ASUS Lingyao 13 2023 experience: a good screen above thin and light

I thought that ChatGPT was already a mountain, but I didn't expect it to be just the tip of the iceberg of AI revolution. Notion AI that assists in writing, Midjourney that generates beautiful pictures, Gamma that completes PPT with one click, and ChatPDF that helps you read PDFs…

This series of changes is also accompanied by changes that are not easy to detect: Most of our time and attention were swallowed up by mobile phones, but now computers have regained their strength.

While advanced AI software tools improve efficiency, the importance of advanced hardware tools and inspiration has become increasingly prominent. Perhaps, laptops are also writing the same new story as AI?

"I'm an editor. I need to write manuscripts every day and occasionally retouch pictures. What points should I consider when buying a computer?"

I raised this question to ChatGPT, and the suggestions it gave are: light body, high-resolution screen, excellent battery life, and rich interfaces.

It just so happens that the newly acquired Lingyao 13 in my hand is all satisfied.

Big power in a small body

When I took the Lingyao 13 2023 Edition (hereinafter referred to as Lingyao 13) out of the box, there was a burst of exclamation from around: it's so thin. But when I started it myself, the first thing I felt was the lightness of Lingyao 13.

Take the MacBook Air you are using and compare it. Lingyao 13 overflows the thinness of the screen, as you can see in the picture:

▲ Lingyao 13 is on the left

The body of Lingyao 13 weighs only 1 kg, and the travel weight of the charging head is equivalent to the bare MacBook Air. Of course, if you have other multi-port chargers that support the PD protocol, travel can be easier. If the MacBook Air It is the benchmark of thin and light books, and Lingyao 13 is an existence beyond the benchmark.

After feeling the lightness and thinness just getting started, put it on the desktop and turn on the screen, what you see is the design sense of Lingyao 13 beyond the thinness and lightness.

The A side of Lingyao 13 adopts a special process, which melts and crystallizes on the surface of aluminum alloy, so that the metal has a ceramic texture after oxidation. This design not only brings higher hardness and heat resistance, but also has a stone-like touch in the hand.

This is also the second surprise after I opened the box of Lingyao 13 and felt the lightness and lightness directly: the notebook design has undergone decades of changes, and it is very difficult to make a difference within the rules and regulations. The A side of Lingyao 13 is like a rock slab Polished, restrained and steady, it is different from the common metal, plastic or glass materials.

The rock-solid brand concept is embodied in this product.

What we got was the polar gray color scheme. The elegant body made Lingyao 13 look very business-like, but the addition of a few geometric lines made it a lot smarter. The "ASUS ZenBook" logo docked on the edge of the back panel is low-key and elegant. clear.

Numerous products in the past tell us that thinness often comes at a price, such as being fancy but not useful, such as sacrificing structural parts, violating some ergonomics, or reducing battery capacity, etc.

However, the long-term design and manufacturing experience in the light and thin field has allowed Lingyao 13 to largely avoid the trap of "fancy but not useful".

For example, Lingyao 13 adopts a floating hinge design. When the screen is turned on, the keyboard will also be raised to improve the viewing angle and make viewing and input more comfortable.

Another small detail that I value is also revealed in this process: even though the body is so thin and the hinge design is special, it can still open and close the screen easily with one hand with a smooth and comfortable damping feeling.  

Turn on the screen, and the Windows Hello face is instantly unlocked, and the 13.3-inch, 2.8K, OLED ultra-narrow bezel screen of Lingyao 13 comes rushing towards you.

After using it for a period of time, my evaluation of this screen is 8 words: keep it dark and light it up.

Because of the OLED screen, Lingyao 13 is deep enough when watching movies. Use it to relive Nolan's "The Dark Knight". The depression of Gotham can be felt only by the screen without the soundtrack and lines.

In addition, with a peak brightness of 600 nits, you can clearly see the screen even in an outdoor environment, meeting the needs of business travel.

It is inevitable that there will be worries about burning the screen when using OLED screens. ASUS has used Samsung E3 optimized materials and formed a complete anti-aging mechanism in the software. You only need to enjoy the excellent look and feel brought by this screen, and leave the rest to ASUS.

For thin and light notebooks, there are two major pain points that have been difficult to overcome. One is the interface and the other is performance.

The first is the interface. It is difficult for most thin and light notebooks to guarantee the number and type of interfaces. The MacBook Air only has 2 Thunderbolt interfaces, and the Surface Laptop has 1 A 1 C. The unavoidable expansion dock makes the thin and light notebook not thin enough.

Lingyao 13 gives us almost top-of-the-line interfaces: 2 full-featured Thunderbolt 4, 1 USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, 1 HDMI 2.1, of course, the advanced 3.5mm audio interface is not left behind.

In particular, the HDMI interface has exceeded the limit of the thickness of the machine, and one book is enough for business trips.

In terms of performance, Lingyao 13 is equipped with the 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor (i5 version is optional), with 2 performance cores and 8 energy efficiency cores, which are better than the previous generation CPU in terms of process and performance.

We actually measured the CINEBENCH R20 running score of Lingyao 13 at room temperature. The first running score was 3027 points. After multiple running points, the score stabilized at around 2800 points, basically meeting our expectations for its performance.

The 13th generation Core chip adopts a new hybrid technology, which can dynamically adjust power consumption and performance under different loads, that is to say, notebooks equipped with this chip will have better endurance performance.

Lingyao 13 uses a 63 Wh large-capacity battery with a battery life of 65W charging power. The official claims that the office battery life is about 14 hours.

Of course, we will not use thin and light notebooks to compare performance with gaming notebooks, nor will we use official data as the battery life of Lingyao 13.

I, an editor, use Lingyao 13 for office.

7 hours with 48% battery remaining

Writing manuscripts, retouching pictures, chasing dramas, and holding meetings. Office is an essential tool for my daily work, and ChatGPT is my powerful assistant for efficient work. Turn on the power, unplug the charging cable, and my day with Lingyao 13 begins.

After seeing the thin, light and excellent screen of Lingyao 13, what really impressed me when I used it was its keyboard.

In order to pursue a thin and light body, Lingyao 13 uses a magnesium-aluminum alloy keyboard panel, and the touchpad uses an extremely thin glass cover. It stands to reason that the keyboard with a body that is too thin will not feel good, such as the disc type of the MacBook back then. keyboard.

An easy-to-use keyboard generally has the following characteristics: long enough key travel, wide and reasonable key distance, and keycaps with excellent tactility.

The key travel of 1.1mm is not too long, perhaps because of the raised body, the percussion is soft, and there is no feeling of pressing on the steel plate. The key spacing of 18.7mm and the slightly concave keycap are bonus points. The key feedback is clear enough, and the writing efficiency is much higher.

Considering its weight of 1 kg and size of 13.3 inches, this keyboard experience is absolutely excellent.

The touchpad of Lingyao 13 is absolutely huge, and it is not inferior to MacBook Air. Coupled with Windows 11's optimization of the touchpad, a larger touchpad will naturally bring a better experience.

However, this touchpad does not support global pressing. Although various operations can be performed with light touch, who doesn't want to make the experience a step further?

If you do text work like me, while experiencing Lingyao 13, here I will also share three tools for daily use, which may improve your work efficiency.

The first is Affinity Photo. The high subscription price of Photoshop makes it possible to buy out Affinity Photo on Windows, macOS, and iPad at one time.

Its operation method is similar to that of Photoshop. From the latter to Affinity Photo, there is almost no need to get started. Layers, pens, clones…the operations you are familiar with in Photoshop are all here.

Lingyao 13 supports 100% P3 wide color gamut. You can also switch between four professional color gamuts including native, sRGB, DCI-P3 and Display P3 according to your needs. OLED has ultra-high color contrast and Pantone color certification. Lingyao 13, the average ΔE<1. The performance of the 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor is also sufficient to meet the needs of photo editing.

There was also a small episode when shooting the product picture. When the photographer repaired the picture and sent it to me, he immediately praised: its screen is really good.

If you are a photographer, it is no problem to use it as a portable notebook for editing pictures.

The second software is Office. Note that this is not the Office that comes with the purchase of the computer, but the subscription-based Microsoft 365.

After subscribing, you will have 1TB of OneDrive cloud disk space, which will automatically save the documents you are writing at any time without worrying about file loss.

Moreover, Microsoft's latest features will be updated to Microsoft 365 as soon as possible. If you want to use Microsoft's Copilot of "One-sentence PPT" at the first time, Microsoft 365 must be the best choice.

I have to say that Office on the Windows platform is perfect. Smooth animation effects, translucent frosted glass design, used on Lingyao 13, it feels like the software and hardware are light together.

Here I have to mention battery life. As an editor, it is normal to write for a long time. From 2:00 p.m. to 7:20 p.m., 5 hours of writing, retouching, and web page query, Lingyao 13 still has 57% of the battery. Save a little and even meet my needs for two working days.

The last tool is the ChatGPT mentioned above. Although it can't help me complete the manuscript, it can give me suggestions and check information, so that I can quickly understand knowledge in an unfamiliar field.

For example, in the article you are reading now, the sharing of Lingyao 13’s weight, screen resolution, battery life, and performance experience comes from the perspective provided by ChatGPT.

In the departmental meeting before get off work, Lingyao 13 saved me the cumbersomeness of carrying the expansion dock. HDMI is connected to the display in the conference room, and the screen projection and sharing can be done in one go.

Really, every thin and light laptop deserves an HDMI port.

7 hours have passed, and when I got off work, I saw that the Lingyao 13 still had 48% of the battery, and I felt very relieved.

The new standard for thin and light notebooks

Two bottles of mineral water are the weight of ASUS Lingyao 13 2023.

A notebook that can be packed in a messenger bag has contracted my work and entertainment for a week. The experience it brought me can be summed up in four words: quiet, efficient, and good screen.

The last word needs to be said separately, and that is "standard". When it comes to thin and light notebooks, everyone will mention the screen quality and long battery life, but what kind of screen quality and battery life can be considered excellent, ASUS has given the answer.

2.8K OLED screen + battery life of nearly two working days, coupled with 13th-generation Intel chips and rich interfaces, ASUS Lingyao 13 2023 is the standard answer for thin and light books.

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