Apple’s “strongest promotion” is on, and you can save up to 4446 yuan! But these details are worth noting

Apple's wool may be the most difficult to stalk.

But it's hard to talk ≠ no chance to talk. No, Apple’s annual back-to-school promotion is officially launched today!

From July 16th to September 27th, as long as you meet the conditions of the educational discount, you can purchase a designated Mac or iPad at a low price and receive a free pair of AirPods 2 headphones (official price of 1246 yuan).

What are the conditions for this year's back-to-school discount? Where can I buy it? Are there any details to pay attention to?

We will help you study these issues. All you need to do is finish reading the article and then happily buy it.

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  • Which products participate in the event?
  • How do I know if I am eligible?
  • Purchase channels and methods
  • Other matters needing attention

Which products participate in the event?

Before looking at the event products, let's first understand the policy of this year's summer return to school discount:

1. Purchasing designated Macs and iPads, you can get a pair of AirPods 2 earphones for free on the basis of educational discount prices.

You can add 312 yuan and change to the wireless charging box, or you can add 753 yuan and change to AirPods Pro.

2. 20% discount for Apple Care+ service.

3. The event time is July 16th-September 27th. Each person can purchase one Mac and one iPad product, and each pair of headphones.

Which products will participate in the back-to-school discount this year? Let's look at it in two categories:

1. Mac camp: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro.

The educational discounts for these products range from 400 yuan to 3200 yuan cheaper than the original price. The higher the configuration, the greater the discount rate. Together with the free AirPods 2, the maximum savings is about 4446 yuan.

▲ Comparison of original price of Mac product line and back-to-school promotional price

2. iPad camp: iPad Pro 2021, iPad Air 4

The promotional price of these designated iPad products is up to 800 yuan cheaper than the original price. With the free AirPods 2, it is equivalent to saving up to 2046 yuan.

▲Comparison between original price of iPad product line and back-to-school promotional price

Products like the iPad 8th generation (2020 model), iPad mini 5, etc., can only enjoy educational discounts and no earphones are given.

Educational discounts are held throughout the year, and these products are less attractive.

How do I know if I am eligible?

As mentioned above, as long as you meet the conditions of Apple's education discount, you can participate in the summer return to school discount activity.

The conditions for the educational discount are as follows, and any point is sufficient:

  • Colleges and universities admit freshmen: freshmen and postgraduate freshmen.
  • College students and their parents: student status information can be found on, and college students and their parents who have not graduated. (Including Chinese students studying abroad)
  • Faculty and staff: from kindergarten to university (regardless of public or private), current faculty and staff.

These groups of people should prepare the following documents or certificates before participating in the summer return to school discount:

  • Admission of freshmen in colleges and universities: Admission notice.
  • College students and parents: student ID, or online verification code of
  • Faculty and staff: teacher’s work permit, on-the-job certificate (only the teacher’s qualification certificate does not work).

Purchase channels and methods

If there is an Apple Store in your city, it is the quickest way to go directly to the queue to buy.

You can refer to the retail store list on Apple's official website , and be careful not to enter a third-party authorized store or even a copycat store by mistake.

Before going to the directly-operated store, bring your admission notice, student ID, teacher work card and other identity certificates, and show it to Apple staff when you consume.

If there is no Apple store in your city, or if Tianre doesn’t want to go out, you can choose the education store on the official website of Apple Store or the official flagship store of Tmall Apple Store.

The two purchase methods are not the same, let's first look at the education store on the Apple Store official website.

At the bottom of Apple's official website, you can see the entrance to the education store. After entering, there will be the words "Education Store" in the upper left corner of the website, and you can click "Exit" at any time.

After purchasing the goods, the payment will be settled at the educational discount price. When you check out, remember to choose a gift.

Approximately 30 minutes after payment, Apple will send a verification email to your reserved mailbox, asking you to provide relevant identification.

▲Picture from: Bilibili@王百顺BS

What kind of identification should be provided?

  • Admission of freshmen in colleges and universities: a photo or scanned copy of the admission notice (no more than 20MB in size).
  • College students and parents: photos of the cover of the student ID card and personal information page (the size should not exceed 20MB). Or on, find the "Online Verification Report" and generate the "Online Verification Report for Student Status of the Ministry of Education" to obtain your "Online Verification Code".
  • Faculty and staff: the front photo of the in-service teacher’s work card, or the photo of the on-the-job certificate (no more than 20MB in size).

Then, upload the corresponding certificate to the attachment of the email. Then write basic information such as the consignee, order number, and telephone number in the body of the email. Just send it to the mailbox designated by Apple.

for example:

Consignee: APPSO
Order number: W123456
Phone: 123456
I work as a teacher in Primary School A. See the attachment for the photo of my work permit.

After Apple receives your email, it will review it within 1-3 days and inform you of the review result. If the review fails, the order will be automatically cancelled and a refund will be made to the payment account.

For college students, buying at the official flagship store of Tmall Apple Store will be a bit simpler.

Search for "Campus School" in Alipay, click "My" in the lower right corner, and enter "My Super Student Code".

Then, fill in the relevant personal information as required and upload the photo of the student ID or admission notice. Approximately 1-3 days, there will be an audit result.

After the review is passed, the relevant products in the official flagship store of Tmall Apple Store will automatically display the educational discount price. Just place an order to buy at this time.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Apple flagship store on is self-operated by Although it supports educational discounts, there are currently no headsets to give away.

Other matters needing attention

In addition to the above strategy, you may also need to know the following details:

  • The delivery address does not need to write the school, but the name of the recipient should be consistent with the certificate, otherwise it may not pass the review.
  • The email containing the verification materials must be sent within the specified time, otherwise the order will be cancelled.
  • When providing supporting materials, be careful not to reply to the email directly, but to the email address designated by Apple.
  • College students who graduated this year cannot participate as required. But if there is student information that has been authenticated by Alipay before, you can try to place an order at the official flagship store of Tmall.
  • The education discount can only enjoy interest-free instalments of up to 3 months.
  • Back-to-school promotion activities will be much stricter than the usual educational discounts for the review of the buyer's identity, and almost every order must be reviewed.
  • Chinese students studying in overseas colleges and universities must purchase it through Apple's online education store in mainland China.

The back-to-school promotion activities are superimposed on educational discounts. For those who meet the conditions, now is undoubtedly the best time to start with Apple devices.

Of course, if you just bought a related product, you don’t have to blame yourself. If it has been less than 14 days since receiving the product in previous years, you can contact Apple customer service to reissue AirPods. There are still similar activities this year. Contact customer service and give the order number to check whether it can be reissued.

As of press time, the delivery time of some products has been scheduled to the end of the month. Friends who are interested in buying should hurry up, first come first served.

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