AR and Marketing, new perspectives

Today we talk with growing interest of AR , or of “ augmented reality” . What exactly is meant by this expression? We can say that augmented reality is a very effective way to enrich our sensory perception , it is a set of techniques that allows us to explore reality in a new and alternative way. Thanks to computers, smartphones and specific viewers today we can discover things that our eyes cannot normally see, we can hear things that our ears cannot hear, and more. The augmented reality experience offers us an increasingly active role in our explorations.

This technology immediately proved to be very useful in various fields. The possibility of receiving immediate information about what we are observing is fundamental in the technical field , in particular for those who carry out extremely precise work and need to constantly interact directly and quickly with their tools. It is also becoming increasingly important in the medical field, especially as regards microsurgery operations. In fact, what the surgeon cannot see today can be faithfully represented thanks to augmented reality. This allows you to intervene with the utmost precision, always keeping an eye on different parameters.

Augmented reality has also found great space in the world of education and entertainment . Google has been working in this direction for years, in particular thanks to Google Lens . Augmented reality is in fact an extremely engaging and stimulating way to share information. It is capable of attracting the interest of an increasingly vast and heterogeneous audience. Not surprisingly, augmented reality plays an increasingly important role in marketing as well . It has in fact become an excellent brand awareness tool. It allows you to actively involve the customer, offering increasingly immersive experiences, capable of creating ever greater engagement . It also allows us to collect ever more precise data on the tastes and attitudes of our target.

We therefore see that augmented reality is affirming itself significantly in many different sectors. Since the beginning of the network, the online gaming and casino market has always paid great attention to technological innovation, showing a great flair for novelty. Virtual reality and augmented reality quickly became a very concrete prospect for the world of online gaming . Developing an increasingly realistic gaming experience has become imperative. This in fact made it possible to keep the social dimension of the challenge alive, to recreate the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of the casino online too.

Augmented reality travel

Augmented reality allows us to recreate even very distant atmospheres, such as those of the savannah, or even of space. For this reason, National Geographic recently launched an advertising campaign by reconstructing five different scenes in augmented reality that allow you to live the experience of an astronaut, to know the ocean together with dolphins, to explore the earth in the time of dinosaurs, to immerse yourself in the leopard savannah, or experiencing a thunderstorm in the city.

Today many companies also decide to take advantage of augmented reality to directly enhance their products. This is the case of the IKEA Place app, through which the great Swedish brand allows users to view the furnishing accessories in the catalog directly inside their home. Just point the room of your smartphone on the room you intend to furnish and immediately you will see the furniture that most interests us directly in the chosen space. Objects can be moved and can be tried on in different colors. This allows a more informed and safe purchase, even online, greatly reducing returns due to customer evaluation errors . Many furniture companies are following the same example. Changing the color of the walls or the fantasy of the wallpaper thanks to augmented reality allows you to make much more conscious and thoughtful choices, avoiding unpleasant second thoughts.

Virtual fashion

Similarly, the world of beauty also increasingly embraces augmented reality. Buying online is a problem for many customers who are discouraged from buying in a poke. The fact of not being able to try lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundation is a big limitation for those interested in make-up. Color is everything in this area, every shade can make a difference. However, today this problem is solved thanks to new apps, which allow you to virtually try on a wide range of cosmetics on your face. A selfie mode cam is enough to start a stunning virtual make-up session. Enhancing yourself with make-up becomes easier and easier, even online.

Several fashion houses are following the same path. Some major international fashion brands allow you to virtually wear some of the haute couture and prêt-à-porter items. The experiment seems to be working well and someone has decided to take it even further. This is the case of Gucci , which a few days ago launched a new pair of sneakers for 12.99 euros . You read that right, there is no typo. This is the price of the Gucci Virtual 25 , the first augmented reality sneakers, made directly by the designer Alessandro Michele. These shoes can be worn simply by framing our feet with the smartphone. The initiative obviously caused discussion and even fun. The younger ones have shown that they like and take this new trend with a lot of irony. Surely, in the coming months we will see some good ones in fashion marketing, and beyond.

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