Are you there? Come and meet the new “face” of spring with Huawei

Aifaner has always believed that "a good product is a candy" that can bring us a sense of joy in life. Therefore, we launched the Aifaner Candy Club, inviting technology-loving partners to come and absorb sugar offline.

Unknowingly, the Aifaner Sugar Club has come to the seventh phase. This time we held a salon event on the new "face" theory of life in Guangzhou Future News. In the spring of business, we will have an exploration of color. trip.

"Life" and "Design" are the themes of our sugar fair, and the protagonists around are the unique colors "Ice Crystal Powder" and "Ice Crystal Blue" of Huawei's new generation of folding flagship Mate X2.

Cutting-edge folding screen technology meets colorful colors, presumably this issue of the Sugar Club Salon will also be a fierce collision of vision and ideas.

Colors are emotions and attitudes to life

On Saturday afternoon, before the activity started, a drizzle fell in the air of Miraesha. The short spring rain seemed to be the best prelude to a new "face" theory in life.

Simple but not lacking in design, is the first impression of this event. The combination of pale blue and white sweeps away the hustle and bustle, and there is a peaceful harmony under the background of the spring rain.

Before you officially enter the venue, you need to use a mobile phone to lock the screen design of the door. The process of opening the door seems to be unlocking, and people can't help but imagine the scene behind the door.

After entering the door, you are greeted by colorful fish-shaped paper sculptures. The colorful color matching and the three-dimensional effect brought by the folding design attract a lot of attention.

The pattern of the LED screen and the fish-shaped paper sculpture together let the guests immerse themselves in a dream experience. Spring, freshness, and elegance are words that instantly come to mind. Amidst sparkling and bizarre changes, Mate X2 is the only protagonist.

Seven Huawei Mate X2s were placed on the experience area for guests and friends to experience the unique presentation of romantic ice crystal powder and fashionable ice crystal blue in folding innovative technology.

An interesting phenomenon is that in addition to being favored by female guests, the pink ice crystal powder is also loved by male guests, and there is no gender difference in the appreciation of beauty.

The design of the formal venue continues the simple style, and the lightness brought by low-saturation colors reduces the alienation atmosphere of the technology products themselves. At the scene where the guests with full appearance gather, it may be more appropriate to show off than to be calm and restrained in black.

However, there were still a lot of black, white and gray. Whether it was to ensure that there was no error or to embellish the protagonist of this event, Huawei product expert Vivienne appeared in "safe color", and the ice crystal blue and ice crystal on the desktop Fan Mate X2 became the focus of the scene.

Vivienne shared with you some of the pioneering designs that Huawei used when building a folding screen flagship phone, including the double-rotating drop hinge design and double wedge-shaped design that Huawei first developed. These technologies and design applications that first appeared on folding screen phones made Mate X2 Achieved a high balance between aesthetics and technology.

The wedge shape is a symbol of the development of human wisdom. The ancient cuneiform characters are used in cars and airplanes in modern industry. Huawei brings the wedge shape full of wisdom to the Mate X2, which ingeniously solves the problem of one-handed grasping. The problem of balance of gravity.

It can be said that in order to make the folding screen look better, Huawei has spent a lot of thought on industrial design, and all its excellence is in the service of appearance.

As the theme of the event, "Yan" embodies not only product design, but also emotional comfort.

Huawei has always been a master of color blending, and it pursues peace of mind and a sense of order under a slightly cold technological shell. The comfort and relaxation brought by the faint blue and pink are the freshness after the spring rain and the expression of life attitude.

The popularity of pink nowadays is not accidental. Fifty years ago, pink had a close relationship with women, and light blue and light pink were more synonymous with "girls." And this kind of stereotype has gradually changed in the era of rapid development.

Further discussion on the philosophy of color became the theme of the next Sugar Club Salon.

Encounter color

After Vivienne’s wonderful sharing, we invited a number of guests to come to the stage for more in-depth discussions, including Ai Faner editor-in-chief Jonathan He, well-known technology blogger Eva, and senior architect Li Yun.

The specialties of several guests are different, and they all have their own unique thinking about colors. Although the round table is not big, it just fits the collision of ideas from different angles of the guests.

On each mobile phone, we are deeply impressed by the various brain-opening names given by the manufacturers to the eye-catching colors. For example, the aurora color of P20 and the sky realm of P30 are more descriptive names than monotonous scientific names. It has a sense of temperature and picture.

Jonathan Ho, who is also an important host, first raised a question. When a mobile phone manufacturer designs a color matching for a mobile phone, what kind of attention will be paid to the name?

"We hope that the color names we choose can make users have beautiful associations and feelings, can bless the emotional connection brought by this product, and can also make users have emotional resonance."

Vivienne explained the manufacturer’s naming idea in detail. She took Mate X2's ice crystal powder color as an example. The reason why she chose "ice crystal" as the color prefix was because they wanted to convey to users the feeling that the sun shines like a pink crystal. When I first saw it, I could feel the warmth.

Similarly, the designer also wants to give users a sense of purity when sunlight penetrates the ice on the ice crystal blue. This is the sense of color given by the name.

As a romantic, Eva also agrees with the magic of naming. She shared her views with her favorite emerald color as an example.

Chinese culture pays attention to poems and paintings. Poems represent words, and paintings represent artistic conceptions. Before we see the actual object, we will have an association based on the name. For example, when I first heard the color scheme of Fei Leng Cui, I imagined it was one. It's an emerald-like crystal clear green, and the real thing just coincides with the picture I imagined. This is a very peculiar feeling.

The world of colors is colorful, but there are often only a few color schemes that are most importantly presented in mobile phones. As for how mobile phone manufacturers determine the final color scheme of a product, Vivienne brings us sharing from the perspectives of design and material application. .

Before fixing the color, we will do a lot of research work to meet the needs of different users according to the development of fashion trends and starting from the product positioning.

Different colors appear on different materials, and the look and feel are different. Therefore, the design process will be different when combined with different product materials.

Vivienne further explained that product design is closely related to the development of technology and technology. Design and technology promote each other. Bold design needs to constantly consider how to achieve it from a technical point of view. At the same time, it can also promote continuous technological innovation.

The mobile phone’s transition from a plastic case to a metal, and then to a glass case with AG glass as the general trend, the development of this material is inseparable from the development of coloring technology: from the most basic painting process to anodizing coloring process, to The novel optical coating on the glass and the development of technology have made the possibility of more colors on hand become a reality.

From a professional point of view, Li Yun made more interpretations of materials and colors.

All designs are related to technology, and designers are also synchronized with the constantly updated technology when selecting materials.

When attention returned to the ice crystal powder and ice crystal blue color matching of the Mate X2 this time, Li Yun gave his own understanding of the high-level sense of these two colors.

Modern society regards restraint as beauty. This kind of self-discipline is a very advanced psychology, which is reflected in the color as the high-level sense brought by the low-saturation color.

In fact, the most important thing about color is a kind of psychological feeling, and see if you can be fascinated by this feeling.

Indeed, colorful colors enrich the tones of life, and being obsessed with color is also a kind of love for life.

Will folding be the future of mobile phone development?

In addition to the colorful colors on the Mate X2, the application of the folding screen also gives us some new inspirations. In the end, will the folding screen be the next future of mobile phone development? This question itself is full of understanding of current technology and understanding of future technology. Conception.

Vivienne shared her understanding of folding screens from a product perspective. Before launching folding screens, they also believed that foldable technology was a big challenge internally. Huawei needed to bring consumers the most innovative and unique Design, so the folding series was put on the agenda.

The original product Mate X had a unique external folding design in the industry. Later, with Huawei’s breakthrough in folding technology, seamless folding was achieved with a water drop hinge design. The maturity of the internal folding technology allowed Mate X2 to evolve into A more portable and more comfortable folding mobile phone.

The folding screen is like a piece of paper, and there should be no sense of burden when it is folded and unfolded. This is also the development direction that Huawei has been insisting on and innovating.

Eva gave a different interpretation from the perspective of consumers. She believes that folding screens can bring possibilities that are not available in traditional bar phones.

I hope that the folding screen will pop up with a more virtual world. For example, children can use it to see a three-dimensional picture in biology class. When folded, it is a picture of a creature, and when it is unfolded, a three-dimensional heart structure can be seen.

After the folding screen is unfolded, the important thing is not the area, but what kind of content it brings to us after unfolding. The appearance of the folding screen provides developers with a total of greater possibilities.

Folding is the basis of hardware, and the new content experience that can be brought to users after folding may be the change that mobile phones will pay attention to in the future.

Mobile phones are a new stage in the development of content media. How did Jonathan give his understanding from this perspective.

The screen is nothing more than a medium that carries information. Innis's media bias theory believes that spatial bias has always been a future trend, and the development of any medium must be light and flexible.

The enthusiasm of the discussion on the stage also infected the friends present, and many interesting questions were raised on the views of the guests.

Some people are curious about the debut of the ice crystal powder Mate X2:

My question is straightforward, why is this color appearing now?

Vivienne also answered:

These two colors, in fact, we launched the four colors at the same time at the beginning, but because it will be produced slightly later, and it is said that it is for the occasion, the spring color is now recommended as a main color for everyone, so we put Pink is placed in the most sunny months of March and April, and is most suitable for the spring season.

Judging from the audience's reaction, color and design are also the focus of mass consumers when choosing a new machine.

The most intuitive manifestation is that in the spot exhibition hall after the salon meeting, dozens of ice crystal powder ice crystal blue Mate X2 have been ordered by the audience, and the popularity of the scene once made the host Jonathan consider whether to switch to a shipping anchor .

As Eva mentioned in the salon, "The choice of color itself represents our personal favorite character. When choosing a mobile phone, more discussion is about our attitude to life and aesthetics."

With the darkening of the sky, our new life "yan" on sugar paper salon event is also coming to an end. Looking at the joy on the faces of friends who have received the new machine, it is not just the sweetness that technology brings to people. ?

A good product is like a candy. The next issue of Aifaner Sugar Fair is looking forward to sharing the sugar with you.

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