Apple’s top management may undergo a major shake-up, and there are two candidates for Cook’s successor

If you often follow Apple's press conferences, you may remember many familiar faces: Craig Federighi, known as "Apple's most handsome man", Phil Schiller who works 80 hours a week, Jeff Williams who brought the electrocardiogram function to Apple Watch, not to mention Mention CEO Tim Cook who appears at the beginning and end of every episode.

▲ From left to right: Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller, Jeff Williams, Tim Cook

However, according to the latest report from Bloomberg, many Apple executives, including these familiar faces, have spent a long time in office and are likely to retire from the front line at the same time within a few years.

In other words, Apple’s top management is likely to undergo a collective shake-up. Many senior management positions, including the CEO, will undergo personnel changes.

Two candidates to succeed Cook

In an interview last year, Cook said that he would continue to work at Apple "for a while." The implication is that Cook may not "retire" so soon.

Sources close to Cook revealed that Cook will stay at Apple for at least another three years.

However, at 63 years old, Cook is already older than many of his peers. Having been in charge of Apple for 13 years, Cook is likely to reach the end of his term.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman obtained the names of several candidates from several people familiar with Apple's inner workings.

If Cook retires soon, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jeff Williams will most likely take his place.

▲Jeff Williams

In 2015, Cook appointed Williams as his first COO. In that year, Williams launched the first major new product of the Cook era, the Apple Watch, and introduced Apple at a press conference three years later. ECG monitoring function on the Watch.

After chief designer Jony Ive left Apple in a high-profile manner, Williams also succeeded him as the main person in charge of hardware and software design.

Williams is a strong contender, but there is one biggest obstacle on his road to CEO: the "old" general is 61 years old, only 2 years younger than Cook, and Apple's board of directors hopes that the next CEO can follow suit. Jobs, like Cook, stayed on for at least ten years.

Of course, Trump can become the President of the United States at the age of 70, and it will not be a problem for 63-year-old Cook and 61-year-old Williams to continue serving at Apple for a few more years. But if Cook chooses to stay as CEO for a few more years, the possibility of Williams succeeding him will only become less and less likely.

Insiders mentioned another younger name at this time: Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering John Ternus. This 49-year-old executive introduced the new iPad Air and iPad Pro products at the recent "Let It Fly" conference.

Ternus is responsible for Apple's many hardware projects, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirPods, and reports directly to Cook. Recently, the Apple Watch team also began reporting to him instead of Williams previously.

It is reported that Ternus is very popular within Apple, and executives such as Cook and Williams have great respect for him.

In recent years, Ternus has also frequently "faced" on various occasions. In addition to the "Let It Fly" press conference, he also discussed Apple's environmental issues that Cook attaches great importance to in Europe last year. At the end of the year, he accepted an interview about Apple chips on American TV, but this is actually not an area he is specifically responsible for. He also hosted a speech at Apple's private executive meeting for the first time this year.

Of course, Ternus has his own detractors within the company. Some critics believe that Ternus is relatively conservative and has rarely participated in Apple's major product decisions in recent years. For example, he only participated in the subsequent development of Apple Watch and did not participate in the idea of ​​Apple entering the field of robotics.

The Touch Bar launched after Ternus took over the Mac can hardly be called a successful feature, and it has completely disappeared from the latest MacBook products.

▲ Touch Bar

So, what about other executives?

Craig Federighi, the head of software engineering, has received great support from the public because of his ability to create jokes at the press conference and his good appearance. He is also very familiar with company issues outside of his authority.

▲ The "classic scene" at WWDC last year

However, insiders say the popular executive is unlikely to be the CEO's successor.

Management may face a major reshuffle

Apple's current senior management team is a tight-knit group. Many of them came to the job when Cook became CEO. There have been few changes in more than ten years, and most of them are similar to Cook's age.

This also means that most senior executives have experienced a longer tenure, and insiders revealed that many senior leaders will step down at the same time, which also means that Apple's senior team will usher in a major update in the next few years.

Mark Gurman analyzes and discusses successors in engineering, applications, services, finance, software and other departments.

In the operations department, whether Jeff Williams takes over as CEO or retires, his deputy, Senior Vice President of Operations Sabih Khan, is likely to succeed him. He currently oversees the entire supply chain and has recently begun reporting to individual industrial designers.

▲ Sabih Khan

However, when Williams leaves as COO, there is still a question as to where the design team that currently reports directly to him will be placed.

Craig Federighi has served as Apple's top software executive since 2012, when he replaced noted former iOS chief Scott Forstall. Craig may not be leaving soon, and there are two candidates for his replacement: Sebastien Marineau, who is currently responsible for iOS widgets, home screen and privacy features, or Jon Andrews, who is responsible for the underlying software technology.

▲ Sebastien Marineau, who came from BlackBerry, joined Apple in 2013

If John Ternus becomes CEO, the hardware engineering department will also have a new executive, and his successor may be Mike Rockwell, the director who launched Vision Pro.

▲ Mike Rockwell was responsible for the development of Vision Pro

But it is reported that the relationship between Ternus and Rockwell is quite "delicate". Ternus is not a backer of Vision Pro, and Rockwell does not report directly to Ternus.

There are also several departments that, due to the current person-in-charge’s strong personal abilities or the special nature of their work, do not yet have suitable successors, or they may be reorganized after the senior executives leave.

Eddy Cue, the leader of the service department who is known as Cook's "confidant", is an irreplaceable figure. He is responsible for a wide range of projects, including streaming media, music, maps, payments and other aspects. If he steps down, his duties may be split, with Apple Music chief Oliver Schusser and iTunes chief developer Jeff Robbin likely to take over the entertainment and services business.

▲Veteran Eddy Cue

Phil Schiller, who is in charge of the App Store, is also having difficulty finding a replacement. However, due to the continued pressure from EU and US regulatory authorities on the App Store in recent years, the veteran who was about to retire seems to be staying on to deal with the challenges. In March of this year, the Wall Street Journal conducted a profile on Schiller, saying that Schiller recently worked about 80 hours a week.

▲Phill Schiller

John Giannandrea, head of the artificial intelligence team, joined Apple in 2018. Due to the special nature of the team, there is currently no clear successor. If Giannandrea leaves, the AI ​​team may be reintegrated into the software engineering department.

Lisa Jackson, the person in charge of Apple's environmental protection field who has continued to make efforts in recent years, has difficulty finding a more suitable successor because of her experience in government work and as the director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Expectations for Apple’s “changes”

Although Apple's executive changes are only an expectation at present, and there has not even been any explanation, netizens can see from the comments on related news that everyone is very much looking forward to the major changes that may be coming to the technology giant.

▲ John Ternus

Netizens have different opinions on "hardware" John Ternus taking over as CEO. Some people agree, believing that the person in charge of hardware will bring new hardware products with stronger product capabilities and innovation to this company that has been "squeezing out toothpaste" for a long time. Many netizens also expect that the hardware director will break the "tradition" of "starting with 8GB+256GB" after taking office.

▲ Highly praised comments from IT House netizens

However, some netizens think that they are not optimistic. Since Ternus has been responsible for the hardware, the current regrets on Apple's hardware may be caused by him. Moreover, having a hardware person take over Apple feels like it goes against the ideals of Steve Jobs, a "liberal arts student".

Of course, in related discussions, netizens will never forget to mention this name: Craig.

▲ In related news, Weibo netizens expressed support for Craig

The debate on whether Cook is a good CEO or not is still inconclusive.

Supporters believe that Cook is credited with increasing Apple's market value tenfold during his tenure; opponents believe that Apple under Cook's leadership has no innovation at all, and Apple has also transformed from a brand that coexisted inspiration and beauty in the Steve Jobs era. Become a business-chasing enterprise.

In particular, Cook has been vigorously promoting green environmental protection in recent years. Although the concept is worthy of recognition and has achieved practical results, some opponents believe that environmental protection has "led Apple astray."

Warren Buffett commented on Cook some time ago: He can control business well and is the "best partner" after Steve Jobs.

Netizens' various expectations for Apple's new CEO are actually hoping that this company, which has been hard to say amazing in recent years, can undergo some "changes". They hope that Apple can return to the Steve Jobs era, and occasionally bring out "One More" at press conferences. Thing" is a state that shocked the world.

As well as expectations for this somewhat arrogant company to "put down its posture" and listen more to users' opinions.

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