Apple WWDC 2021: the innovations introduced in iOS 15

Like every year and the arrival of the first heat, Apple is preparing to present what will be the beating hearts of the new devices that we will see in September . We are talking about the lineup of new operating systems that we will find on board the new products, in the hope of finding the new architecture also on the iPhone. But what are the innovations introduced by Apple from iOS 15?

iOS 15: full integration

With iOS 15 iPhone becomes even more integrated into people's lives with functions that improve its use.

With FaceTime in group call we will understand who is speaking thanks to a frame that is activated when one of the participants is speaking, the introduction of spatial audio (which gives us the feeling of having our interlocutors in the same room) and ' auditory isolation in order to make communication more natural , in addition we will have the portrait function that will blur the background.

The new audio function also arrives based on a sound algorithm that analyzes the spectrum of the voice flow, eliminating the surrounding noises (such as traffic) in such a way as to isolate the voice thus avoiding any disturbances in the meeting, as well as the possibility of creating link if you need to schedule Webex-style meetings.

iOS 15

The SharePlay function will allow us to share audio and video , like a TV series, so that we can watch the same TV series with our interlocutor despite the distance. A kind of screen mirroring but optimized, extended and improved. And for the first time FaceTime arrives on Android and Windows (not in the app version).

iOS 15: many updated apps

Notifications have been redesigned using on-device intelligence with larger icons if they are important notifications or people , and will be prioritized (older or newer). The most relevant notifications will be shown at the top and this will depend on some factors, such as the time of receipt or even better based on the percentage of interaction with the user with whom we are talking.

iOS 15

The do not disturb section receives branches with the possibility of setting the mode based on the user's focus need, in fact we will find in addition to do not disturb, personal, work and sleep.

iOS 15

Based on these parameters, notifications will be managed differently based on the parameters set by the user in the dedicated section in settings. Obviously these states will also have an impact on the status in messages, so if we are in chat and set one of the previous functions, within the chat, our status will inherit the active state (for example do not disturb), informing that we will be temporarily unavailable. .

The camera app receives 2 very useful functions, Live Text which allows us through artificial intelligence to highlight the text in a photo giving us the possibility to do operations, such as copy and paste the text into notes, then convert it into real text, and with the Visual Look Up mode the user can obtain information, as happens on Google Lens. Also we could get the metadata from the images.

On Wallet we could add ID cards, badges and hotel keys, it will also automatically hide expired cards, such as boarding cards.

On Maps we can take advantage of the 3D globe view and the cities are much more detailed, the app warns us when to get off public transport and new placeholders are introduced. Furthermore, during navigation with CarPlay, maps give us the possibility of a more immerisva navigation thanks to augmented reality (in Italy by the end of the year).

The Weather app is redesigned giving us much more information such as UV, wind and biometric pressure, obviously the screen changes according to the weather and the location.

Safari is completely redesigned by inheriting the graphics of the finder in macOS Big Sur and the magnifying glass we lost with iOS 13 is reintroduced. The "Where is" app is also updated, introducing support for AirTag with the ability to locate other iOS devices connected to your account close to one of our AirTags.

Furthermore, with iOS15, Siri will also be active offline thanks to the voice processing that will no longer be processed on the servers, but locally. The transition to a new iPhone becomes even smarter, Apple will in fact give the possibility to make a backup (only temporary) on iCloud even if we do not have one of the 3 paid plans, thus avoiding doing it on PC / MAC.

Curated by Giulio Montanaro.

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