Artificial intelligence: how and why it is used in video games

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is increasingly accompanying the continuous improvements in aesthetics and developments in game graphics, allowing players to enjoy a level of realism and involvement never seen before. But optimal gaming performance is not the only goal to achieve.

In fact, AI offers players increasingly technological solutions, moving on simulations capable of imitating the behavior and choices deriving from human reasoning.

Let's see in more detail what are the applications of AI in the world of video games and the reasons behind its growing use in this sector.

AI and gaming between realism and performance

video games artificial intelligence

AI has become part of our reality by integrating into daily life. The online gaming market is continuously growing rapidly and with this the expectations of the players are increasing.

Just artificial intelligence is increasingly used in the video game sector in order to make the gaming experience more realistic and dynamic . In this way, in fact, the stories and characters are able to adapt to the preferences of the individual player, making him live an absolutely unique and engaging videogame experience.

The future prospects in this area are particularly interesting: thanks to machine learning, in fact, it will be possible to generate NPC characters (Non Player Characters) capable of having non-pre-programmed interactions with the player, for a 360-degree gaming experience .

An example of application is given by The Last of Us 2 , a video game where the facial expressions of the characters are not established by the developers: it is in fact the AI ​​that chooses the best emotion according to the context.

Security at the highest level: Artificial Intelligence in gambling

artificial intelligence and computer security

Performance optimization is not the only reason why the gaming sector is increasingly focusing on artificial intelligence.

Among the most interesting aspects of AI applied to videogames, in fact, we find the ability to increase the level of player safety . For this reason, artificial intelligence is increasingly being exploited in the gambling sector.

In case of detection of fraud attempts , for example, AI recognizes and promptly blocks accounts linked to the same IP address. Not only that: artificial intelligence is also capable of recognizing any suspicious behavior implemented by players who cooperate with each other to "fix" the game and take advantage of it in terms of scheduled eliminations and winnings, for example.

Solutions of this type act as a filter against any harmful activities carried out by cybercriminals, but in these cases, attention must be paid above all "upstream", looking for information and opinions from users who have already used a certain service before starting to play. In fact, some web portals make available detailed reviews of legal and certified sites such as Starvegas, for example. By doing so, it will be possible to avoid scam sites which, unfortunately, manage to deceive many less aware users.

Many steps forward have also been made with regard to security during the login phase, i.e. access to gaming platforms: AI has in fact made it possible to implement two-factor authentication (2AF) and biometric recognition ( via Face ID or fingerprint), for a significantly higher level of security.

Also noteworthy is the possibility of exploiting AI to establish time or budget limits , once these are reached, the platform suggests the player to take a break from the game. It is also an excellent solution to prevent excesses and invite a rational use of pastimes of this type.

AI will make gaming ever more realistic and help players enjoy a safe and responsible experience by fully experiencing interactions.

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