Apple Watch’s WeChat function is fully analyzed, and you can reply to messages without using your phone

Can I reply to the WeChat messages of boss/friends/clients/family in seconds without taking out the phone? You can do it with Apple Watch, of course, you have to use the Watch WeChat App on the watch.

In fact, Watch WeChat has already been launched, and it was one of the first apps to adapt to Apple Watch. But so far, many readers don’t know what function Watch WeChat has. Many people even only use the message push function on the watch. Today Let's talk about the functions and experience of Watch WeChat in a comprehensive way.

When the watch shakes slightly and you raise your wrist to check the message, you have two choices: leave it alone or immediately take out your phone to reply to the message. But there is actually a third option: reply directly with the watch, and the speed of this reply method is not necessarily slower than using a mobile phone.

The watch provides three ways to reply: voice-to-text, handwriting-to-text, and sending emoticons. Correspond to the three round buttons on the left/middle/right in the figure below.

Although you can express affection, you can only use the Emoji that comes with iOS. There is no daily expressions such as "face cover", "crack", and "Doge" commonly used by our Z generation, and there is no way to use the GIF expressions that you add. So this point can be ignored for the time being, I hope the WeChat team can add this part of the function in the future.

The voice button on the far left, the function is to convert what we say into text and send out a speech directly.

The speed of speech recognition is very fast and the accuracy is also high. Currently, it can only recognize Mandarin and English, which is also the most recommended way of replying.

The second is handwriting to text. This function has long been available, but on the small screen before Apple Watch Series 3, handwriting was too difficult. Now the screen is big and the situation is a little better.

Basically, Chinese characters with few strokes can be written quickly on this small screen, and the recognition rate is also very high. Then such input efficiency is too slow and can only be used as an alternative.

Finally, there is a quick reply to click in the drop-down list, you can select the default sentence, or you can preset some frequently used reply words on the mobile phone, and click quickly. ​This function can be used to quickly reply to customers without using a mobile phone.

In addition, the performance of the new Apple Watch has been greatly improved over the first generation, and the entire operation process is smooth and smooth without any lag or delay.

If you want to send a voice directly to a friend, it is not impossible, but you need to enter the App interface at this time.

Click on the dialogue, the voice button on the right corresponds to the send voice function, and the one on the left is obviously the voice-to-text button.

▲ Left: Send voice right: Convert voice to text

In the chat interface, long press the screen, two buttons will pop up: chat history and send small signal. The former gives me the feeling that it is just to make up the number, because you can check the previous chat content by pulling down on this interface.

The second one can be understood as an enhanced version of "take a shot", sending a small signal to a friend, and a pop-up window of "XX is looking for you" will pop up on the other's desktop (both computer and mobile phones will appear), leaving you nowhere Can hide. You who are playing mobile phones can no longer use "not seeing the news" as an excuse (use with caution among colleagues).

In addition to mobile payment, basically the commonly used functions of WeChat can be used on Apple Watch. I have to say that it is quite conscientious. And as the function of Apple Watch becomes stronger, mom no longer has to worry about me using the watch to reply to messages It will be stuck.

▲ Adjust the voice volume

If it was changed before, you might encounter a situation where your hand is raised, the app is stuck, and your face is embarrassed, and the hand is put down. In the end, you have to take out your phone to reply. ​At this time, you have to look around, but you can't let others see your embarrassment.

Although the App is no longer stuck, I encountered a lot of bugs during the experience. Some and not limited to the rotating crown not working, long pressing can not switch out the secondary menu, the chat history is always Loading, etc. (Later, the system seems to be updated Got better).

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