“Assassin leader” Zhong Xuegao, it can actually be expensive to sell

Zhong Xue Gao, an unattainable "high".

Among all the ice cream brands, some are more expensive than Zhong Xue Gao, some are more popular than Zhong Xue Gao, and some are more cost-effective than Zhong Xue Gao. However, in terms of topic discussion, these brands may not add up to the controversial Zhong Xuegao, who is the assassin leader of the "ice cream assassin", a newly consumed ice cream brand, and an unattainable ice cream.

It's just that although such brands are controversial and overturned, we should allow them to exist.

Zhong Xuegao: The Ice Cream Assassin's Blade

Among all the ice cream assassins, the reason why Zhong Xuegao can become a blade may be because it is too outstanding.

This is not a positive word, a negative word, but a neutral word. This means that Zhong Xuegao not only has excellent marketing ability and can gain the attention of users, but also means that he has a black history that is not enough to be trusted. Between good and bad, there are enough discussion points.

This is inseparable from the founder's choice of route.

▲ Lin Sheng, founder of Zhong Xuegao

He chose the unattainable "high" price line for the brand. Before starting Zhong Xuegao, he was a senior advertising ice cream maker. One of the ice cream assassins, Madiel, was able to go out of the northeast and stab the whole country, and he participated in the marketing planning. It is also related to his precise positioning that Zhongjie 1946 can gain a foothold in the battlefield of new ice cream consumption.

Zhong Xuegao's first shot also started from being expensive. The 66 yuan ice cream was the peak when it debuted. This price did not prevent it from becoming the top of the Tmall Double Eleven ice cream category in 2018, and it also deeply pierced the hearts of consumers. brand. In the past, the price was expensive, and it was similar to HEYTEA, but the price of Ecuadorian pink diamonds was the same as that of Naixue Durian King, which was out of the pattern.

▲ Ecuadorian pink diamonds are hot in winter

At this time, Zhong Xuegao has become the top luxury ice cream industry, can't afford 66 pink diamonds, can't afford 18 ice cream? It's like luxury perfumes and cosmetics are also very expensive, but you won't feel expensive compared to ready-to-wear and bags. What you buy is an affordable alternative within the brand, the style of the brand.

If it is only expensive, the brand topic will not ferment so fast. Fortunately, the brand Zhong Xuegao is not short of overturns, and it is not short of smears by opponents.

The first was the brand’s self-failure, and the founder who came from advertising fell into trouble in advertising and marketing. The two cases of being fined for false propaganda have put a question mark on whether Zhong Xuegao is worth the money.

In 2019, Zhong Xuegao was discovered that "only the premium red grapes from the core grape-growing areas of the Turpan Basin" were actually ordinary red raisins. In the same year, Zhong Xue Gaoqing milk ice cream was advertised as "without a drop of water, pure milk frankincense". After verification by the market supervision bureau, it was found that drinking water was added in the ingredient list of the product.

Not so high-end, not so pure self-rollover, Zhong Xuegao also suffered smear.

It's at that price, whether you like it or not.

The founder's provocative words successfully ignited a fire in the hearts of ordinary customers. Although Zhong Xuegao refuted the original rumor in time as "the cost of grapefruit is 1.2 million yuan per ton, that's the price, do you like it or not." However, the maliciously edited video had a wide impact and did not leave a good impression on customers.

When Zhong Xuegao's fever does not go away, even if the brand and various experts refute the rumors that products with carrageenan are indeed like this, the negative image of customers towards the brand will not stop – Zhong Xuegao, damn it.

Haagen-Dazs: Am I not ice cream anymore?

But instead of saying that the customer was angry at Zhong Xuegao, it would be better to say that the customer concentrated their anger at the ice cream assassin on Zhong Xuegao.

Among all ice cream assassins, there are many more noble than Zhong Xuegao, but it is not conducive to maximizing emotions by dispersing firepower, so the customers chose Zhong Xuegao, the most famous one.

One of the points of customer anger is the impact of the "ice cream assassins" on the overall market. In the past, the happiness in summer was less than 5 yuan, but now the happiness of less than 5 yuan is less and less, because the living space of cheap ice cream is squeezed by the "ice cream assassins".

A 1.5 yuan ice cream can stand out only by virtue of the brand's supply chain advantages and distribution capabilities, but the price is there, and the earnings are limited. And even if the cost of a 20+ ice cream is doubled, the price of the channel is doubled, and the profit margin is still 1.5 yuan. In this case, the channel is happy, the brand is happy, and the supply chain is happy, and they choose the expensive one together.

In this case, cheap ice cream leaves the freezer sadly, and of course the cheap ice cream brands are not idle either. Continue to sell cheap ones, and at the same time make expensive ones to stab customers. Although cheap ice cream is becoming more and more difficult to find is a very logical business choice, but in the minds of customers, the more direct relationship chain is – ice cream assassins forced our "childhood partners".

Another grievance comes from deception and price opacity. This "opaqueness" may be put in double quotation marks. After all, the ice cream is clearly priced, but you do not correspond to the actual price. In the past, several labels were attached to the outside of the freezer to indicate the price. Each label may be in the wrong order due to the user's selection, and the price will not correspond.

In some exaggerated cases, there is no price tag in the freezer, and all the expensive ice creams lie in it. In this case, it is very difficult for you to walk out of the convenience store unscathed, the only difference is whether you lose 18 or 32. Many customers are embarrassed and don't buy it. This feeling of being deceived by consumption makes everyone hate it even more.

It's just that this is more related to the previous sales model of freezers. From freezers, convenience stores to supervision, the entire chain has been upgraded uniformly under the threat of "assassins". On July 1, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the "Regulations on Clearly Marking Prices and Prohibiting Price Gouging", which was dubbed the "Ice Cream Guard". Users can complain immediately when they find that the ice cream is not marked with a price, which protects consumers.

It's just that in the wave of ice cream assassins, there is also a brand that is also very expensive, but no one has ever called it an assassin.

Haagen-Dazs: That's right, it's down there.

In 1996, the foreign brand Haagen-Dazs stabbed the first sword early. At that time, it was not impossible to eat ice cream openly at Haagen-Dazs and eat a month's salary. The early Haagen-Dazs could not even be called an assassin. It was a guillotine-like existence, which refreshed the concept of customers – it turns out that popsicles can be sold more expensive than restaurant meals, so popsicles can also be sold in high-end shopping malls .

However, it was preconceived that Haagen-Dazs was very expensive at that time, and it did not bring about the price increase of other ice cream brands. Gradually, Haagen-Dazs is expensive and everyone is used to it. Even Haagen-Dazs can have a separate freezer in each convenience store, and it has become the first brand to complete product classification while its status is superior.

After more than 20 years, domestic brands are also expensive, this time people call it ice cream assassin.

Domestic ice cream: you can really sell it if you want to be expensive

When Zhong Xuegao was on the hot search because of various doubts, China's ice cream brands could not go back.

Despite the controversies and doubts, the "ice cream assassins" have proven that this path works. Customers are willing to pay 20+ points for milk tea, so 20+ ice cream is not impossible. In this case, no matter how scolded, it is impossible for brands to give up products with higher profit margins and continue to sell cheap ice cream.

▲ The green mood of childhood also has consumption upgrades – basil apples are nearly 8 yuan a piece

What's more, domestic brands of ice cream also have the right to sell expensive.

When the ice cream assassin was frequently criticized, there was a sound of cost theory. This kind of remark is often seen in the market comments on luxury goods many years ago, such as the news that the cost of LV bags is less than 200 yuan. In reality, it's probably just the cost of raw materials, the cost of marketing, the cost of design, the cost of artisans, all of which are ignored.

Although the cost of raw materials for expensive brands is higher than that of cheap brands, the more important reason is that customers accept their added value. Hermes should be stocked, Maserati should be in millions, and luxury brands should be limited. In addition to the cost, the existence of the brand is the reason why more and more entrepreneurs are working hard, because consumers can accept the premium brought by the brand.

Since China's Häagen-Dazs can be 5 times more expensive than the US and 3 times more expensive than Europe's, China's new consumer ice cream brands can also use more expensive raw materials and more expensive concepts to sell ice cream at a higher price.

In this process, brands like Zhong Xuegao also borrowed "external forces". Looking at the products of Ice Cream Assassins, you will find that they emphasize the preciousness of raw materials, and most of these raw materials are sourced from overseas – Vietnamese red grapes, Dandong strawberries, New Zealand butter, Australian whipped cream, Irish aged cheese. The brand is telling you that my raw materials are expensive and most of them are imported.

Ice Cream Assassin's attempt to become a new consumer ice cream brand is like Xinjiang grapes trying to replace Vietnamese red grapes. Customers are willing to buy such expensive ice cream, customers are also willing to recognize such expensive ice cream, and they are willing to accept that this is a brand and product worth spending so much money on.

An imperative first step is to get out of the freezer without giving customers another stab. For example, Zhong Xuegao responded under various controversies while choosing to display separate freezers in offline channels to facilitate consumers to distinguish different ice creams. In other words, like Häagen-Dazs, tell consumers directly that the ice cream in this cabinet is expensive.

Can domestic ice cream be expensive? In the absence of any "assassin" behavior (fuzzy price), we unequivocally support the upgrading of raw materials for domestic ice cream brands and make the price more expensive. After all, it is also a skill to increase the price of the product to make consumers accept it. As long as someone pays the bill, expensive brands can be expensive, and consumers can also find their favorite childhood flavors in the freezer. What's wrong with this?

You order an ice cream cake from Haagen-Dazs in the mall, he chooses Zhong Xuegao in the custom-made freezer at the convenience store, you take out an old popsicle that costs 24 yuan a box, and you all eat what you want. ice cream.

Therefore, domestic ice cream is more expensive, what's wrong with it?

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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