Are those technologies that can’t be returned after being used, a privilege of the flagship?

Among the products on the market, products of the same series with different gears are often given different suffixes, such as the popular Pro and Ultra, which also include the slightly special suffix SE.

What does SE mean? In fact, it is the Special Edition, which is straightforwardly translated as the "Special Edition".

The mission of SE products is to make technology universal

Not all products that sell cheaply are qualified as SE. SE-type products are often sought after. In fact, the biggest feature is that they often have many technologies or specifications that were only available in high-end products in the past. The core experience of this average price, such as the iPhone SE, uses the same A13 chip as the flagship series.

The ultimate goal of this is to achieve technology inclusiveness.

Simply put, it is to let more people use good technology. This is a relationship of mutual achievement. Good technology must be what the public needs, and technology that meets more public needs can be called a good technology. Therefore, the development trend of good technology must be from high-end niche users. Civilianization.

Just like in human history, many technologies were first militarized or applied in high-precision niche areas, and then gradually spread to the hands of the broad masses of people. Such as active noise reduction headphones, off-road vehicles and even the Internet itself and so on.

OPPO Reno 4 SE wants more people to use 65W super flash charging

Then if we put this trend in the field of consumer electronic equipment, it is not difficult to find that good technology is to gradually popularize from high-end equipment to low-end equipment, not just larger size or performance, but from different Dimension to improve.

In the barrel theory of consumer electronics, names such as high refresh rate, vibration motor, and fast charging technology have been increasingly used as a piece of wood that constitutes a complete user experience, and now they can be used on more and more mid-range devices. See the emergence of these technologies.

Among these technologies, fast charging technology is biased towards the bottom demand. Some people use Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory to tease that the power demand is lower than the Wi-Fi demand.

At the moment when the mobile phone is more and more bound to life, it is easy to cause strong anxiety when the mobile phone is out of power. Before the revolution in battery material technology, the pure battery capacity will not have much essential changes. Demand has increased along with the growth of the mobile Internet.

When it comes to the development of fast charging technology, OPPO has to be mentioned. VOOC flash charging has played a big role in letting the majority of users understand the fast charging technology.

OPPO has a huge 65W super flash charging family matrix, but in the past strategy, 65W SuperVOOC super flash charging is often carried on flagship products, such as OPPO Find X2 series, or quasi-flagship OPPO Ace series. The end products tend to be lower.

Now, OPPO believes that it is time for 65W to be used by more people. The model that carries this task is OPPO Reno4 SE.

After the 65W super flash charger is installed in the 2500 yuan model, it will undoubtedly allow more people to use this technology, and the target will be more focused on the young group.

When communicating with OPPO's product manager, he said that the charging environment of college students left him a deep impression, and college students and newcomers who have just entered the workplace are also one of the target users of OPPO Reno4 SE.

Why it is said that college students will be a suitable target group? This should be based on the charging environment and habits of the school.

Many college students who are in school still have this experience: the dormitory is powered off after 11 or 12 o'clock in the evening, and if you can sleep for a while the next day, you can sleep for a while, until you are about to be late, get up in a hurry to wash and pack out. .

But in fact, these boys and girls in their early twenties are in the most frequent stage of mobile phone use. Even if the lights are turned off, most of them cannot resist their interest in playing mobile phones. When they rush to the classroom the next day, they often only have one mobile phone. It's half of the electricity.

The high frequency of mobile phone use and fast power consumption, limited charging environment and time, are actually the two biggest pain points faced by college students.

Flash charging technology can really change users' habits

Lightness and thinness meet people's needs for portability, photography and beauty meet social needs, and power is the basic requirement to meet all the above needs. Therefore, how OPPO Reno4 SE chooses between functions is the result of detailed user research.

Of course, the premise to prove this is that power and charging speed are indeed a pain point.

What is a pain point is actually very simple. When your living habits are forced to compromise because of this, this is a pain point. For example, you used to remember to plug your mobile phone into the charger every night, and when this pain point is resolved, your lifestyle habits will gradually change.

Is the speed of SuperVOOC flash charging enough to change people's charging habits? According to OPPO's internal investigation of 2234 samples, it is found that the number of users charging between 6 am and 9 am has increased from 20.99% to 45.43%, and the number of users with a charging time of 10-30 minutes has increased from 10.92% to 60.16%. , The charging time is significantly shortened.

After consulting the OPPO mobile phone model, it is also found that the 4300mAh battery carried by OPPO Reno4 SE is the largest battery capacity among OPPO models with 65W SuperVOOC. The battery is one point bigger, and you think it has an extra battery life. It may be men and women who have been chatting on WeChat for half an hour, or it may be playing in the King's Glory dormitory for ten minutes.

However, the battery and the lightness are still a difficult part to have at the same time, so it may not be obvious to look at the 4300mAh OPPO Reno4 SE, but at the same time its thickness is only 7.85mm and the weight is only 169g. Under such a figure, it can still carry a 65W model. The largest battery capacity in OPPO is the result of several hundred rounds of OPPO’s R&D and product battles.

After using the 65W super flash charge, the biggest change in user habits is that more users recharge after getting up in the morning, and more users use the odd time to charge. Charging habits become flexible and no longer a burden to remember every night.

Science and technology change life is not just empty talk. Such moisturizing things that we have become accustomed to make silently, but it is often a process of "it is hard to recover once it is used." These real life-changing technologies shouldn't be "petting high-end alone", but at the same time, remember to "wet rain and dew" at the right time.

From a personal point of view, this is the process of inclusive technology solving pain points to changing habits and even quality of life. Learning and using modern products is precisely to allow us to have more experience and a more convenient life as we grow older.

When every user who uses SuperVOOC super flash charging can save one hour of charging time every day, you will find that this progressive core is actually a fundamental force that drives the entire social life forward, pushing the wheel of the times forward That boost.

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