Apple’s newest app recommended, can turn the bedroom into a forest in one second|Interview WWF

The annual Arbor Day has just passed, have you planted trees?

Most people may not actually go out to plant a tree, after all, the most popular now is to collect energy and plant trees online.

The Apple Store recently recommended a public welfare science app called "WWF Forest" , which allows you to change to a new way of AR and turn your living room and bedroom into a towering forest in one second at home.

We also specially interviewed the relevant person in charge of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) , and talked with us about "Online Tree Planting", and behind it, the relationship and future between the forest and every ordinary person.

Open the "any door" from home to the forest

Speaking of apps under WWF, many people may be impressed by the "WWF together" that won the Apple Design Award.

"WWF Together" calls for the protection of wild animals, while "WWF Forest" calls for the protection of forests.

This app is jointly created by WWF and Apple, as well as the augmented reality startup Assenmblr, and its unique feature is none other than the latest AR technology.

When people use it, it's like opening any door of Doraemon, wherever the mobile phone moves, the space on the screen begins to be shaded with trees and branches and leaves.

The App is divided into 6 chapters. The first and second chapters take you into the forest and feel the sun, rain, insects, mushrooms, and berries in the forest.

Putting on the headphones and walking around the room, looking up and bowing down, the branches and leaves are luxuriant, listening to the hum of insects and birds, the air seems to be full of the humid smell of mud and streams.

In Chapter 3, the style of painting changes suddenly. People walk into smoky forest fires and face the harm that humans bring to the animals and plants in nature.

The forest is the lungs of the earth, and we can see how it is moving step by step to a ruined place.

So the next two chapters, the action of mankind to protect the forest began.

In order to protect forest resources and its normal operation, humans began to carefully harvest, build nests for birds, resist invasive species, and use FSC standards to protect forest health.

FSC standards are management principles and standards for sustainable forest development. If there is an FSC logo in our daily necessities, it proves that this thing is manufactured under the FSC standard, and usually shopping for such products is also a dedication to forest protection.

Through the previous five chapters, the experiencer can also immersively understand how different creatures and humans are intertwined in the forest system, so as to achieve the purpose of WWF-to allow people to better understand forests and sustainably develop forests.

In addition, in each chapter, we need to look for various signs in the forest. Each sign will tell a piece of knowledge about the forest. After completing each chapter, you can collect different seeds and objects in the forest. Finally, in the sixth Used in the chapter.

Chapter 6 is also the most special chapter, because users can create their own forests in this chapter .

The entire production process of this app has a history of three years, during which many interactive game elements have been updated. Now the sixth chapter uses Apple’s latest ARKit 4 technology. You can plant the trees, animals and plants collected earlier in your room. The occlusion function of ARKit 4 allows people to scan deeply and place 3D objects. Onto different surfaces scanned by the lens.

After some practice, we discovered the truth: the trees we planted are not as good-looking as those officially planted.

Although the forest he made was unordered at all, there were green waves everywhere he looked.

For more people, the fun may be the most important: freely planted trees, self-released tigers and golden monkeys, and controlled drizzle from the sky at any time, allowing people to experience in a virtual space. A God’s perspective.

Of course, more importantly, this allows more people to easily and easily access the knowledge of environmental protection, and subtly implant environmental awareness in their minds .

Although no tree has been planted in reality, in the current Internet environment, the meaning of "planting a tree online" is becoming more and more important.

The increasingly popular “online tree planting''

When it comes to "planting trees online", it is inseparable from the Ant Forest where more than 500 million netizens participate .

People only need to open Alipay and collect the "green energy" from themselves and their friends, and they can cultivate a virtual tree, and they will get more through low-carbon lifestyles such as riding shared bicycles, using mobile payments, and online shopping for green-label products. Energy, when the virtual tree gets bigger and bigger, Ali will really plant a tree in the vast desert thousands of miles away.

The key to allowing everyone to actively participate is that it understands the psychology of netizens, lowers the threshold for participating in environmental protection, and turns tree planting into a fun, interesting, and socially active daily activity .

Since the WWF Forest app was launched in November last year, tens of thousands of people have downloaded the app, and more than 70% of its users are from China.

Diane Quigley, senior director of digital platforms at WWF, told us that other apps under WWF, including WWF Together and WWF Free Rivers, are very popular in China.

▲ WWF Together

Because of the success of the WWF Free Rivers app, WWF cooperated with Apple this time and continued to choose augmented reality to present content.

Although Ant Forest is the purpose of public welfare and charity, WWF Forest is the direction of education science, but they can make environmental protection more popular and become a more popular thing through the Internet platform.

When talking about this point, Linda Walker, senior director of business of WWF Forest Company, also told Ai Faner that they believe that "the two apps can be a mutually complementary relationship."

Ant Forest allows more people to participate in planting and cultivating forests online, and the WWF Forest app allows more people to experience and get close to the real forests through virtual experiences online, and finally jointly promote people to buy sustainable products and protect the forests. , Well-managed forests.

Adopting new technologies and a more gamified approach to get close to users has also helped WWF.

Diane Quigley said that from the 2016 "Earth Day" public welfare activities, including cooperation with Apple and the world's largest game developer, they raised 8 million US dollars for WWF's global protection work.

They also collaborated with the Minecraft game to launch an interactive science course, and collaborated with Netflix and Silverback Films to release the Our Planet documentary series in 2019.

Activities on these digital platforms can showcase WWF's brand and mission to young audiences.

Diane Quigley and Ai Faner said that WWF will continue to use digital platforms to spread environmental protection and attract more people to participate, driving people to engage more with WWF through digital channels (email, social media, websites, digital advertising, etc.) Online interaction, and strive to promote people and WWF's direction to move forward together.

We hope to inspire people to take action in a variety of ways, whether it is donating to WWF or making more environmentally friendly choices as consumers, we can work together to protect the natural environment, rare species, and our future.

More and more new possibilities on the online platform are also leading the scattered streams of water upstream in the right direction.

What we have to do is to give the forest a new life

On the topic of environmental protection, online discussions seem to be very lively, but the thunder and the rain are small, but few offline people really act deliberately.

▲ Picture from: Unsplash

It can be seen from the whole network of Tucao paper straws that whether it is the opacity of environmental protection information or the bad experience brought about by environmental protection, it is easy to reduce the public's goodwill for environmental protection, and then be dissuaded by environmental protection.

We all know the truth about protecting forests, but the reality is often unsatisfactory.

When asked about WWF, Linda Walker replied that they have already cooperated with many countries around the world, including China, to deal with this issue, hoping that the public can take action.

In the process, they found one thing in common-in order for every ordinary person to be environmentally friendly, it is necessary to emphasize its benefits .

WWF Greater Mekong Region . Picture from: WWF

The physical distance between forests and many people is very far, but if the benefits of forests to our daily lives can be combined, the public's awareness of forest protection can be raised.

Especially the health benefits of forests. This can more arouse the public's attention to the value of forests, and increase the power of participation and action.

Linda Walker said. For example, in the WWF forest app, there are many links that mention the benefits of forests, including purifying air and filtering water, which are closely related to the overall health of people in the city.

For today's young people, the resounding and grand environmental slogans and the majestic heroic image may indeed not be as effective as the usual but innovative, healthy and valuable lifestyle .

In addition, many large-scale pollution are often caused by companies that ignore the environment. After all, for many companies, environmental protection is often opposed to the development of interests.

▲ Picture from: AgriOrbit

However, under the environmental protection trend and public supervision, many companies have to start an environmental protection performance, so environmental protection has become extremely controversial in the eyes of young people.

WWF also has a lot of work to cooperate with the government and private companies to try to solve this problem together.

Linda Walker said that private companies are an extremely important part of the environmental protection process, and they must participate in environmental protection, because many of our daily necessities require the use of forests, land, and a lot of natural resources.

Therefore, transparency is very important for the public, especially the critical young generation. For companies, if they can use resources and manage forests in a responsible way, they can also keep natural resources healthy.

Linda Walker said that WWF will praise those companies that produce in a responsible way, show their leadership in environmental protection, and will also use many methods to push more private companies to take action .

WWF mentioned the cooperation with Apple this time, but also to have the opportunity to show their environmentally friendly ways of sustainable forests.

According to Ge Yue, Apple's vice president and managing director of Greater China, Apple has improved the management of more than 6 million acres of planted forests in China, and has continued to invest in forest protection and restoration, as well as a series of products to achieve carbon neutrality. And the action.

It is very important for everyone to see the sustainable development practices transparently . "This is also the direction WWF will continue to advance in the future," said Linda Walker.

The 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations "Convention on Biological Diversity" will be held in Kunming, China in the second half of this year. The importance of forests and biodiversity will also be mentioned. WWF China Beijing Regional Project Director Wen Bin Huang Wenbin in an interview Zhong said that they will also hold a series of online and offline activities, and in the future will open a public education center for popular science and forest restoration.

Because the important thing is not just planting trees, what we want to emphasize is to make the forest truly become a forest.

He said that planting trees is only the first step. It is the 1.0 version of forest protection. In the future, we still have a lot to do. The 2.0 version of forest protection is to promote the deep restoration of forests and increase biodiversity through sustainable management. Sex .

We should know how to regenerate the forest.

▲ Picture from: Unsplash

Regarding the future of environmental protection, the most ideal form does not exist.

After all, the earth is day and night, and the stars are moving. The change of the forest is a dynamic change; the balance of nature is also a dynamic balance of all living things.

What we can do is to let the forest truly regenerate with us.

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