Apple WWDC 2022: the main news, including iPadOS, iOS and Apple M2

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the usual WWDC 2022 , held on June 6 of the same year, with a pre-recorded executive presentation revealing the latest versions of Apple software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch . The two new laptops based on the new Apple M2 chip were also announced, which were also revealed during the keynote, and much more.

Quickly summarizing, among the innovations presented on the evening of 6 June 2022, we find: new update for iPhone and iPad, respectively iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 (with interesting news for the latter). New MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with 13 "screen with the new Apple M2 chips. New update for MacOS and Apple Watch, respectively MacOS Ventuira and watchOS 9.

At Apple WWDC 2022 the new version of iOS for iPhone: iOS 16

Apple has announced iOS 16, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone . This new version was described by Craig Federighi, Apple's SVP for the software engineering department as:

"The biggest update ever to the lock screen, completely reinventing the way it works"

Indeed, for the first time ever, iOS allows users to customize the lock screen by adding various widgets , which are already available on the home screen, by pressing and holding. Widgets are small icons that users can click to quickly access tools such as the weather app. It also allows users to adjust the font and color of the time and date. Not only that, you can now set a set of photos as wallpaper or choose animated wallpapers.

The notifications on the lock screen will be moved to the bottom of the screen , so as not to cover the background photo when the phone is locked. The "focus" feature will allow you to quickly filter the notifications from the lock screen: it will therefore be possible, for example, to choose to view only notifications relating to work or personal ones.

iPad OS 16: Apple doesn't forget its tablets

Could not miss iPad OS 16, which is dedicated to "pro" users who like to work on several applications at the same time.

We therefore find updates for collaboration between multiple people . Specifically, users can message each other or initiate a FaceTime call to discuss what they are working on. They can also see which tabs users are looking at in the tab bar. Apple also introduces a new app, called Freeform – it's a collaborative whiteboard app that allows multiple people to work on a document at the same time. Much like what Microsoft Office and Google Docs have offered in recent years.


Apple has also worked on Stage Manager: a feature that gives the ability to overlay apps and change the size of windows . This means that it will be possible to have multiple apps open at the same time, even if in a limited way (i.e. we will not have the same ability to open as many windows as on a Mac or Windows computer). It is therefore clear that Apple is trying to keep the iPad software functions very separate from those of the Mac.

The new M2 chip: energy optimizations


Not just software updates: Apple also announced its new chip, the Apple M2 . It is the successor to the M1 chip, used on Mac and iPad. The M2 will make its debut in the new 13 ″ MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, also announced.

The chip will include 25% more transistors and 50% more bandwidth than the M1 . Apple said it focuses on energy-efficient performance, maximizing speed while limiting the amount of power needed to do so.

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