is included

The brushed metal side A is not as resistant to fingerprints and oil stains as I thought. On the contrary, if you want to maintain its most beautiful side, you need to wipe it frequently.

Let's take a look at the side of the Lingyao X dual screen.

On the left is HDMI and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and on the right is a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, 3.5mm audio port and Micro SD card slot. The number of ports is quite comprehensive, which basically covers daily needs.

The weight and thickness of the fuselage are also surprising, the thickness is 15.9 mm, and the weight is around 1.5KG.

▲ The thickness is roughly equivalent to two mobile phones

Open the lid and surprise, double surprise

Open the lid, it turns out that it has two screens: the main screen on side B and the secondary screen on the half of side C, named ScreenPad Plus.

The small ErgoLift hinge at the rear of the fuselage will lift the entire fuselage, and the secondary screen will also rise by 7° for easy viewing.

The latest AAS Plus wind tunnel technology from ASUS is introduced to the Lingyao X dual screen. The air outlet is set at the hinge, and the air inlet is hidden at the bottom of the secondary screen. Under normal circumstances, the secondary screen can be lifted to increase the air intake. This design has its advantages. Even during the game, the C side will not be hot, and there is no warm feeling, and the hot air will be blown up with the main screen.

I am a little worried that after a long period of use, the bottom of the secondary screen will accumulate dust and be difficult to manage.

The area of ​​the secondary screen is half that of the main screen, which also means that the keyboard on the C side will be much smaller than the keyboard of a regular laptop, and it also has a touchpad.

Side C has never been so crowded, there is no blank space, so that Intel's sticker has become only a small one.

The gap between the keycaps and the keycaps is narrow, but the keys have a superior hitting feel, with obvious gaps and timely feedback. It can be said to be the gospel of codeword workers. This is quite surprising.

The keys are specially designed, and it took me a week to get used to it. Now when I click the arrow keys in the lower right corner, I can finally press the left and right keys of the touchpad by mistake.

The area of ​​the touchpad is only 1/3 of that of Lingyao's other products, but the sliding and sensitivity are not bad. If you feel that the touchpad is too small, you can enter the setting interface of the secondary screen and tap three fingers to enter the touch The mode function is turned on. When you forget to bring your mouse when you go out in the future, you can use the secondary screen instead of the touchpad for more precise operation.

The dual screen is the biggest feature of this machine. The main screen is a 1920×1080 14-inch touch screen. The four sides are narrow. The left and right sides of the screen are only 3.5mm away from the outer frame, so that the main screen accounts for 93% of the screen, and the maximum brightness is 400nits.

The size of the touch secondary screen is 12.65 inches, the screen ratio is a rare 32:9, the resolution is 1920×515, the resolution is not inferior to the main screen, and the brightness is also on par with the main screen.

From the point of view of parameters, this secondary screen is not like TouchBar, and the display quality has not been compromised due to positioning. The look and feel of the two screens are quite uniform, with delicate displays and bright and accurate colors. The main and secondary screens have passed the PANTONE professional color certification, suitable for users who often deal with design and color correction.

Having this secondary screen means that I can handle various tasks more efficiently when writing, retouching, and typesetting. And both screens support ASUS 4096-level pressure-sensitive stylus, but the pen needs to be purchased separately.

When writing, the secondary screen can open the browser and WeChat, quoting reference content and fishing is not wrong (bushi), coupled with the excellent keyboard feel, I really like to code words on it.

When typesetting, the main screen is used to display our background, the secondary screen displays the content of the document, and the illustrations are more convenient.

ASUS has considered this usage scenario in advance, so it has prepared a preset workflow for users. The official name is task group, and up to 4 groups can be set. Users can put several commonly used apps in them according to their own habits, and even the default location after opening can be specifically set.

When using the Adobe Family Barrel software, the secondary screen interface will enter the corresponding control panel, displaying various knobs and sliding bars, making the originally boring interaction of adjusting parameters more playable.

Rubbing the knob of the sub-screen, retouched the picture to make it feel like a DJ.

Although this operation is more intuitive and convenient, it is more straightforward to manually input parameters when detailed parameter modification is required, such as increasing the "exposure to 0.78".

ASUS tries its best to create usage scenarios for Screen Pad Plus, extending its usage time, not just a large TouchBar. Without an external monitor, this secondary screen really helped me.

Alone significantly blessed, with ease

From the previous sticker with the i7 logo, it can be seen that this Lingyao X dual screen uses a Core i7 processor, to be precise, it is the 11th generation Core i7-1165G7, equipped with Iris Xe set display and NVIDIA MX450 The 2G independent display, 32GB of memory and 1TB of SSD are the top products in this series, priced at 11,999 yuan.

Later, there will be a Lingyao X dual-screen Pro version equipped with the unique RTX30 series. Creative workers and gamers with harder graphics needs can pay attention to a wave.

Going back to this laptop, this configuration is obviously not too difficult to drive dual screens. Faced with the three major pieces of Adobe I usually use, I can handle it well, but I have to wait a few seconds when I open the application for the first time, and then it runs smoothly and the switching function response is quite fast.

And this Lingyao X dual-screen has passed the Intel EVO certification, which means that it has been "liked" by Intel in terms of performance, battery life, and heat dissipation.

It is equivalent to hitting Xingyao in "Glory of the King". The profile shows that your mastery of this game is already at a high level. If you play black with you, there is a high probability that you can be taken away.

Intel EVO certification is equivalent to playing the role of a ladder, but here there are only two results of "pass" and "fail".

Not only is the software commonly used at work smooth and free to use, even if you want to play games on a whim, the Lingyao X dual screen can handle it. I tentatively opened the "Mind Killer", this game is on the PC platform It has been released for 9 years, but the fineness of the picture is not inferior to the current 3A masterpiece.

"Mind Killer" can run smoothly on this laptop in a medium-quality mode, basically running at 60 frames without noticeable frame drop. It is worth mentioning that when reading files and entering the game, it is almost in seconds, and the game screen appears before the word Loading is displayed.

I tried to make it a little bit more difficult, and set the image quality option to high. The floor and perspective textures under my feet are very delicate. At this time, the frame rate occasionally drops to 54, but it is still smooth and has little effect on the playing experience. . And looking at this full-detailed picture, one can be more immersed in the American drama narrative design of this game.

It seems that this game produced by Remedy 9 years ago does not pose any difficulty for the MX 450 alone. So I opened Forza Horizon 4.

As Microsoft's top-brand work, the Forza series are produced with the highest specifications. Players have also sincerely rewarded Forza as an evergreen tree in the racing game industry.

The latest work in the series Horizon 4 was released in 2018. There are many customizable graphics options. Of course, the optimization is also done very well, so when I first opened the Horizon, I ran its own performance test.

The game judges that this machine is suitable for playing in full HD medium quality downstream. In this mode, the number of distant maps is less loaded, but the visual shock brought by the vehicle details and weather system is satisfactory, and the number of frames has been stable. 60 unchanged, the GPU occupancy is displayed at about 80%.

With the mentality of giving it a try, I set the image quality mode to high and turned on the vertical synchronization, which is considered to have drained the function of this machine. Back to the game, the fan noise of the machine reaches its peak (about 60 decibels near the air outlet). When you are immersed in the game, this noise is nothing.

The number of frames dropped to about 45, and the response was a bit sluggish. It was obvious that the smoothness of the game was affected, and the GPU occupancy rate remained high above 90%. Soon the game pop-up window prompts that the graphics card memory is insufficient. Obviously this quality is unique to the MX450. Obviously speaking, it's a bit difficult, but it's gratifying that non-games alone can achieve such results.

Dual screens are not a gimmick, both practicality and beauty

The performance level of the Lingyao X dual screen is enough to make it among the forefront of creative workbooks at the same price. The existence of dual screens allows you to not miss any work calls when you are engaged in the game. "Sleep from the busy", the term can not be used on this laptop.

The Intel EVO certification mentioned above will put forward corresponding requirements for the endurance of the laptop. In order to meet the energy consumption requirements of the two built-in screens, the Lingyao X dual screen is equipped with a 70Wh battery.

With the power consumption optimization technology of the 11th generation Core, it is measured that when the browser is resident in the background, the codeword is 3 hours, the picture is edited for 1 hour, and then watching an episode of Wanda Vision (weekends, not fishing), the battery is 45% , If the ScreenPad Plus is turned off when it is idle, the battery life can be renewed a little longer, and it is basically not a problem to meet 8 hours of uninterrupted work.

The included power adapter has a power of 65W, which can charge the Lingyao X dual-screen with a battery level of less than 10% to full charge within two hours, so that the battery will not be anxious when traveling on business.

▲ Comparison of charger size

It is true that the Lingyao X dual screen is not the first product on the market to try a dual screen form, but it undoubtedly strengthens the functional practicability and battery life of the ScreenPad Plus on the basis of its predecessors.

ASUS also set the starting price at 8,299 yuan, which is likely to be a dimensionality reduction and disrupt the situation. Perhaps after the ASUS dual-screen road runs through, the dual-screen form will be accepted by more and more users.

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