Apple Watch X is coming: slim body, larger screen, and new magnetic strap

On September 9, 2014, Apple released Apple Watch at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. This is Apple's first "One More Thing" product after the death of Steve Jobs, and it is also the first new product released in the Cook era that does not start with "i".

In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of Apple Watch, Apple may bring a major update to Apple Watch and name it "Apple Watch X".

By convention, starting with the Apple Watch Series 1, Apple has almost always carried out a major appearance update every three generations.

With the release of Apple Watch Series 7, Apple upgraded the watch to a larger screen and a more rounded body. Until now, this ID design has been iterated on three watches, also hinting that the next generation Apple Watch will get a new change in appearance.

As a commemorative watch for the tenth anniversary of the release of Apple Watch, “Apple Watch X” is expected to bring a “milestone update.”

In his latest Medium blog, Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that the upcoming Apple Watch will receive a new appearance upgrade.

The new Apple Watch will have a larger screen size, which will be upgraded from the previous 45mm/41mm to about 49mm/45mm. Plus, the Series 10 will get even thinner.

In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo also added that although there was no mass production last year, after more than a year of intensive testing, the current production efficiency of 3D printing has been significantly improved. Therefore, Apple Watch will use parts produced by 3D printing technology starting in the second half of this year.

As for the next generation of Apple Watch Ultra, Kuo Ming-Chi said that there will be no significant changes in the specifications of the model. If the production yield can meet expectations, new case color options may be added, such as black or dark color.

The idea that the "Apple Watch X" will have a thinner design is completely consistent with what Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported last weekend.

In the latest Power On newsletter, Gurman said Apple is working hard to "slim down" the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch, and plans to make the latest iPad the thinnest and lightest device in its class.

In addition, he also claimed in previous reports that the next generation Apple Watch will be "the biggest innovation so far."

At present, the Apple Watch strap is fixedly connected by sliding into the side of the fuselage. Since its release, all Apple Watches have adopted this design. The advantage of this is that it can be compatible with different models of products, and the straps from the original to the Apple Watch Ultra can be interchanged.

But doing so also brings some negative effects. The huge strap fixing slot cannot be changed and will take up more space that could be reserved for the battery and other components. This will cause a certain amount of "waste" on the valuable space on the watch.

Therefore, "Apple Watch X" may use a strap connection system. According to insiders involved in the development of Apple Watch, Apple Watch X may use a new magnetic strap fixation method, but not many details have been disclosed so far.

The magnetic fixation method of the new watch strap may bring a more convenient experience. However, this also means that existing Apple Watch straps may no longer be compatible with the new “Apple Watch X”.

In terms of health management, Apple has been trying to provide blood pressure monitoring functions on Apple Watch.

According to previous reports by Bloomberg, the next generation Apple Watch will be equipped with a blood pressure sensor for the first time. The key thing about Apple's first implementation of this feature is that it doesn't show users exact systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

Instead, the feature will show blood pressure trends over time, similar to the Apple Watch's current body temperature feature. If a user's blood pressure is trending upward, they will receive a notification alerting them to the change. The feature also prompts users to record when their blood pressure spikes.

The U.S. Trademark and Patent Office also published an Apple patent earlier, which involves a non-invasive blood pressure measurement method.

Apple stated in the patent information that compared with invasive measurement technologies, traditional non-invasive blood pressure measurement methods are generally less accurate and have many variables in actual tests.

However, in this patent, Apple has improved the non-invasive blood pressure measurement method, which can significantly improve the accuracy. There is also news that Apple is still developing a system that can provide accurate blood pressure numbers, but "these improvements are still far away."

Another feature coming soon to the Apple Watch is sleep apnea detection. The feature, which could be launched as soon as this year, will work similarly to most other Apple Watch health features, alerting users to possible health issues and recommending they receive further diagnosis from a doctor.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Watch’s sleep apnea detection feature will monitor users’ sleep and breathing “to predict whether users have the disease.

Looking at the present, Apple Watch has entered the daily lives of many people. Whether as an accessory or a motion detection device, Apple Watch is very suitable. It is not necessary, but the "icing on the cake" brought by Apple Watch has made many users feel that joy.

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Apple Watch is about to usher in the "X" moment. Let us look forward to what kind of gift Apple will present.

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