Apple’s online iPhone 12 accessories matching page, so that the double eleven sets of roads face sweeping

In order to better promote sales, Apple recently launched an iPhone 12 Studio page, where users can match iPhone 12 with mobile phone cases and magnetic card holders in a very intuitive and free way.​

▲ The iPhone 12 Studio page can only be fully displayed on touch screen devices for the time being

The iPhone 12 Studio page maintains Apple's consistent high-level experience, and the details have been achieved to the extreme. The three points of operating experience, animation effects and page logic are excellent.

This seemingly simple page, in addition to the "doorway" in technology research and development and product design, is also quite "scheming" in marketing, using a lot of sales psychology skills.

Man is a visual animal

Studies have proved that businesses that can provide better visual effects are easier to open consumers' wallets, and people naturally like "beautiful" things.

The iPhone 12 Studio page has achieved the ultimate in animation visual aesthetics:

  1. When choosing iPhone 12, the three-dimensional rendering effect of the product was simulated with animation
  2. When putting on or taking off the phone case or magnetic card holder on the iPhone, the animation simulates the magnetic effect, which is eye-catching and elegant, and truly shows the core selling point of the product.
  3. Made two sets of animation display logic. If the iPhone is fitted with two accessories at the same time, the removal and color-changing animation of the inner accessory will always be a gradient. If the iPhone has only one accessory, the instruction to remove the accessory is triggered, the animation is the magnetic effect exit, the instruction to change the color is triggered, and the animation is a gradient.

I experienced this page with a few friends around me, and they all reflected that there are two points that appeal to them most. One is the product display effect that cannot be skipped when choosing iPhone 12. "The visual effect is very beautiful, I can’t help but look at it more." , One is the magnetic animation effect, as if you have actually got the iPhone 12, the phone case and the magnetic card holder in combination and disassembly, unconsciously click and click, "There is a kind of pleasure of pinching a plastic bubble film."

Satisfying the vision and allowing customers to stay more voluntarily will definitely help the transaction.

Reduce the "sales funnel" link

There are countless links between the development of an intended customer and the final transaction, and each link will shut out some customers. Generally speaking, every additional link will increase the churn rate of some customers, and in the end only a few customers will be sold. The entire screening and conversion process is called the sales funnel.

The iPhone 12 Studio page compresses the links to the extreme. There are only 5 steps in total. There are no twists and turns and routines (such as discounts, red envelopes, hard implants, etc.). Every link is a conversion service.

▲ Every link is indispensable, there are no extra steps and routines

What's more, we found that the entire page only needs to slide and tap two gestures to achieve all functions such as selection, cancel, back, slide up, pull down, match, remove, color change, download, etc. , without the third gesture.

▲ Only one button in all links is always highlighted, the name is "Learn more", in fact I prefer to call it "Go buy"

The logic of the link is clear, and the gestures are easy to operate. The iPhone 12 Studio page design reduces the cost of the sales funnel in this link to the extreme. Only the "learn more" button in the upper right corner gives a slightly more obvious visual cue. In fact, It is a "buy" button, click it to jump directly to the product details page.

Can afford it, can't put it down

More than ten years ago, mobile phones were placed in glass cabinets. Customers who want to experience mobile phones must ask the salesperson to take them out of the counter before they can get started. Moreover, the mobile phones taken out have to go through a "long" waiting period for booting up. The experience is extremely Unfriendly.

Later, Apple made an innovation, creating an Applestore where any customer can directly pick up the product from the table and experience it when they enter the store. There is no exact data on how effective this innovation is, but it is best for many brands to follow suit. The description of- the moment the user picks up the product, the user has been psychologically hinted that this is their own thing, how happy it is to pick it up, and how painful the moment it is put down .

▲ Allow potential customers to easily pick up the product experience, which can effectively promote sales. Image source: UPS Technology Network

The iPhone 12 Studio page also makes full use of this sales psychology, come on, try to match it, try to change the color, try to save the match style to the phone, try to enter this page from time to time to see, let Apple products will grab your heart and scratch your liver from time to time. When you can't hold it, it is the moment when our sales are reached.

The reason for allowing users to "afford it but not put it down" is also very simple. Let them get it at low cost in the virtual or real world, and then take it back ruthlessly. The hardest thing for a person to overcome is not the pain that others bring to himself, but the pain that he brings to himself.

▲ After confirming the match, guide the customer to fill in the name, implying that the customer "look, they belong to you", and it can also generate different styles of pictures for saving or sharing to maintain weak connections

Losing after gaining is more painful than not getting, and gaining after losing is more satisfying than getting directly . Two extreme emotional experiences make customers more willing to use consumer behavior to make up for and gain.

Mind hijacking

Before I wrote an article "iPhone 12 Selection Guide: 30 Seconds Labeling "Second Selection" Mini, 12, Pro and Max", the article used the same sales psychology technique at least twice, the article mentioned " "Label Decision Method" and "Purchase Decision Logic" use thinking hijacking. Among the more than 100,000 readers, only a few readers have seen through the techniques.

▲ A title has multiple psychological hints, implying that you will buy iPhone 12, implying that you are entangled, implying that you are the most correct way to purchase

When most readers use the two methods I designed to buy iPhone 12, they don’t think about the simplest question: Do I need to buy iPhone 12?

▲ This is a master

This is thought hijacking and the first step in facilitating transactions. Customers should be entangled in "which one to buy" and simply forget the psychological link of "whether to buy or not" .

The same goes for the iPhone 12 Studio page. When users start to choose their favorite phone case and magnetic card holder, they have already been psychologically hinted that they will buy the iPhone 12, Apple’s phone case, and the official magnetic card holder.

As for whether it is necessary to buy, whether these products meet their own needs, and so on, the most critical questions are all left behind.

Magnetite effect

There is a cold dish shop that has always had a good business. After tasting it, everyone felt that the taste of cold dishes was not much superior to that of competitors, so I consulted the eldest sister of the cold dish shop. I would say that I would only pass them the tongs for holding vegetables and the plastic basins for holding vegetables."

With clamps and plastic basins, customers subconsciously feel that the clamps, plastic basins and cold dishes are matched. They always want to put something in the plastic basin, so they buy cold dishes invisibly.

If you want a girl to buy a lot of luxury bags, you don't need to make a lot of effort to sell, you only need to give the girl a piece of clothing, and then tell her that only multiple luxury bags can match the clothes with different styles.

If you want a boy to buy a house of branded shoes, you don't need to exaggerate the workmanship and quality of the shoes too much. You only need to send him an exquisite collection shoe rack, which will gradually be filled with various sports shoes.

▲ Desire to consume is like an inflatable balloon filled with water. It only takes a needle to make the water of desire pour down. Image from: Unsplash

In the same way, the iPhone 12 Studio page does not need to render too much. Just tell us that Apple’s phone case and magnetic card holder are all advantages. The ultimate goal is actually to let us buy iPhone 12 and sell mobile phones. The case and magnetic card holder are incidental.

The iPhone 12 rotating display link that took the most effort to render and cannot be skipped on the iPhone 12 Studio page is the biggest "scheming" of this page.

▲ No matter how many times you enter, the iPhone 12 display link cannot be skipped, page caching is impossible, and caching is impossible in this life

Sales of "Skills" and "Dao"

Someone may ask, can you sell products by mastering these sales psychology skills?

Abandon the fantasy! Abandon the fantasy! Abandon the fantasy!

Even if you make a page of the same high level as the iPhone 12 Studio and replace it with a failed product, the sales data will not look good.

▲ The product is always the core of sales. If a page of the same quality is replaced by a poor-quality mobile phone, it is at most a high-quality H5 marketing case, which cannot connect the brand and the user with a sustainable connection

If you don’t put serious thoughts on the product and the product is not polished, even the best sales psychology skills will be futile. Instead, you will go on a "wrong way", always thinking about "letting sales sell bad combs to monks."

Many brands, especially shopping app brands, should appropriately and selectively absorb this product thinking, focus on the product itself, give users a comfortable experience, and then think about marketing.

Otherwise, the brand will only become more and more passive. The building was built the year before last, and the car started last year. This year, you have to raise cats. Next year, you may only steal food. The routines are getting more and more complicated. Increasingly resisted.

Competitors announced their withdrawal from the "Double Eleven Advanced Mathematics Festival" in a high-profile manner. Many users applauded and resisted "the red envelope of hard work for a dozen or so geniuses," which can be regarded as a manifestation and reminder of public psychological changes.

After all, "sales technique" is important, but "product road" is the fundamental.

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