Apple’s WWDC’s most comprehensive prediction: all five systems are updated, and the new MacBook Pro is coming soon!

On the seventh day of June, Jiangtou cicadas began to sound.

Accompanied by the sound of cicadas, Apple's annual WWDC conference (Global Developers Conference) arrives as scheduled. It is scheduled to open at 1 a.m. Beijing time on June 8, still online.

According to WWDC content in the past few years, Apple will show new versions of operating systems such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 at this conference, and may also bring new 14/16-inch MacBook Pro and other hardware products.

Whether you are a developer or an ordinary consumer, this WWDC has content worthy of attention. We have compiled the current reliable rumors about WWDC 2021 (referring to the relatively reliable source, and the news itself is not necessarily accurate), and let’s take a look at the content of this year’s conference with everyone.

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iOS 15

First of all, I regret to inform users of the iPhone 6s series and the first generation of iPhone SE: According to the predictions of the Israeli website The Verifier and the French website iPhoneSoft, these models using the A9 processor will not be able to update iOS 15.

In other words, among the models supported by iOS 15, the oldest will be the iPhone 7 series released in 2016.

▲ Picture from: idropnews

As of press time, the changes in iOS 15 can be summarized as follows:

1. New mimicry style

Changes in appearance are often more perceptible than functional updates. So let's take a look at the new design of iOS 15.

The new style of mimicry (Neumorphism) has exploded since last year, and now iOS 15 may have to embrace this trend. To put it simply, the new mimicry style looks a bit like a relief effect, between the flat and projected styles.

▲ Picture from: uxplanet

Previously, App Store Connect and Apple Music for Artist for developers and music creators have been replaced with new style icons. The concave embossing effect and the gradual outer frame make it look quite textured. The icons of iOS 15 have a certain probability to fully embrace this design style.

▲ Picture from: appleinsider

2. Control Center Update

According to Apple's whistleblower McGure Wood, the design of the iOS 15 control center may be closer to macOS BigSur, with a more compact layout. In this way, the user experience of iOS and macOS will be more unified.

3. Settings page changes

In mid-to-late May, Apple announced an update to accessibility features. The setting page in the picture is different from the existing ones, and the setting options have all become card-style. This is likely to be the new design of iOS 15.

▲ New settings page

4. The screen display is coming

The whistleblower Max Weinbach is convinced that the new generation of iPhone will adopt the always-on screen technology of Apple Watch to realize the screen display.

In theory, even if there is no LTPO adaptive refresh rate, all iPhone X, iPhone Xs series, iPhone 11 Pro series, and iPhone 12 series that use OLED screens have the opportunity to enjoy this feature by upgrading iOS 15.

It depends on whether Apple will shut out these old models for the sake of battery life. It will inevitably disappoint if the next-generation iPhone only supports the rest screen display.

5. Brand new notification management function

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes that iOS 15 will bring new notification management features. According to the user's custom status, such as driving, working, sleeping, etc., it will be judged whether the phone should mute or ring when a message comes.

Users can also create different automatic reply functions according to the status, such as automatically replying "driving" while driving. Users can switch the status on the "Lock Screen" and "Control Center" pages.

▲ Picture from: Twrtter user @InternalStore

6. Small components are more playable

Widgets are a very playable new feature on iOS 14. Technology website PhoneArena predicts that iOS 15 will bring more small components with more sizes and functions, and will focus on improving interactivity.

For example, on the Apple Music widget, you can not only cut songs, but also adjust the volume and so on.

▲Picture from: 9to5mac

7. Enhance the social attributes of iMessage

According to Bloomberg's previous report, Apple is creating richer social features for iMessage to better compete with apps such as WhatApp. The new version of iMessage may arrive with iOS 15.

8. Privacy and security is an eternal topic

According to MacRumors, Apple will add a new menu in iOS 15 to show which applications are quietly collecting user data, in an effort to further improve the privacy of the iPhone.

9. Food tracking function is online

The source Connor Jewiss revealed that Apple's "health" app will add a video tracking function, which may allow users to record the food they consume to provide nutrition and calorie statistics. However, it is not clear that users need to manually enter all the food information.

There is a saying that Apple is building a certain food database, and users can take photos to calculate the approximate calories of the food. This statement may work for a single variety of fruit and bread. In the face of complex foods such as Chinese food, it is likely to be lost.

10. Dark mode update

The dark mode of iOS, the experience has always been the benchmark in the industry. iOS 15 will make some minor changes based on the existing dark mode, such as the color of iMessage bubbles and so on.

Which of these updates are you most looking forward to? On the whole, iOS 15 is more like a complete version of iOS 14. If there is no new mimicry innovation to the icons, it may be difficult to make people feel like "changing a new phone."

▲Picture from: 9to5Mac

iPadOS 15

The 2021 iPad Pro is undoubtedly exciting. The blessing of the M1 chip seems to have further released productivity.

But calm down and think about it, what can the M1 chip do on the iPad? Are there any killer apps? Is there a big gap with the previous generation iPad Pro experience?

Obviously, the answers are not satisfactory.

Subject to iPadOS and the current software ecology, the new iPad Pro is like a sports car without a track. The roar of a high-horsepower engine can indeed bring pleasure, but it is difficult to enjoy the joy of driving on the road at the junction of urban and rural areas.

People initially expected the iPad to be replaced by macOS. However, in an interview with foreign media in April, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, repeatedly emphasized that the Mac and iPad product lines will not be integrated. To be the best product in its field. This almost makes it clear that iPadOS will continue to exist.

So how will this WWDC further liberate the productivity of iPad on the basis of iPadOS? It is the focus of people's concern.

1. Through some measures, let Mac applications easily migrate to iPad

In the context of the lack of killer apps for iPadOS, talking about productivity is obviously a bit on paper. We guess that iPadOS 15 will have certain features. When developers develop Mac applications, they can convert it to the iPad version without too much effort.

After all, the new iPad Pro has already used the M1 chip of the same specification as the Mac, which is not difficult in theory. At that time, the application ecology of iPadOS will expand rapidly, and the software quality of iPad will be truly transformed.

2. The main screen interface has been updated

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman broke the news in April that iPadOS 15 will have a redesigned home screen, saying that this is "the biggest change in the iPad home screen ever."

However, there is no clear explanation as to how it will change. What is already known is that in iPadOS 15, small components can be freed from the "Today" view, arranged at will like the iPhone, and even the entire app interface can be replaced with full-featured components.

The new home screen interface may be useful for multitasking. The current iPadOS is more suitable for single-threaded work. Split-screen operation and floating windows can be used but not easy to use. This is expected to be improved by iPadOS 15.

▲Picture from: 9to5Mac

3. Update notification center, iMessage, privacy

According to Bloomberg News, the notification center of iPadOS 15 will be consistent with iOS 15. Users can flexibly adjust their current status, customize notification methods and automatic replies.

iMessage will also be synchronized with iOS 15 to enhance social attributes, and there may be more Memoji customizations.

In terms of privacy, iPadOS will include a new alert method, and a new monitoring interface can tell users whether their data is secretly read by the app.

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac

The above is all the revelations of iPadOS 15. The secrecy is quite good, and many details are not accurate. Can only wait for the WWDC conference to be announced.

In addition, 9to5Mac speculates that iPadOS 15 may not be able to use A8 and A9 chip models. These include the second-generation iPad Air, iPad mini 4, fifth-generation iPad and the original iPad Pro models.

macOS 12

The M1 chip has received rave reviews since its introduction. Apple is struggling while the iron is hot at this time to bring a more functional and stable macOS 12, and the time couldn't be more suitable.

The naming of the new version of macOS has not yet been determined. beebom guesses that it may choose from the following three candidate names.

  • macOS Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain)
  • macOS Skyline (Scenic Skyline Avenue)
  • macOS Monterey (a city with a long history and a beach resort)

▲Picture from: MacRumors

Regarding the new features of macOS 12, there are not many reliable rumors, mainly the speculation of various institutions:

1. Improve support for M series chips

The Mac series is currently in an important transition period. From Intel's comprehensive transition to self-developed chips, macOS plays an extremely important role in this process.

There is reason to believe that macOS 12 will be further optimized to better support the M1 chip and prepare for the next M2/M1X chips.

▲Picture from: Qooah

2. Design style converges with iOS 15

Appleinsider believes that the new mimicry style mentioned above may be the main style of macOS 12. Such as mail, Safari, App Store may usher in new designs.

▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac

3. Shortcut instructions will be introduced into macOS

There are many ways to play the shortcut app on iOS, and users can DIY many ideas. Macworld believes that macOS 12 will introduce shortcut applications, and users can freely create shortcuts on their computers.

4. Health apps or enter macOS

Apple's health application has always only existed on the iPhone, and data cannot be viewed on the Mac. In addition, Fitness + created by Apple is not yet available on the Mac.

At a time when Apple is increasingly emphasizing health, macOS 12 should optimize its support for health applications.

▲ Picture from: macworld

The macOS 11 Big Sur released last year supports Mac models after 2013. Based on the same idea, in the list of devices supported by macOS 12, the oldest model may be the 2014 model.

watchOS 8

Last year watchOS 7 brought many heavyweight features. Such as sleep tracking, hand washing detection and so on. Regarding watchOS 8, there is not much news to refer to. But what is certain is that the new version will bring many new dials.

▲Picture from: iCulture

medium believes that watchOS 8 may refine its services on the basis of the previous version. For example, more types of exercise will be added to fitness applications, and sleep tracking can provide detailed sleep analysis and sleep scores.

In addition, watchOS 8 may be pre-installed with new apps. Such as health, translation, AppleTV remote control, etc.

There are also rumors that watchOS 8 allows Siri to be used when the Apple Watch is not connected to the network. This will greatly improve the usability of Siri during exercise.

tvOS 15

tvOS 13 and tvOS 14 are two updates. Coinciding with the arrival of the new Apple TV, there are rumors that tvOS 15 will usher in a major update:

  • The redesigned UI interface is very different from before
  • Redesigned new App Store
  • Use time analysis
  • Improvement of the parental control system (child mode)

However, there is no more detailed information to reveal how these updates will be presented. We can only wait for the arrival of WWDC.

▲ Picture from: flatpanelshd

New MacBook Pro

Although the theme of WWDC is software development, in the past 10 years, five WWDCs have brought new hardware.

Interestingly, the probability of issuing new hardware in odd-numbered years is relatively high. For example, WWDC in 2017 brought a new generation of Mac family, iPad Pro and HomePod; in 2019, it brought new MacBook Pro and Pro Display XDR. So will new hardware arrive in 2021?

In Jon Prosser's eyes, it must be. He once said on Twitter that he is convinced that the new MacBook Pro will be unveiled soon.

▲ Picture from: techcrunch

Some people may be disappointed when they see the name "Jon Prosser". In fact, Bloomberg also issued an article in mid-May, saying that the redesigned MacBook Pro will be available this summer. Although the time is not specified, you can still look forward to WWDC.

Summarizing news from Bloomberg, 9to5Mac, MacRumors and other sources, the new MacBook Pro will have the following features:

1. M series processor update

In April, "Nikkei Asia" reported that Apple's customized next-generation Mac processor has begun mass production. This refers to M2 (the name is uncertain), the successor of the M1 chip.

Therefore, this MacBook Pro update will inevitably be replaced with the latest M series chips. When the 16-inch MacBook Pro joins the M chip camp, it means that the MacBook product line has completely separated from Intel chips.

▲Picture from: MacRumors

According to reports, the new M-series chips will be equipped with 10-core CPUs, and 16-core and 32-core GPUs are optional. It even supports RAM up to 64GB. It can be described as a performance beast.

Of course, the new chip will also support more Thunderbolt ports, further enhancing the expansion performance of the MacBook Pro.

2. Two sizes, flat design

The new MacBook Pro may come in two sizes: 14 and 16 inches.

Among them, the 14-inch model will replace the current 13.3-inch model. By narrowing the screen frame to achieve a size similar to the 13.3-inch version.

▲Picture from: MacRumors

In terms of appearance design, Apple will no longer use the old molds. Guo Mingchi believes that the new MacBook Pro will have a flat edge design similar to the iPhone 12, and the current curved edge will become history.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman agrees with Ming-Chi Kuo. He said that the appearance of the new MacBook Pro is not much different from the old one at first glance, but you can still see a little difference if you look closely. joins Mac

Taiwan’s supply chain publication DigiTimes said in February this year that the two MacBook Pros Apple plans to launch in the second half of the year will be equipped with mini-LED screens. This is the same display technology as the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

▲Picture from: macnews

Guo Mingchi also confirmed this statement in his earlier report. The MacBook Pro with mini-LED will perform better than the previous generation in terms of color gamut, contrast, and dynamic range.

However, this year's mini-LED production capacity is limited. If Apple really releases the new MacBook Pro at WWDC, whether the mini-LED production capacity can keep up is a big question.

4. Improve the cooling system

In order to meet the new M chip with stronger performance, the new generation of MacBook Pro cooling system will be improved. It is reported that the radiator size of the 16-inch MacBook Pro has been increased by 35%, and the cooling pad design has been added.

More efficient heat management is good news for the M2 chip.

▲ Picture from: India Today

5. SD card reader, MagSafe interface is back

In 2016, Apple updated the design of the MacBook Pro and eliminated all ports except USB-C and 3.5mm.

The next generation of MacBook Pro is expected to see the return of certain interfaces, such as SD card readers. This is exciting news for friends who are engaged in film and television work.

In addition, the long-lost MagSafe magnetic interface was reborn on last year's iPhone 12 and this year's new iMac. There is reason to believe that the new generation of MacBook Pro will also be equipped with a magnetic charging port.

▲ Picture from: macrumors

6. Touch Bar disappears

Guo Mingchi and Mark Gurman have both confirmed that the new MacBook Pro will no longer be equipped with Touch Bar. Instead, there are physical function keys.

This fresh but tasteless touch bar was still eliminated.

▲ Picture from: cultofmac

In our background, we can see messages asking about the new MacBook Pro almost every day. Judging from these revelations, the new 14/16-inch MacBook Pro has unprecedented power for people to change phones. Friends who want to change to MacBook Pro in the near future can take a look at the currency first.


At the 2018 WWDC conference, Apple announced the Marzipan project, which aims to help developers easily port iOS applications to macOS and reduce the cost of developing multi-platform applications.

This is regarded as a big move to open up the ecosystem of iOS and macOS.

▲Picture from: computerworld

So this year's WWDC, we can expect Apple to give a set of solutions for the ecological interoperability of iPadOS and macOS. Let the M1 chip on the iPad Pro run more smoothly.

How much can the above expectations be achieved? We will see the result at WWDC on June 8.

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